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Top 10 amazing UFO photos

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Top 10 amazing UFO photos according to UFO-AC research group

The topic of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, has always been a source of intrigue and fascination for people around the world. While many sightings have been debunked as hoaxes, there are a few incidents where the photographic evidence is so compelling that it's hard to dismiss. In this article, we will explore 10 of the most famous and controversial UFO photos of all time, examining the circumstances surrounding each sighting and the evidence that supports or challenges its authenticity.

From mysterious discs hovering in the sky to bizarre light formations, these images have sparked endless debate and speculation among UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike. Let's take a closer look at the top 10 UFO photos that continue to captivate our imaginations.

Top 1. Colfax, Wisconsin on April 19, 1978

A UFO photo was taken by a police officer in Colfax, Wisconsin on April 19, 1978

Flying saucer 1978

Top 2. Flying Saucer from Utah

In July 1966, while flying over the Rocky Mountains, about 40km southwest of Provo, Utah, the pilot of a twin-engine U.S. Air Force C-47 "Skytrain" transport plane took a photograph of a UFO. The Condon Committee, funded by the US Air Force to study UFOs, analyzed the negative and claimed the photo shows an ordinary object thrown into the air. However, many ufologists disagreed with their conclusion.

Flying Saucer from Utah 

Top 3. Paul Villa. Flying disc

On February 14th, 2018, Mary Evans Picture Library uploaded a photograph called "UFO from Coma Berenices Whose Nine".

Flying saucer

Top 4. July 18, 1967 – Rome, Italy. Drew Wright took this picture at 10:00 a.m.

"I had a terrible hangover from all that cheap red wine that I drank the day before, on the first night of my stay in Italy. I saw an object in the sky and the local guys started shouting "disk, disk" and pointing to the sky. I quickly took a picture of him and he disappeared," the author said."

Flying saucer in Rome

Top 5. Ticul, Mexico 12-12-04. UAP

There are no any info about author.

Flying saucer in Mexico

Top 6. Wichita, Kansas, June 27, 1967. Cigar-shaped UFO

The location is in Wichita, Kansas where a photograph of relatively high quality was captured. Although the shape of the object in the image is indeterminate, it is evident that no UFO of this sort has been documented previously.

Wichita ufo

Top 7. Lake Tiorati/Bear Mountain, New York. Disc-shaped UFO

On December 18, 1966, Vincent Perna captured a photograph at 4:30 PM at Lake Tiorati/Bear Mountain, New York. According to Perna, he witnessed a peculiar bronze-colored object that measured approximately 6 meters in diameter. He was able to take four photos of the object before it vanished after a brief period.

UFO weird

Top 8. Yungai, Peru. 2 Flying saucers

At approximately 5:30 PM on March 22, 1967, numerous individuals including both tourists and residents of Yungay, Peru reported sighting two unidentified flying objects. The objects were observed flying above the snow-covered Huascaran Mountain as well as the city of Yungay. The photograph of the event was captured by Augusto Arando.

UFO weird

Top 9. Mildevil, Georgia. Flying saucer

In 1967, two photographs of an unknown object were taken. The identity of the photographer remains unknown, likely for intentional purposes. While the quality of the photographs is not clear, the authenticity of the images have been called into question, although the veracity cannot be confirmed. The first photograph captured the object as it approached the photographer, while the second photograph was a close-up of the stationary object.

UFO weird

Top 10. Torrance, California.

On May 11, 1967, a high-quality photograph of an unknown object was captured by a group of friends. Little information is available regarding the context surrounding the event. The photograph was taken on a Saturday evening when the group, composed of Allen, Bobby, Rick, and Danny, rushed outside to observe a red and white glowing object. One of the individuals in the group had a camera and was able to capture the photograph.

UFO weird

In conclusion, the selection of the top 10 UFO photos showcases a fascinating and mysterious aspect of human experience. While some photographs may be staged or hoaxes, others raise intriguing questions about the possibility of extraterrestrial life or advanced technology. The stories behind these photographs, as well as the ongoing debates surrounding their validity, add to the intrigue and fascination that surrounds the topic of UFOs. Overall, the top 10 UFO photos serve as a reminder of the unexplained phenomena that continues to captivate the human imagination and inspire exploration and discovery.

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