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Top 10 Mysterious Artifacts that are associated with aliens

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Top 10 Mysterious Artifacts that are associated with aliens

There is an opinion that alien life forms have visited the Earth throughout history. However, such statements are difficult to prove. Most cases of UFO sightings and abductions can easily be dismissed as a hoax or a simple misunderstanding. But what about those cases when the little grey men really leave some kind of trace? Or the artifacts that people have built since ancient times in honor of guests from other planets? There are many strange objects in the world, both mysterious and man-made, which are said to be proof of alien life.

10. The gear wheel of a UFO from Russia

A resident of Vladivostok found a strange piece of equipment. The object resembled a gear wheel and was inserted into a piece of coal, which he used to light a fire. Although discarded pieces of old cars are not uncommon in Russia, the man became interested and showed his find to some scientists. Testing showed that the toothed object was almost pure aluminum and almost certainly artificially manufactured.

In addition, it was 300 million years old. This raised some interesting questions, since aluminum of such purity and shape cannot be formed naturally, and people did not know how to make it until 1825. Curiously, the object also resembles parts that are used in microscopes and other thin technical devices.

Despite the fact that conspiracy theorists were quick to declare the find part of an alien spacecraft, scientists investigating it are not willing to jump to conclusions and want to conduct further tests to learn more about the mysterious artifact.

The gear wheel of a UFO from Russia

9. The Guatemalan Stone Head

In the 1930s, researchers discovered a huge, beautifully made sandstone statue in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle. The face carved into the stone did not resemble the features of the Maya or any other people who inhabited these lands. In fact, his elongated skull and delicate facial features didn't seem to fit into the history books at all.

The researchers claim that the unique features of the statue depict a member of an ancient alien civilization that was much more advanced than any of the pre-Hispanic races of America that we know about. Some even suggested that the head might just be part of a much larger structure underneath it (this turned out to be incorrect). Of course, there is a possibility that the statue may even be a complete hoax. Unfortunately, we will probably never know for sure: the head was used for target shooting by revolutionary troops, and its features were destroyed.

The Guatemalan Stone Head

8. The Williams Enigmalith

In 1998, a traveler named John J.Williams noticed a strange metal protrusion in the mud. He unearthed a strange-looking stone, with a bizarre electrical component inside. The electrical device was clearly man-made and somewhat resembled an electric plug.

Since then, the stone has become a well-known mystery in the circles of UFO enthusiasts. He was featured in UFO magazine and (according to Williams) Fortean Times, a famous magazine devoted to mysterious phenomena. Williams, an electrical engineer, says that the electronic component embedded in the stone was not glued or welded into the granite. In fact, the rock probably formed around the device.

Many believe that the so-called Williams Enigmalith is a hoax since Williams refuses to break it (but is ready to sell it for $500,000). In addition, the stone device does have a certain similarity with thermal rocks that are usually used to keep tropical domestic lizards warm. However, geological analysis has apparently determined that the stone is about 100,000 years old, which (if true) would mean that the device inside could not have been created by man. Williams offers anyone to investigate the mystery on three conditions: he must be present, the stone must remain intact, and he will not have to pay for research.


7. Ancient planes

The Incas and other pre-Columbian peoples left behind some extremely mysterious trinkets. Some of the strangest are the so-called ancient Planes, which are small, golden figures that are very similar to modern jet planes. Originally considered zoomorphic (resembling animals), which are very similar to fighter wings, with stabilizing tails and even landing gear. They had excellent aerodynamics.

All this led to the assumption that the Incas could have been in contact with (probably extraterrestrial) people who were able to build modern jet planes and who may even have possessed this technology themselves.

Well, or these wonderful figurines can be just artistic images of bees, flying fish, or other winged creatures.


6. Ubaid Lizard People

The archaeological site of Al-Ubaid in Iraq is a gold mine for archaeologists and historians. He gave many objects from the pre-Sumerian time, called the Ubaid period (5900-4000 BC). However, some of these objects are quite amazing. Several Ubaid statues depict strange, lizard-like humanoid figures in unique, offhand poses that seem to indicate that they were not gods (for example, animal-headed deities in Egypt), but rather a race of lizard people.

Of course, the statues were drawn into the stories and theories of reptilian aliens that used to roam the earth (and may still exist, according to conspiracy theorists). Although this seems unlikely, their true nature remains a mystery.


5. Fossils of the Sri Lanka meteorite

Researchers who analyzed the remains of a meteorite that fell in Sri Lanka found that their object was something more than just pieces of cosmic rock. It was an alien artifact in the most literal sense. Two separate studies have shown that the meteorite contains fossils and algae that are clearly of extraterrestrial origin.

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, the lead scientist of the first study, says that the fossils provide convincing evidence of panspermia (the hypothesis that life exists throughout the universe and is spread by meteorites and other solid space debris). However, his hypothesis was not left without criticism. Wickramasinghe just happened to be a well-known panspermia enthusiast inclined to claim that almost everything has an extraterrestrial origin. Moreover, the traces of life that the meteorite contains are actually freshwater species commonly found on Earth, which seems to indicate that the object was contaminated on OUR PLANET.


4. Summer Triumphal tapestry

The tapestry, known as Summer'S Triumph, was created in Bruges (the capital of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish region of Belgium) around 1538. It is currently located in the Bayerisch National Museum.

