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In Karelia in 1985, a UFO dragged a freight train for more than an hour

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UFO dragged a freight train for more than an hour

The shocked drivers Orlov and Mironov could only look helplessly at how the mysterious object was moving ahead of their train and it looked like he was dragging the train behind him. This story is usually called "the case with train No. 1702", it happened in 1985 in the Karelian ASSR. For the first time, it was published in the magazine "Technology of Youth" in No. 8 for 1989.

In Karelia in 1985, a UFO dragged a freight train for more than an hour

Nowadays, it is not much discussed anywhere, but this is one of the most unusual ufo cases in the territory of the Soviet Union. In February 1985, the train weighed 60 empty wagons to Kostomuksha via Petrozavodsk and Suoyarvi. The locomotive was driven by engineer Sergey Orlov and his assistant V. Mironov.

At 20:35 they passed through the Essoila station, everything was fine, the train was running according to the schedule. However, at one point, Orlov saw an unusual object in the shape of a ball from the side behind the trees. The object was moving parallel to the movement of the train and did not lag behind. Orlov and Mironov watched the object closely, wondering what it was after all.

Look, they released a ray of light to the ground, and later pulled it back...

Orlov said:

Mironov wanted to answer him something, but did not have time, because he was speechless from what he saw - the balloon abruptly rushed to intercept the train and was now "flying" ahead of the locomotive, overtaking it by about 30-50 meters.

Orlov was horrified by the alleged collision of the train with the "ball" and turned off the running engines, and later pressed the brakes with all his might. However, the train did not brake or even slow down, it continued to move forward as if someone was pulling it. The shocked Orlov and Mironov could only look helplessly at how the mysterious object was moving ahead of the train and it looked like he was dragging the train behind him.

Later, they told the internal Affairs department investigation officers that the object was of a regular geometric shape, approximately 4 meters in diameter, and it moved low above the ground completely soundlessly. Some time passed in this mode and the train was approaching the New Sands station. Orlov turned on the radio and, fortunately. she was working. He contacted the station attendant and informed her about the mysterious object that had taken their train in tow. The woman did not understand what he was talking about but decided to go out on the platform and look with her own eyes.

She was extremely surprised when she herself immediately saw two unusual objects that were flying ahead of the train. The first was some vibrating apparatus, similar in shape to an inverted pelvis (traditional disc-shaped UFO), the 2nd object was a glowing ball. They were flying in front of a diesel locomotive, which was moving at a speed of at least 50 km per hour.

From their own cabin, Orlov and Mironov could not see the 2nd UFO, due to the fact that the glowing ball covered it with itself, so it was clear why they did not tell anything about it later.

UFO dragged a freight train for more than an hour

Before the station, the train did not slow down at all and the attendant was horrified when she realized that the balloon was moving directly towards the station house and was about to crash into it. But right at the arrow, the ball abruptly separated from the locomotive and smoothly flew around the house, and then returned to the train.

Meanwhile, the train passed by the station Novye Peski, but at the time when the ball flew away from the train, its speed dropped and various objects fell from the push in the driver's cab, and Orlov and Mironov themselves bumped quite hard, hitting the windshield. But as soon as the balloon returned to the train, the speed of the train increased again.

When the train was approaching the Zastava station, the balloon left the train again and disappeared somewhere behind the forest. The train slowed down here and then it managed to slow down at the station. Orlov immediately jumped out of his own cab to check whether the train was damaged during the whole incident, but when he began to bypass the locomotive, a flashy beam of light illuminated him from above.

This beam practically pressed the man to the side of the locomotive and he could hardly move. Somehow he managed to get back to the cab and when he got into the cab, the train went by itself, as if he expected it. So the balloon dragged the train for some more time, and later for the 3rd time, it flew somewhere and already at all.

UFO dragged a freight train for more than an hour

In total, the UFO dragged a train with 60 cars for 1 hour and 20 minutes for over 50 km. It was emphasized that the UFO helped the train to save 300 kg of diesel fuel. Orlov and Mironov did not suffer much on the physical level, but however, they had a very strong nervous shock.

The correctness of their testimony was confirmed by the diagrams of the recorders that were installed on the locomotive and some documents. But none of the officials could give a logical explanation for this incident. However, it was said that an unusual glowing ball was seen at the Karelian Kutizhma station and on the eve of the variant with train No. 1702.

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