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The network is discussing a video with "alien activity" in the sky over Singapore. Scientists are silent, but people Have found the answer

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UFO over Singapore. The network is discussing a video with "alien activity" in the sky over Singapore. Scientists are silent, but people have found the answer

Users of social networks can not stop watching the video, which hit a spherical object in the sky over a reservoir in Singapore. Agents Scully and Mulder would have liked the phenomenon, and people agree with this theory. 

On March 26, a video appeared on social networks, which attracted the attention of tens of thousands of people. People could not take their eyes off the unusual object that appeared in the sky over the Boden Reservoir in Singapore.

The footage shows a gray sky, through the clouds of which an object of a round shape appears.

To analyze any video, you should first start considering the shooting location and time. Then the availability of other sources of information. Try to find other frames. Did it work? No. Maybe an interview with eyewitnesses? Also no.

UFO over Singapore

if we watch the video in more detail. then we will see that the usual rough footage. CGI. It has nothing to do with the real object. The installation is done quite roughly. We want a sensation, but this case is not about a sensation. 

We do not cease to resent such fakes. They discredit ufology as a branch of research. Never support such videos, but expose them. This is an attempt to mislead the majority, to show that there are no real frames. But this is not the case. And our website is proof of that!

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