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UFO encounter in Australia 1966

Ronald Sullivan, thirty-eight, was driving along a road between Bendigo and St Arnaud, just east of Beallba, (a small town about 130 miles-210 km — north-west of Melbourne), late on the night of 4 April 1966 when, without warning, the beam of light from his headlights bent to the right. 

After driving to the nearby town of Wycheproof to have his headlights checked at a late-night garage, he dropped in at the police station at Maryborough near Melbourne where he told the duty officer that he had managed to regain control of the vehicle with difficulty. Apparently, he had then come to a halt as he observed multicoloured "gaseous lights" in the adjacent field. Then an unknown object appeared, which zoomed upwards and vanished.

Obviously, it was not an auspicious place. When Ronald revisited the scene of his sighting a few days afterwards, he discovered that another driver had been killed there the day before.

The police found a "circular depression" about 5 feet (1.5 m) across and about 5 inches (13 cm) deep in a newly ploughed field close by. (This sounds very like one of the early types of crop circles — a plain circle with no embellishments.) Although this report contained few other details, it did elicit a professional view from Stephen L. Smith, a scientist who worked closely with the Cambridge University Investigation Group about the unexplained bending of the headlight's beam.

gaseous lights


He suggested that an illusion could have occured by "the sudden extinguishing of the left-hand component of the headlamp beam, which "through its divergent character, would seem to have been bent to the right ... [due] to a freak of reflection caused by the absence of dust particles by which headlight beams are normally seen.'"

If hallucination were the cause of the phenomenon, then was it spontaneously generated in the witness's brain, or was it caused by some outside agency — perhaps just a force field emanating from the object he had observed?

Pondering on this case, Charles Bowen mused:

A source: The mammoth book of UFOs by Lynn Picknett 

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