Peter Khoury abduction

The case of the abduction of Peter Khoury

Peter Khoury moved from Lebanon to Australia in 1973, where he met his wife and got a job, and then opened his own business in the construction industry. And there are no prerequisites that this person is prone to insanity. The year 1988 came and the couple first encountered an unusual phenomenon. They saw strange moving lights in the sky. However, both did not attach significant importance to this, since the lights in the sky may have different origins. They couldn't even imagine what Khoury would have to go through in the near future.

In July of the same year, Peter was sleeping soundly when suddenly, he felt someone grab his ankles. Numbness and paralysis gripped his body, while Khoury continued to remain conscious. Suddenly, he saw about 4 strange figures next to the bed. Telepathically, they conveyed to him the idea that he did not resist and relaxed. Then they took out a large needle... but Peter lost consciousness. After a while, Khoury woke up and immediately ran into the living room in search of his relatives. He found his father and brother asleep. Peter interviewed them and found out that it seemed to them no more than 10 minutes had passed since sleep, although in fact, an hour had passed. By the way, the needle mark on Khoury's head still remained, which his wife could confirm.

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The meeting on July 23, 1992, began at 7:30 a.m., Khoury was in his bed. It is also known that shortly before these events, Peter was injured at work and had to take painkillers. Khoury was alone at home, as he had already managed to take his wife to work, and planned to sleep after. Suddenly he woke up abruptly and sat up. Two humanoid women were sitting on the bed, both completely naked.

These two women looked human in almost every way. They had the well-built bodies of adult women. One had an Asian type of appearance, his hair was dark straight to the shoulders, his eyes were also dark. The other had a European type of appearance, resembling Scandinavians with long flowing hair to the middle of the back, as well as light eyes. Khoury felt that these were probably not people. Their facial features were slightly different from the usual ones to our eyes. They were overly chiseled with high cheekbones and slightly enlarged eyes. Khoury paid special attention to the blonde, her face seemed too long to him. 

The aliens sat in silence, it seemed to Peter that they were communicating with each other telepathically. He understood that he did not have time to do anything, and it is not entirely clear how these two creatures ended up in his house on his bed. Suddenly, a Nordic-looking alien grabbed the back of his head and forcefully pressed him against his brute.  Khoury resisted, but the forces were unequal, but Peter managed to bite her breast with such force that a piece of it remained in his mouth. The blonde did not give a sign about the soreness of the sensations, however, she showed with all her appearance that this is not how it should happen. Then she exchanged glances with the Asian woman and the thought appeared in her head that I had done something wrong.

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Instinctively, Peter tried to swallow the bite, but it stuck in his throat, when Khoury started coughing, the aliens disappeared. Immediately, he tried to clear his throat, but the attempts were unsuccessful. After Peter examined himself, he found two strands of white hair on his genitals. He put them in a plastic bag for further sending of these proofs for examination. And so, the blonde hair was quite thin and almost transparent, there were no traces of chemical staining as a result of the examination. DNA was isolated using PCR. For the purity of the experiment, hair samples were also taken from Peter and his wife.

If Khoury was able to isolate DNA, it turned out that it was not possible to do this with his wife just because of the chemical coloring of her hair. As a result of the study of samples of blond hair, it was found out that despite the external description of the alien as a representative of the Europid race, DNA did not confirm the diligence of this type of people. In addition, the samples showed 5 distinctive markers that characterize the Asian subgroups of the racial type. Within the framework of this article, we will not describe the features of DNA analysis in detail, giving only the conclusions of the examination. It is quite obvious that we are observing an anomaly in DNA that probably has nothing to do with human DNA or is a derivative of it.

Instead of conclusions

Despite the existence of evidence declared by those who examined the samples. Our research team has a number of questions, the answers to which could shed light on the reality of what happened.

  1. The first experience was quite strange. Based on the description that Peter gave, only his wife saw the needle marks. And my brother and father didn't say anything about it. As for their description of time in a dream, there is nothing surprising here. Often, the passage of time is lost in a dream, and 10 minutes may seem like an hour to you and vice versa. This is a physiological feature. In addition, Peter describes the cordon. But this condition has quite a medical term, which is called "sleep paralysis" read Wikipedia about it. The description of what happened at the first contact is very formulaic, which just speaks in favor of the above condition.
  2. In the second case, it should be noted that Khoury took painkillers for that period, he does not indicate which, but strong painkillers with frequent intake can cause hallucinogenic effects. Tellingly, his first description differs from the second. And again it all comes down to sleep. The sexual subtext speaks just in favor of Peter's fantasies, and not the actual events taking place. As for the hair that is submitted for examination, then it should be understood that the experts could not identify his wife's hair. But we know that this is not the only part of the body from which DNA can be taken. We have doubts about this examination and the origin of these hairs

And finally, let's imagine that you, our dear reader, are a representative of a highly developed civilization, and you needed to conduct certain experiments on the human body. You arrive in 1988 to a random builder, wait for the night, and until he falls asleep to stick a syringe in his head right at his house, where there are a lot of witnesses. Nothing embarrassing? It turns out that they can get into the house unnoticed, but they need to take samples in such a primitive way with the risk of exposure? And then fly in 1992 to have sex with him until his wife came? The question arises: "Is this exactly a highly developed civilization?" We are still inclined to believe that these are all descriptions of sleepy states, possibly caused by medications taken or something else. For us, this story does not look convincing. However, everyone can make mistakes. Always double-check any conclusions. Thank you for your attention.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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