Otherworldly encounters: the Scottish Trail of abductions

The Missing: a scottish tale of abductions

There are numerous stories about abductions, specifically the abduction of earthlings by extraterrestrial beings. Some of these stories may seem like fairy tales for adults, while others are supported by convincing arguments and irrefutable facts. It is up to the reader to determine which category this case falls into.

Meeting with a mysterious object

It was in Scotland. On the evening of August 17, 1992, two friends, Harry Wood and Colin Wright, were driving from Edinburgh to the nearby village of Starbucks. Harry drove the car. About eight o'clock, Colin, who was sitting next to Harry, noticed a sparkling disk hanging in the sky at a height of about six meters above the road ahead, about forty meters away. It was clearly a UFO. But the men didn't stop. They decided to drive under this "damn vessel". The object really resembled a vessel, or rather two: it seemed to consist of two huge plates connected by the edges – ten meters in diameter. He was floating in the air. There was complete silence around.

That's how snowflakes are!

When the car was directly under the UFO, from its bottom with a loud rustle, flakes like snowflakes fell down sparkling with silver light. As soon as they reached the car, both men sitting in it were enveloped in complete darkness. They stopped seeing the dashboard, each other, and even their own palms raised to their faces.

After what seemed to them only a few seconds, their vision returned to them. At the same moment, they felt that the car was moving violently swaying and bouncing as if it had just been abruptly lowered onto the road. However, the shaking stopped almost immediately, and Harry, putting on gas, drove the car further, to the village where his friends, the spouses Catherine and Ian lived.

Catherine did not welcome both friends at all cordially.

Where the hell have you been for so long?

She asked angrily.:

It turned out that Harry and Colin arrived an hour and a half later than the agreed time. Despite the fact that the entire trip from the city to the friends' house never took more than 35 minutes, now they spent almost four times more time on it.

And then Harry and Colin began vying to tell their friends about their road adventures.

Bizarre dreams

Over the next few nights, Harry and Colin had strange dreams in which gray dwarfs appeared to them. At the same time, both friends found fresh scars on their bodies.

For almost two years they lived in anxiety and doubt about whether it was worth trying to understand what happened that day it's an August evening, or it's better to try to forget everything. In the end, they turned to Malcolm Robinson, the creator, and head of the Society of Researchers of Strange Phenomena, for advice and help. After a long conversation with the "victims", Malcolm suggested that his friends undergo a regressive hypnosis procedure.

During the very first sessions, held in the summer of 1994, a typical scenario of the abduction of earthlings by aliens began to unfold.

Aliens abduction

Acquaintance with UFO pilots

As it turned out, the abductors isolated Harry and Colin from each other, placing each other in a cold room. The aliens they saw were of several types. Enlonauts no more than 1.2 meters tall were bustling around them. Their gray faces had slits like fish gills under their large, blue-black almond-shaped eyes. But there were also very tall gray humanoids, 2-2.5 meters tall, with absurdly long necks and wrinkled faces, as well as creatures of the same height with gray, but swarthy and also with wrinkled physiognomies.

Frozen in cylinders

During another hypnotic session, which took place on October 17, 1994, Colin remembered how he was placed naked inside a transparent cylinder about four meters high. The cylinder was in a spacious room, where there were a dozen more of the same. Inside each was a silhouette of a naked man.

Suddenly, an object appeared from under the floor next to the cylinder where Colin was, which began to rotate, and the cylinder began to freeze quickly. Colin screamed, tears springing from his eyes. The object stopped spinning and disappeared, and the walls of the cylinder thawed. But Colin remained completely immobilized. He could not move his arm or leg, only his eyes retained the ability to move.

On the laboratory table

Harry Wood saw himself lying naked on a flat platform in the middle of a large room. Almost immediately, a silver object resembling a large round tin can appeared from below and hovered next to Harry. The next moment, a kind of flexible hose with a small "petal" at the end popped out of the "tin can" and crawled up. Two red lights resembling LEDs lit up on the petal, and it began to move slowly around Harry's head. At the same time, the petal began to increase in size and soon turned into a kind of lens-shaped oval screen.

Then Harry saw a puddle of liquid similar to shaving gel appear on the floor next to the table. It began to grow and bubble, a cap of foam formed above it. Out of this foam appeared a short gray alien. Changes began to occur with the screen hovering over the table. There were sounds like the soft purr of an engine, and he approached Harry's head. It looked like the creature had taken control of the device itself.

Harry realized that he could not move, only his eyes remained mobile. And then Harry came into view a thin and translucent gray hand with unnaturally long fingers, which fell on his chest from behind his head. Looking down, Harry saw that two more "grays" were standing at his feet.

Alien grays

One of them holds in his hands an object similar to a diamond-shaped mirror, from which a pulsating orange light emanates, and moves this object along Harry's body. Then he squinted his eyes to the left, and a naked woman appeared in the field of view, sitting with her back to him on the floor, her knees pulled up to her chin and her arms wrapped around her legs - apparently trying to cover her nakedness at least that way. She was shivering from the cold and sobbing softly. When she slowly turned her head towards Harry, he saw that tears were flowing down her cheeks. Then, just as slowly, the woman turned to the wall. None of them said a word.

The earth is a refuge for them

Harry suddenly realized that words were starting to appear in his mind, as if by themselves. In the end, they became a phrase that he uttered silently.:

– Why are you doing this to me?
The answer immediately sounded in his mind:
- Refuge. Our lives are arranged in the same way as yours–" the telepathic conversation ended there.

Subsequently, Harry Wood and Colin Wright repeatedly discussed with Malcolm Robinson the details, possible causes, and consequences of their abduction by extraterrestrial beings. They were trying to understand the meaning of the words that Harry telepathically perceived, lying on the table in the laboratory of the Enlonauts. And in the end, all three came to this conclusion.

The abductions of earthlings by UFO crews that have been taking place for many years are explained by their attempts to obtain genetic material to restore and preserve the viability of the dying population of their own planet (or planets). The fact that such abductions and examinations of abducted people sometimes end dramatically and even tragically happens not because of their evil will, but because of cardinal (and so far little studied by them, and completely unknown to us) differences in their and our anatomy, physiology, and habitat.

It is also possible that they are considering the possibility of relocating to Earth. But as what - immigrants or conquerors? Is there a genocide waiting for the earthlings?

One thing is clear today: they need us. They study us. And we don't have them...

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

Serg Toporkov

Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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