The puzzling mystery of the Incinerated flying saucer

Investigate the weird case of the burned flying saucer

On May 7, 1955, an amazing story appeared on the pages of the Venezuelan newspaper "In Universal" that a foreign engineer saw a collapsed UFO and dead crew members in the east of Argentina. A rather vague article stated that everything happened "a few years ago," and about the eyewitness himself it was said only that he was "an Italian architect living in Venezuela." Nevertheless, this story attracted attention, and ufologists were able to find an eyewitness. He remained anonymous for a while, but then it turned out that the Italian's name was Enrique Bossa.

The Swiss magazine "Le Courrier lnterplanetaire" ("Interplanetary Bulletin") published a letter from the architect. Subsequently, it was reprinted by the German magazine UFO Nachrichten and the American International UFO Reporter:

"In April-May 1950, I was in Bahia Blanca, the capital of the province of La Pampa, where I was building new houses. From time to time, for the sake of recreation, I made long car trips through the countryside. Such excursions usually took three days, during which I drove 300-400 kilometers from the city and the same amount back, the roads in this almost flat and deserted area with sparse vegetation were passable only in summer and were not used in winter, which begins here in May. Occasionally there were granite rocks, and in the background there were several mountains about a thousand meters high. The plain through which the road passed lay at an altitude of about 300 meters above sea level.

On May 15, 1950, I drove away from Bahia Blanca at a distance of 280 km and was at a point about 60 degrees s.d. and 37 degrees s.s. from Greenwich. The sky was very clear, with occasional clouds. I was driving alone in the car and was busy thinking about work. Suddenly, my attention was attracted by a silver object that was lying on the ground three hundred meters to the left of the road. At first I didn't attach much importance to it, but as I got closer, I noticed such strange details of the object as a transparent dome and portholes. I stopped 50 meters away from the object and began to look at it from the car. There were no signs of life near it, and at first I thought it was the remains of a crashed plane, but the strange shape of the object made me abandon this idea.

Clouds floating overhead obscured the sun, causing a strange reflection on the object.

I got out of the car and came closer. 10 meters away from the UFO, I finally realized that it was a "plate".

Something subconscious prompted me to rejoice like a child, and with the determination that accompanies such a state, I, without hesitation, entered the UFO whose door was open.

However, before entering, I carefully examined it.

It was about 10 meters in diameter and consisted of two parts: the lower one was in the form of an inverted plate or bell, and the upper one was in the form of a cylinder or a turret covered with a dome on top, there was a strange round lamp on the dome.

The total height of the object was about 4 meters. There were square portholes on the turret (I didn't count how many) with very rounded corners, the object was lying on the ground, tilted at an angle of about 20 degrees due to irregularities on the plain.

It was an extravagant chrome color, beautifully polished, the sky and my person were reflected on its sides.

The object seemed extinct—no life, noise or vibration.

I looked at the open door located right at the base of the turret.

I thought it would be difficult for me to climb up there along the edge of the object, but it turned out that the metal in this place was not polished and rough as sandpaper.

I realized that the object was not new, since its lower edge was slightly damaged and in some places not very smooth.

I put my foot on the rough metal. and since there was nothing to grab on to for the entire distance to the turret, about two meters, I had to get on all fours and climb up. The dimensions of the door were approximately 90 x 120 cm .

I stuck my head inside, but I didn't see too much: it was dark and smelled strongly of something like ozone and garlic.

Without stopping, I jumped inside: the floor was about 60 cm below the entrance.

The floor was a surface that seemed to sink slightly under my weight. The cabin was absolutely round, about 2.1 meters high, dark color Around its wall was a row of portholes made of transparent material very thin and similar to plexiglass.

As soon as my eyes got used to the light, I saw an eerie scene.

In the center of the cabin, with a diameter of about 3.5 m, there was a strange seat on which a 1.2–1.4 m tall man in a lead-colored jumpsuit was sitting.

His round head with sparse blond hair fell on his chest. His beautifully shaped, light tobacco-colored hands were clutching two handles sticking out of a black box a few centimeters from his body.

