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Travis Walton UFO incident - The abduction of Travis Walton

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Travis Walton UFO incident - The abduction of Travis Walton

On November 5, 1975, Travis Walton disappeared while in the woods in Arizona after approaching a strange, flying object. He showed up five days later, telling an amazing story about being abducted by aliens. The controversy surrounding this story has not subsided to this day.

The abduction of Travis Walton

For several decades, the world has been stirred by the story of Travis Walton, which took place in the small town of Snowflake in Arizona. At the end of 1975, Travis disappeared for a while and then turned up. His story was widely publicized as an example of an alleged "alien abduction". Until now, this story is full of mysteries and shrouded in mystery.

Walton continues to claim that he is telling the absolute truth, and his story is reprinted from year to year by numerous media outlets. However, his story is constantly questioned. The fact is that Walton's abduction was witnessed by several people who all say with one voice that they really saw Walton stolen by aliens in the woods, near the town of Snowflake, in Arizona.

At the time, 22-year-old Walton, on Wednesday, November 5, 1975, went into the woods with six other men, including his boss, Mike Rogers, who was hired by the United States Forest Service to thin out the undergrowth and brush in a certain area of the forest. Their team was behind schedule, and the men had to work long hours to complete the plan. Sometimes they had to work literally from dawn to dawn.

Travis Walton

At six in the evening, 7 loggers got into Rogers ' truck for a ride to the woods, and soon, they saw what they initially thought was a fire. But as they approached the clearing, they saw a large silver disk hovering over the forest. Rogers stopped the truck, which Walton jumped out of and headed toward the disk.

The men watched the object from the truck. The object began to make a loud noise and wobble from side to side. Everyone started yelling at Walton to get back in the truck, and Travis actually turned around and ran back to the truck. It was also then that the men watched in horror as Walton was struck by a blue-green ray that shot out of the disk. They saw Walton lift a foot off the ground and be thrown back three meters, whereupon Walton sprawled limply on the ground.

Convinced that Walton was dead, and scared to death himself, Rogers hit the gas and sped away, taking the screaming members of his crew as far away as possible. However, after a while, they stopped and returned to the clearing, trying to find Walton. They searched for him for about half an hour, but Walton disappeared.

Back in town, they called the police and reported the disappearance of Travis Walton. When they reported it, it was already late at night. The police, several volunteers, and members of the Rogers brigade returned to the woods to search for Travis Walton, but again they did not find him.

The Travis Walton Brigade

At dawn, the police doubted the veracity of the UFO story and began to suspect an ordinary murder and a collective conspiracy to cover up this crime.

By Saturday, November 8, the story had leaked to the media, and the city was flooded with reporters, ufologists, and just curious citizens.

On Monday, Rogers and members of his team were interviewed on a polygraph, which is also known as a lie detector. Rogers and four other men successfully passed the polygraph, which concluded that they were not to blame for Walton's disappearance. It also became apparent that they were telling the truth about the UFO sightings.

That evening, at the home of Walton's brother-in-law, who lived in a nearby town, the bell rang, after which he flew out of the house, picking up Duane Walton, Travis ' brother, on the way. Travis called and said in a weak voice that he was at a gas station and needed help, then he screamed hysterically that he was in pain. They found him at a nearby gas station, overgrown and noticeably thinner. He was wearing the same clothes when he disappeared, and on the way to Snowflake, he constantly talked about " scary creatures with big eyes."

When he learned that he had been away for a week, he immediately fell silent. Due to Travis's weak condition, Dwayne decided not to reveal his appearance right away. In the aftermath, this led to the Walton family being accused of deliberate deception. Their mother has already come under suspicion of the police because of her strange behavior. The police suspected that Travis might be hiding in his house.

On Tuesday, the public became aware of Travis's return. A medical examination was immediately carried out. Shortly after, Travis told the police where he had been for the past few days. He said that he woke up onboard a spaceship in a room where he was examined by small humanoids with large eyes. They were wearing orange jumpsuits. He also claimed that he somehow found himself in a room that looked more like a hangar, and saw other flying machines and humanoid creatures there, but what they were doing there, he could not explain. One of the humanoids led him to a table, and a device similar to an oxygen mask was put on his face, after which he lost consciousness. Then he woke up at a gas station.

Travis Walton Abduction

An American tabloid magazine, the National Enquirer, wanted Travis Walton to take a polygraph test, and it was conducted, and this is where the oddities begin that have led many to question the veracity of Travis Walton's story. The fact is that the very first polygraph test showed that Walton was lying. John J. McCarthy, who conducted the test, also claimed that Walton tried to cheat the polygraph. However, skeptics do not pay attention to the fact that Walton was in an agitated state and very nervous. McCarthy was negative towards Walton initially and behaved aggressively and unprofessionally during the test, which could have predetermined his final result.

At first, Walton was told that the test results would not be made public, but after a few months they leaked to the press, and this cast a shadow on Walton and the truth of his story, although over the years he then passed many polygraph tests, and all of them were clean. Philip J. Klass, a well-known skeptic, ridiculed the Travis Walton story until his death in 2005, claiming that he and Rogers had made up the story to profit financially from it. He even argued with Walton and Rogers on the famous Larry King Live show.

In 1978, Walton published the book ‘The Walton Experience’ In 1993, a film was made based on this book called “Fire in the Sky”. The film only fueled controversy, as it did not accurately depict the real events, especially the kidnapping itself. It is said that the studio found Walton's book too boring and created its own, more creepy story.


During the presentation of the film, Walton was approached by an ex-soldier, who told him that he had been hunting in that forest in 1975 and witnessed Walton's abduction. After passing the polygraph, it was found that this person is lying and trying to deceive the polygraph. It has been suggested that this man was in cahoots with the Class, and thus tried to discredit Walton. The Class itself claimed to have nothing to do with the man.

Travis Walton lives in Snowflake and has several children with Mike Rogers ' sister. He continues to claim that his story is true and regularly appears on television, in programs dedicated to UFOs.

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