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The UFO incident occurred on Lake Ladoga, in the Leningrad region.

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The UFO incident occurred on Lake Ladoga, in the Leningrad region.

A whole group of UFOs hovered in the distance behind the trees. Unfortunately, there is no way to set the exact date of the shooting. We only have space at our disposal. One would think that these are sky lanterns, if not for one fact that will happen later.

Another glowing object will fly up to this group. From this, we can conclude that these are not stationary objects.  I also want to say about air targets.

Fans of this version are highly advised to get acquainted with the real videos of their launch from airplanes. You will make sure that the targets look different. So, what is it? Try to answer it. This video is not analytical, I just wanted to show you another case of a collision with something unidentified.

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