The Summer Triumph is famous (or infamous) among conspiracy theorists because it clearly depicts a series of UFO-like objects flying in the sky. Although their presence is confusing, some suggest that they may have been added to the tapestry (which depicts the victorious ruler's ascent to power) to unite the UFO with the ruler as a symbol of divine intervention. This, of course, raises more questions than answers, such as: why do the Belgians of the 16th century recognize flying saucers and mentally associate them with divinity?

UFO sightings

3. Glorification of the Eucharist

An Italian artist named Ventura Salimbeni has created one of the most mysterious altar paintings in history. "The Dispute about the Eucharist“, a painting of the XVI century, also known as” The Glorification of the Eucharist " (The Eucharist is an alternative term for the Holy Communion), is a three-part work. The lower two parts are relatively normal: they depict a number of religious authorities and an altar. However, in the upper part, there is a picture of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and a dove representing the Holy Spirit), they are holding what seems to be a cosmic satellite in their hands. The object is large and spherical, with metal trim, telescopic antennas, and strange lights.

Although UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists have often claimed that this is evidence of extraterrestrial life (or possibly time travel), experts have quickly debunked such claims. According to them, the ball is a Sphaera Mundi, a globe-shaped representation of the Universe, which was common in religious art. The strange lights on the "satellite" are just the sun and the moon, and its antennas are actually scepter rods that act as symbols of power for the father and son.

Glorification of the Eucharist

2. Mayan artifacts from the Mexican government

The story goes like this: in 2012, the Mexican government released a number of Mayan artifacts that they had protected for 80 years as state secrets. These items were recovered from an unexplored pyramid that was found under another pyramid in Calakmul, on the site of one of the most powerful ancient Mayan cities. A government-sanctioned documentary by Raul Giulia-Levi (son of the famous actor Raul Giulia) and financier Elizabeth Tierio (ex-wife of the former publisher of The San Francisco Chronicle) showed a number of these finds, most of which clearly depict UFOs and alien visitors.

This case may seem quite interesting, but as soon as you look closer, a strange picture of fraud begins to appear. Both documentarians, it seems, are not telling the truth. Julia-Levy, it seems, is not who he claims to be—the widow of Raul Julia publicly exposed a fraudster named Salvador Alba Fuentes. According to her, Salvador is trying to decorate the glory of his late husband and telling everyone that his name is Raul Julia-Levi. Meanwhile, Tierio closed the production of the documentary and sued her partner, accusing "Julia-Levi“of stealing her documentary and abusing the filming equipment (”Julia-Levi" is fiercely opposed). Moreover, it seems that there is very little scientific evidence of the authenticity of the artifacts, and the photos that have appeared on the Internet are less than concrete evidence.

Perhaps they were cheap fakes made by a local artisan. Perhaps the officials changed their minds about this documentary and ordered Tierio to close it by any means necessary. Whatever the truth behind these strange artifacts, their arguments are far from convincing.

Mayan artifacts from the Mexican government

1. The mysterious sphere of the Betz family

When the Betz family was studying the damage from the fire that destroyed 88 acres of their forest, they made a strange discovery: a silver sphere, about 20 centimeters (eight inches) in diameter, completely smooth, except for a strange, elongated triangle symbol. At first, they thought it might be a NASA gadget or even a Soviet spy satellite, but in the end, they decided that it was most likely just a souvenir.

Two weeks later, the family's son was strumming a guitar in the same room where the ball was located. Suddenly, the sphere began to react to his melodies, emitting a strange pulsating sound and resonance that disturbed the family dog. Soon the Betz family discovered that the ball has other strange properties. He could stop and change direction as he was pushed across the floor, eventually returning to the person who was pushing him like a faithful dog. He seemed to draw energy from the sun, becoming noticeably more active on bright days.

the Betz sphere

It began to look as if something (or someone) was controlling the sphere: it sometimes emitted low-frequency rattling and vibrations, as if there was an engine inside. He seemed to avoid falling as if protecting something inside. He even managed to completely ignore the laws of gravity and climb up the inclined table so as not to fall.

A media frenzy ensued. Respected newspapers such as The New York Times and The London Daily sent reporters to witness the miracle sphere, which repeated its tricks in front of countless people. Even scientists and representatives of the military were impressed, although the Betz family did not allow them to take the sphere for a more detailed study. However, everything soon changed, as the sphere began to change for the worse. He began to show poltergeist-like behavior: doors began to slam at night, and strange organ music filled the house for no reason at all. At this point, the family decided to find out what kind of sphere it really is. The Navy analyzed it and found that it is a completely ordinary (high-quality) stainless steel ball.

It is still not entirely clear what this mysterious alien sphere is. However, there are many theories trying to explain its possible nature. The most plausible of them, by the way, is the most mundane: three years before the Betz family found the ball, an artist named James Derling-Jones was driving in the area where the sphere was found. On the trunk on the roof of his car, there were several stainless steel balls intended for a sculpture that he was making, some of them fell while driving on a rough road. These balls corresponded to the exact description of the Betz sphere and were balanced enough to roll at the slightest impact (the Betz family lived in an old house with uneven floors, so such a ball would seem to behave erratically). These balls could even make a rattling sound, thanks to tiny metal shavings stuck inside during the production process.

Although this does not explain all the phenomena described, it certainly casts a shadow over the entire rhetoric of "a mysterious ghost ball from outer space".

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