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The physicist told about his meeting with aliens

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The physicist told about his encounter with aliens

 Prasad, who works in Toronto (Canada), previously called himself interested in ufology and hinted that he personally saw unusual things, but he spoke in such detail for the first time. According to the physicist, this happened on February 1, 2019, at about 9.40 am. He was lying in bed and was paralyzed when he suddenly saw three strange creatures next to the bed. Judging by the drawing that Prasad made, these creatures looked like typical "Grays", they have large heads and large black almond-shaped eyes.

Can I be crazy? Sure. Do I consider myself crazy? Obviously not. Could it be a hallucination? I can't prove it.

He said:

He contacted with aliens

The creatures spoke to each other in an incomprehensible language and their phrases loomed in the air in the form of thousands of symbols, similar to a mixture of Japanese and Egyptian hieroglyphs. One of the symbols Prasad understood as the designation of DNA was repeated at least three times.

Alien picture

I was scared, I couldn't move and I couldn't control this situation and couldn't think straight. My thoughts were racing. Is it really real? Is this happening right now? What if this happens to my family and my friends? Do they want to kill me? How do I tell them that I don't want to die and that I'm not a threat to them?

He said:

And then the physicist suddenly discovered that he was no longer in his room, but somewhere in an incomprehensible place. One of the creatures got very close to him and the man saw beautiful golden hologram symbols on his suit. Golden "spangles" also twinkled around the creature.

He moved toward me so slowly and carefully, as if I were a wild, frightened animal. And then I felt the light pour over the top of my head and at that moment I experienced the most blissful feeling of euphoria that he had ever felt. It is very difficult to describe and I apply the word "Unity" to this feeling. I felt as if the universe knew about me and it was full of life forms and they were all connected to each other

He said:

This sensation lasted for at least a few minutes, and then he lost consciousness, only to wake up again soon in his bedroom. The consequences of this strange contact were no less unusual. During the next two weeks, Prasad experienced "impossible electrical anomalies", and then he specially went to the conference of the UFO Society Scientific Coalition of UFO Researchers. There he met other people who told him that they had also seen aliens.

Picture of alien

During the same two weeks, Prasad continued to feel echoes of that "euphoria" or "feeling of unity" in himself, because of which he completely lost stress, anxiety, a feeling of depression, and other negative feelings that he had previously. He also felt that he had lost fear and felt love for every person. He also felt an extraordinary spiritual uplift and all these sensations were so unusual to him that he even went to the hospital on purpose and asked for an MRI of the brain.

He was afraid that those creatures had "rewired" his brain. But the MRI did not show anything unusual. In addition to all this, Prasad had dreams in which he was inside an "unidentified flying object" and there those beings communicated with him telepathically. And a couple of weeks later, Prasad saw a UFO in the sky and this was the first of four cases when he observed a UFO after that strange encounter. Prasad ended his story by saying that he was very grateful to those beings for the unusual experience that they gave him.

Our research group once again asks readers to treat such messages with caution. And here's why. The description of the meeting with aliens is typical for the North American continent. Again a dream, again aliens. Okay, let's assume that this particular case is the real one. In that case, being a physicist, why not ask questions about physical laws, ask them to discover what our scientists have not yet been able to do? Why are there no details of what the vessel looks like? Because it is impossible to describe what is not yet in consciousness, our brain does not work like that. In a dream, we often process what worries us for a certain period of time, dreams are very convincing but do not confuse them with reality.

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