The invasion of the Nordic aliens at the Peni military base in 1971: bright humanoids and strange UFOs

The invasion of the Nordic aliens at the Peni military base in 1971: bright humanoids and strange UFOs

The penetration of an alien into the camp of a Spanish military base in 1971 is still considered a classified matter in Spain, despite the fact that several people witnessed an alien, and at least 60 people saw a UFO over the base.

The Spanish military base Peni consists of the 4th Air Surveillance Squadron (EVA-4), a first-line Air Force combat unit subordinate to the Spanish Ministry of Defense. There is a radar on the base, which is part of the state network and integrated into the NATO defense system.

On the evening of March 25, 1971, a soldier named Leandro saw an unidentified flying object in the sky, which suddenly flashed so brightly that Leandro almost went blind. He screamed, and other soldiers came running to the cry. Among them was Jesus Jofre, who later told the whole story to the Spanish ufologist Antonio Ribera (Ribera's article about this incident was published in 1972 in the magazine “Algo").

Jess Jofre Milà (standing in the middle)

According to Jesus, Leandro was sitting on the ground, crouching in fear and covering his eyes with his hands. He had a severe nervous shock. In addition, the service dogs at the base were barking loudly and restlessly, which no one had seen before. Jesus and the other soldiers calmed Leandro down a little, and when he took his hands away from his eyes, it was clear that his eyes were red, as if from some strong stimulus.

And then all these soldiers saw a glowing object in the sky. The UFO hovered right over the large antenna. After hanging for a while, the object moved away at high speed.

Then Jesus went to the dog kennels to calm the dogs, who continued to bark restlessly. He saw that the dog named Narvik was barking especially hard and was literally trying to escape. Jesus decided to let Narvik run, and the dog immediately ran towards the office buildings that stood 300 meters from the army barracks.

When Jesus and the other soldiers reached this place, they saw that the dog Narvik was standing and growling, staring into the darkness. After a while, the soldiers saw a greenish glow ahead. Soon the glow faded, and then the soldiers heard a noise ahead and a strong crackling, someone was moving in the bushes near the fence.

Then there was a crash – someone big was coming towards them. A few seconds later, the soldiers were horrified to see a strange humanoid creature over two meters tall approaching them. When the first seconds of fear passed, the guys remembered that they were primarily military, and ordered the stranger to stop. He ignored their words and kept moving towards them.

alien encounter

Then the soldiers started shooting, but the bullets didn't seem to cause any harm to the humanoid. In the light of the flashes from the shots, Jesus Jofre could see that the stranger was dressed in something tight and wore a belt with the symbol of an inverted triangle.

After making sure that the bullets did not cause any harm to the strange creature, the soldiers could only stand and watch as the humanoid calmly moved away from them. Soon after, a signal appeared on the radar that there was an unidentified flying object in the sky above the base, which was quickly moving away.

According to Jesus, the stranger had an "angelic" appearance – very pale, very thin, tall, and with long hair. According to ufologists, most likely, it was one of the so-called "Nordic aliens” - a rare kind of aliens visiting Earth who looks like residents of Scandinavian countries.

Nordic aliens

After the strange Nordic alien left, the soldiers searched the territory of the base and found that part of the fence surrounding the base was broken. However, they did not find any other oddities. Leandro sought help from a doctor, and although everything looked like a slight redness, his eyes very slowly returned to normal, and he was treated for a long time for a strange "irritation".

The dog Narvik was on the verge of nervousness and physical exhaustion, and then for a long time could not drink water. When Jesus and others reported what they had seen to their superiors, they did not take the incident seriously, some even accused Jesus and his companions of being drunk.

The dog

Their reputation was saved by the fact that two days later, on the night of March 27, a UFO was seen over the base again, and eyewitnesses managed to notify the officers and other people who were at the base. This time the UFO looked somewhat smaller than the first time. About 60 people could see him.

On the night of March 29, 1971, an unidentified flying object appeared again on the radar of the Peni base, and this time two military fighters were immediately sent to it. As they approached the UFO, it began to run away from them with stunning speed.

However, all this is also an unofficial story, the official one completely denies raising fighters to rendezvous with UFOs. Soon, people dressed in US Air Force uniforms arrived at Peni Base.

Peni military base

They thoroughly interrogated all the witnesses, and then gave the soldiers a clear recommendation to forget about what happened and not attach more importance to it. Then, for some unknown purpose, the soldiers were ordered to leave the base and taken to a place where there was a white wall reflecting the direct sun.

We placed them against the background of this wall and took a group photo with a very powerful flash. Why there was such a powerful flash in the sunlight, too, remained unclear. Rumor has it that 5 years after this incident, the same thing happened at another Spanish military base Talavera la Real.

This case was also immediately classified. As for other oddities related to these incidents, local shepherds reported that on the night of March 26, their sheep behaved very restlessly, and then several of them disappeared, and later shepherds found two sheep killed by some unknown force.

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