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Yuri Flavianovich Beketov- rear admiral met an object moving in the water at the speed of an airplane

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The rear admiral met an object moving in the water at the speed of an airplane

The former commander of the nuclear submarine, Rear Admiral Yuri Beketov, repeatedly participated in combat service in the Bermuda Triangle and repeatedly reported to Admiral Smirnov about unusual phenomena. We have translated one interview for you in a video, and another for more interest translated on this page. You can view both.

Here's what the rear admiral says:

– We went out closer to the United States and moved to Bermuda. They were turning around. We were on the reverse tack. Faced with many unusual phenomena: the devices gave an unmotivated failure, then there was a powerful interference.

Some unexplained phenomena seem to have been created artificially. We have repeatedly observed that the devices record the movement of material objects at an unimaginable speed. We measured some speeds-this is about 230 knots (400 km per hour). Such a speed is difficult to create on the surface, only in the air. But there is a huge resistance in the water. As if the laws of physics don't apply to these objects.

The conclusion is that the beings who created such material objects are far superior to us in development. We can even assume that, in the depths of the ocean, there is another ancient civilization in parallel with us. Or they are aliens from other worlds, hiding from human eyes deep under the water.

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