The Truth about the Bermuda Triangle: Mysterious disappearances debunked

The Truth about the Bermuda Triangle: Mysterious disappearances debunked

The weirdness of the Bermuda Triangle is described by various theories, and among them, there are quite scientific hypotheses. They prove that nothing abnormal happens in the Bermuda Triangle, everything is understandable. An interesting fact, which is kept silent, creating an aura of romanticism around the Bermuda Triangle-ships and planes disappear not in the triangle itself, but next to it.

Bermuda triangle mysterious

What is the peculiarity of the triangle?

There is really nothing special about the triangle. The fact that planes crashed and ships sank there remains a fact, but exactly the same thing happened and is happening everywhere in the world's oceans. And the Bermuda Triangle was simply "promoted" by writers and filmmakers.

There are many legends about hundreds of planes and ships that allegedly disappeared in this area, and that more than a thousand people died there. However, neither the representatives of the geographical Commission of the United States or the U.S. coast guard, these data do not support. There is no question of any special amount of equipment missing in this area.

Bermuda triangle mysterious

Speaking about the disasters in the area of the Bermuda Triangle, scientists emphasize that they are mainly associated with weather conditions. And one more interesting detail. A well-known thing is that all ships are insured, and the amount of insurance directly depends on how dangerous the route is. And ships that have to cross the Bermuda Triangle are not subject to any additional amounts at all.

About killer waves and the magnetic field

Experts associate the shipwreck in the area of the Bermuda Triangle with the giant waves in this area, they are called "killers". However, we are not talking about anything supernatural in this case, because everything is known about the nature of their appearance. They arise because of the unusual bottom in the area. Its relief has a deepening at first smooth, and then sharply-a huge depth. It is not surprising that many ships were never found at such a depth. So even without the Atlanteans and aliens, everything is understandable.

The occurrence of water tornadoes in this area, scientists also explained – just in this region there are increased indicators of seismic activity.

One of the myths points to the presence of a temporary and magnetic funnel in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. It allegedly sucks in ships and planes, and the operation of any electronic devices is disrupted.

Bermuda triangle mysterious

The myth about the magnetic field was debunked very quickly. The compass needle indicates the direction of the North Magnetic Pole, which is constantly moving. The geographical pole is in a stationary state and from it to the magnetic pole is a little less than two thousand kilometers.

This difference is called "magnetic declination", and it is a value floating within 20 degrees-depending on where the Earth is located.

There is also such a thing as zero magnetic declination, in the form of an imaginary line with both poles converging. And this feature is also mobile, which is why the compass needle will show a different direction. That is, east of the line, the readings will be more westerly than the real, stationary north. And vice versa.

This is the complexity of maritime navigation, and sailors, especially before, do not always take into account all of the above, saying only that the compass "flounders". In fact, all the "misunderstandings" are due to the fact that there is not enough knowledge about the earth's magnetic field.

About the weather

Much is said about the Bermuda Triangle due to its terrible weather and the storms that cause sailors to get trapped there. These storms are powerful and unpredictable, but they pass quickly. Scientists also explained this riddle.

It's all about the Gulf Stream. The speed of its flow in this area is more than 8 kilometers per hour. On its way, it meets with other currents – a cold stream collides with a warm one, which creates the "mysterious" Bermuda fog. And the Gulf Stream has the ability to change its speed and direction of flow, and this happens quite often. Hence the occurrence of storms.

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