The face was the same color as the hands, with a graceful, straight nose, without a mustache or stubble on the cheeks. His glazed eyes were large and very wide open.

UFO over the crash site" (photo taken by E. Bossa)

UFO over the crash site" (photo taken by E. Bossa)

In 1993, Bruno Molon discussed Bossa's story with Stringfield. He said that the pictures are still with him, but he does not remember where. Other ufologists had to make do with a very poor reproduction of one of the pictures in the magazine "APRO Bulletin" for August 1955. Many years later, one of the founders of the APRO organization, Jim Lorenzen. admitted that the photos are extremely unconvincing. A certain texture was visible in the background, which means one of two things: either a small model on the background of the fabric in the pictures, or it is not the original, but a reshoot from a newspaper or magazine, where the original image was applied in a raster way.

Roberto Bunches and Richard Hayden decided to check whether Bossa was really in Argentina and built houses there. To their great disappointment, his name is nowhere to be found in all the newspapers and even in the municipal archives. Builders, local historians and old-timers from Bahia Blanca and General Acha did not remember him, although these are not very large towns where it is difficult for a foreigner to get lost. The architecture and engineering councils of the provinces of La Pampa and Buenos Aires also knew nothing about him. The description of the scene from the very beginning caused a lot of suspicion.

Firstly, the capital of the province of La Lampa has always been the city of Santa Rosa, not Bahia Blanca, and the division of the country into provinces occurred in 1951, after his encounter with UFOs. Secondly, winter begins there not in May, but in June. Thirdly, there are no mountains "up to a thousand meters" or granite rocks in those places: the only rocky ridge in the lowland province of La Pampa barely reaches five hundred meters and is composed of basalt, not granite. All the coordinates of the scene of the incident not only contradict each other, but also the specified distances to local cities.

Roberto Bunches and Richard Hayden noticed that Dr. Bossa's photographs and sketches closely resemble the fictional "scout ship" by George Adamsky, and the description of humanoids is the story of Frank Scully. "We are forced to come to the conclusion, although we cannot say it with full confidence, that he created a fictional story from the materials of two books about UFOs filled with the same fictions," they say.

Another case in which the evidence of the crash disappeared in an equally strange way occurred in the summer of 1955 in the Swedish province of Vestra-Norrland. Ufologist John la Fontaine recorded this story from the words of a man he met at a lecture on UFOs. This 60-year-old man drew attention to himself by listening to the same lecture about humanoids several times.

"In 1955," he said. — I worked as a logger near the Gulf of Bothnia with two brothers who supplied timber to a sawmill in Middle Sweden. One morning in July, at about six o'clock, we were felling trees when we suddenly heard a sound similar to that of a large animal making its way through the forest.

A moment later, the loggers saw a cigar-shaped object flying over the trees, which, apparently, was crashing.

"We ran there," the witness continued. — The object crashed about 30-40 meters from the river. When falling, a powerful flash illuminated the surrounding area. After a few seconds, a vacuum wave passed, sucking everything towards the center of the light. We fell forward. I hit a tree. Time has stopped for me. My whole life flashed through my mind…

When we came to our senses, we decided to inspect the scene of the accident. There was nothing at the crash site, logs stacked up before were scattered around. We decided to get back to work.

At the edge of the forest , one of the brothers suddenly shouted:

— Look at the dwarf! Most likely, the object fell into the river, and he ejected in time."

For a while the loggers stood as if paralyzed, staring at the body. The humanoid was of small build, about 110-120 centimeters tall. A halo of white light shone around the body.

One of the brothers tried to touch the humanoid. to make sure whether he was alive or not, however, he backed away with a scream and said that it was as if he had been struck by electricity.

At that moment, the stranger opened his eyes and said in pure Swedish:
— Don't touch me, it's dangerous for you.

He paused.

"Now you know who I am,— the humanoid said, telepathically reading people's thoughts. They were surprised at the perfection of the Swedish language in which the pilot who had an accident uttered these words.

