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UFO sightings at Cowichan District Hospital 1970

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UFO sightings at Cowichan District Hospital 1970

On January 1, 1970, this New Year's morning was filled with the usual daily concerns of the medical staff of the Cowichan District Hospital. Nurse Doreen Kendall started her shift at midnight and was supposed to be on duty until 8 a.m. Not the best way to celebrate the New Year, but that was her service.

Doreen worked on the second floor of a hospital in Duncan, Vancouver, Canada. The nurse lived in Nanaimo and traveled 26 miles every day to get to Duncan.

At about 5 a.m., Doreen and a second nurse, Freda Wilson, began their morning rounds. Freda looked at the patients lying near the front door, and Doreen looked at those closest to the window, as her partners always did. Then, out of habit, Kendall opened the curtains to let in the first rays of sunlight.

UFO sightings at Cowichan District Hospital 1970

The nurse opened the curtains and froze in surprise. In front of the window, at a height of about 60 feet, a mysterious flying object hovered. The ship was saucer-shaped, with a transparent dome in the middle, and tilted slightly toward Doreen. A good angle allowed the nurse to examine the object in detail. Inside the dome were two humanoid creatures, leaning slightly over the instrument panel. It seemed to her that the aliens were no more than six feet tall. They were dressed in dark spacesuits, and they had a kind of helmet on their heads. There were chairs in front of the dashboard, but the aliens were standing, not sitting in them.

Cowichan District Hospital

Cowichan District Hospital

Doreen was in a state of shock. She knew, of course, that Cowichan was a favorite UFO spot, but she wasn't prepared to see the aliens so close. At the moment when she was watching the strange creatures, one of the aliens noticed her and touched the second, drawing his attention to the unwitting witness. The second alien looked up, and then began to press something on the dashboard and the flying object began to move. Doreen then called out to Freda Wilson, who came to the window just as the object came into action. The partners ran to the post and told three other nurses, who also managed to see the flying saucer receding.

The object made several circles and then flew away at high speed in a north-easterly direction.

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