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The unsolved mystery of the disappearance of the inhabitants of Hoer Verde

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The unsolved mystery of the disappearance of the inhabitants of Hoer Verde

 A completely inexplicable case of the total disappearance of the population of the Brazilian village of Hoer Verde was recorded in 1923. Some circumstances of this story may cause awe among fans of horror films.

A group of young people traveling around the country light, decided to look into Heyer Verde, hoping to get an overnight stay and replenish their food supplies. And although none of them had any acquaintances in this small village, they counted on the hospitality of the locals and were not at all against making new friends.

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However, everything they saw further plunged them into a state close to shock. The village turned out to be completely lifeless. Dead. All the animals and birds disappeared along with the people. The city was immersed in a ringing, ominous silence. Not daring to go further, the tourists reached the neighboring town and reported what they saw to the police. The very next morning, an investigative team accompanied by a platoon of soldiers of the People's Army of Brazil headed to Hoer Verde.

The disappearance of the entire population of the village was recorded by the police. Moreover, just as with the disappearance of the villagers near Lake Angikuni a few years later, it gave the complete impression that the owners were not going to leave their homes for a long time at all. There were dishes on the shoulders in which dinner was cooked, plates and cups were on the tables. Laundry was drying on ropes near the houses.

The most sinister and inexplicable discovery was made within the walls of a local school. In one of the classes, the words were written in chalk on the blackboard: — "THERE WILL BE NO SALVATION." In addition, during further inspection of abandoned dwellings, several guns were found, from which, according to experts, recently fired.

The mystery of this whole story is given by the fact that after a few days, the investigation was closed on the direct instructions of the Brazilian government. All information about the six hundred missing residents of the village of Hoer Verde was closed to the general public under the heading "secret". One can only guess what the investigative team managed to find on the spot that the investigation was classified so quickly. And also what the words written on the blackboard really meant.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that this happened almost 100 years ago, it is quite difficult to get reliable information. Were there originally residents in the village or are these journalistic inventions? Let's proceed from what we were. Is it possible to assume that a large alien ship arrived and kidnapped the inhabitants? No one can tell you for sure, but remember the Mayan civilization, which suddenly disappeared. We think it's too early to put an end to this story.

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