The brothers got a better look at him. He wasn't a dwarf at all. Very well built, broad-shouldered, with normal facial features. The skin is yellowish, like an Asian. The eyes are deep-set, brown. After the fall, his face was badly bruised, two deep wounds were visible on his chin and forehead. They didn't bleed, but the skin around them was covered with moisture. On the top of the head, the hair turned out to be almost gray. The earlobes formed one with the neck, resembling fins. The lips were wrinkled, narrow and colorless. When he smiled encouragingly, and he did it often, a number of small teeth were exposed. His hands were small, with five thin fingers without nails. He was wearing a uniform made of some thin reddish metal that seemed glued to his body. She was surprisingly flexible and elastic. On the feet — closed shoes of size 35-37, the sole is ribbed, vibrating.

"The stranger looked at me and nodded. There was no doubt that he could easily read my thoughts. On such shoes, he could roll back and forth. without moving my legs. His waist was tied with a wide, shiny metal belt with a large plaque, which shone with a bluish hue, which later, after his death, became dark blue. There was a yellow "UV" sign in the middle of the badge.

"Thanks to my clothes," the humanoid said, "I can spend some time with you. Inside I am destroyed.

His right hand disappeared into the clothes on his hip (there was no pocket visible). He pulled out a rectangular object the size of a matchbox with twelve small notches. With a pencil attached to this object, he touched the notches several times. Then he tried to throw the object a few meters away.

"Don't pick him up," the stranger warned with a smile. — I informed my people about what happened to me so that they would not come looking for me.

He lay motionless for a while. His hands were tightly clenched, apparently he was in hellish pain.

The brothers exchanged glances and left without a single word, as if on command.

Later, thinking about it, I realized that the stranger somehow, without uttering words, asked the brothers to leave so that he could talk to me one-on-one."

The eyewitness spent two more hours with the alien before he died. What they were talking about, the 60-year-old man did not tell John la Fontaine. However, he said that we, earthlings, have already been visited several times by aliens from Outer Space and some of them are so advanced in their development that they visited the parallel world of Earth. Some aliens have been watching us for many thousands of years, others have collected samples to solve the question of establishing settlements on Earth. Still others have been in contact with humanity for many centuries.

"Just before he died," he continued, "a stranger gave me a folded bag with the words:

— When I die, the glow will leave my body and with the help of two other people, you will put me in this bag and lower me into the river. After that, you bathe thoroughly in the water so as not to get sick.

The humanoid was already breathing heavily. The halo around the body really became weaker and weaker until it disappeared completely. The light blue badge has noticeably dimmed. He looked at the witness for the last time and smiled. Then he said something in an incomprehensible language, and then suddenly switched to Swedish, throwing a series of vague phrases:

— You come without wanting it, and you leave against your will. Our life is like a haze…

He said a few more words, but they were hard to make out, because his voice was completely weak. One would have thought he was praying before he died."

With the help of the brothers, the body was put in a bag and carried to the river. The bag smelled of sulfur and burned the hands of loggers. When the bag was thrown into the water, bubbles began to form around it, as if during a chemical reaction. After about five minutes, everything stopped.

"Perhaps that's all," said the witness. — I stayed with my brothers for a couple of years, but we rarely remembered this unusual day, although for sure each of us went over it in our memory every day. They have already died, but I remember this incident as if it was yesterday[113].

In memory of what happened, the lumberjack captured an object similar to a pencil from the scene of events, where he came two days later. He could not find a rectangular object. He tried to keep the pencil as proof that he had not dreamed it.…

No one even tried to somehow verify the logger's story or find him to take an alien "pencil" for analysis, so this story turns out to be nothing more than a beautiful story. But if you think logically, the aliens should do exactly that when they find themselves in an emergency situation. They should be aware of how dangerous it is to give powerful equipment into the hands of earthlings. In the event of a crash, self-destructors or devices must be built into the ships that do not allow them to be captured intact. If the UFO pilot himself risks dying in front of Earthlings, he must do everything so that his body or the instruments on it do not fall into our hands. The partisans needed a grenade placed under their heads so that the fascists could not identify them, and the UFO pilots needed to completely destroy themselves. If the lumberjack was telling the truth, the aliens have learned to cope with this task.

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