The Mystery of the Mummy of Mount San Pedro

The Mystery of the San Pedro Mountains Mummy. Is it an alien?

In the summer of 1940, two enterprising gentlemen were searching for gold in the San Pedro Mountains, in the territory of the US state of Wyoming. While raking another blockage of rock, the miners stumbled upon the entrance to a small cave. It was possible to get there only by crawling, but would that be a hindrance for the prospectors.

"What if there's Indian gold there?" - with that thought, one of the gentlemen crawled inside. But there was no gold or treasure in the cave, but something more curious was discovered - a perfectly preserved mummy of a tiny man. A wrinkled old man, with his legs crossed and his long arms folded on his knees, was sitting on a small ledge, looking sadly in front of him. Flattened skull, bulging eyes, dark brown skin - grandfather looked quite strange. But most of all, its size was striking. The height of the mummy in a sitting position did not exceed six and a half inches, which is just over 16 centimeters. And if he could straighten up, he would hardly be higher than 36 centimeters. Like a baby.

The Mystery of the San Pedro Mountains Mummy. Is it an alien?

Journalists quickly found out about the find, a photo of the "old man" appeared in a local newspaper, and over time experts took up the study of the mummy. And their opinions about Pedrito (and what else to call a small creature found in the mountains of San Pedro?) were immediately divided. Someone immediately considered all this a fake, invented by the gold miners themselves.

- What about the photo? - objected to the skeptics.

- What about the photo? Fake!

Other "experts" believed in the find, but said that it was not an adult mummy, but a baby. Like, nothing surprising: the Indians just mummified the newborn.

However, there was also a third group of commentators, by the way, the most numerous. They saw Pedrito, not without reason, as an adult man. And indeed, a more detailed analysis showed that the baby has a mouth full of teeth, besides there are sinister pointed fangs. There were traces of meat in the stomach of the crumbs, and what kind of meat could a baby eat? And another important detail: judging by the injuries to the limbs, skull and spine, Pedrito died a violent death. It is unlikely that a baby would be so brutally killed.

Then who is it? They began to think and, of course, remembered the legends of the Shoshone Indian tribe, which once lived in Wyoming, about the nemerigars - a mysterious "race of dwarfs", "tiny people", "little spirits", as they were also called. These beasts, as the Indian old men told, lighting their pipes, were, though small in stature, but great in malice and cunning. For example, they ambushed in the gorges of the Rocky Mountains and fired at honest Indians with bows. Moreover, their arrows were not simple, but with poisoned tips. These kids were no strangers to resorting to the help of black magic in case of anything. In a word, they were harmful - scary! It is not for nothing that Nemerigara means "cannibals" in the Shoshone language.

Indian tribes

All this looks like fairy tales, but at the end of the XVIII century, one of the British missionaries named Zeisberger in Coshocton, Ohio, stumbled upon a whole cemetery of dwarfs, about which he left a record:

I saw long rows of graves of little people in Coshocton. They were buried with their heads to the west - to where the sun was hiding behind the mountains. And this gave rise to the theory that these people worshipped the sun


It would be nice to check and take a look at these amazing burials, but the problem is that there are no cemeteries in Koshokton anymore - all the land has been plowed for a long time.

And with the mummy found in 1940 in Wyoming, everything is also difficult. It would be nice to explore it with modern equipment we need to fill in the dots . But... The fact is Pedrito has disappeared.

For some time the mummy was in one of the shops in the city of Casper, frightening and at the same time attracting customers, then he was taken to a local university, where they studied a little, after which Pedrito went first to one private collection, then to another, and today the trace of a wrinkled old man from the San Pedro mountains finally disappeared in time and space.


But it is not only historians, anthropologists and other serious people who are looking for him to confirm or deny that Pedrito belongs to the "dwarf race". Fans of UFOs and various kinds of "secret materials" are waiting with no less impatience for news about the mummy. However, they have already answered the question of who Pedrito is for themselves with a high degree of certainty - of course, an alien from outer space. Because only aliens can look like him.

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