Astronauts can't talk about aliens because of threats

Astronauts can't talk about aliens because of threats

Former employees of NASA and NATO spoke about the methods used by the agency to hide the existence of extraterrestrials, according to the portal Collective Evolution.

Mechanical engineer Dr. Bergran said that NASA specifically obscures photos of the Moon so that the public could not see anything suspicious on them. One day, he was analyzing a picture of this planet and saw strange objects on it. When he reported this to a colleague, he was confused and said that he thought they had darkened the lens enough that nothing could be seen.

Dr. O'Leary, who studied Mars and was present at the creation of the famous image "faces on Mars", said that the image was edited to blur the contours of the "face" and make it look like a natural phenomenon and not an artificially created object.

Face on Mars

Retired NATO Sergeant Major Bob Dean said that the government destroyed 40 videos with footage of the Apollo program, in which there was a manned landing on the moon. The lost videos captured the flight itself, the landing on the Earth's satellite, and the movement of people on the surface of the planet. The reason for the destruction of the filming was that they were considered socially and politically unacceptable.

aliens moon

Donna Hare, who worked for NASA, claims that astronauts regularly encounter UFOs in space, but can not tell the public about it, as they receive threats from the government.

Meanwhile, ufologists and conspiracy theorists claim that the governments of the countries of the Earth have opened a hunt for them. But, as you understand, you will not find any proof of this. The above words should be treated with a certain degree of skepticism. These are bold statements, but they can be unreliable. Time will tell who was right

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