The head of NASA said that we are not alone in the universe

The head of NASA said: "We are not alone in the universe"

The publication of the Pentagon report on unidentified aviation phenomena is behind us. It did not bring any breakthrough in the question of evidence of the presence of extraterrestrials, but the latest statement by the head of the most important American space agency should give an additional incentive to take the UFO case seriously.

Bill Nelson, a former astronaut who was appointed the new head of NASA in early May. Commenting on the latest Pentagon report, he said that  "we are not alone in space" :

The cosmos is huge. 13.5 billion years have passed since the beginning of the universe. That's quite a lot. People are hungry for information, so we will continue to search.

Here's what he said:

He expressed the hope that the real revolution in our perception of reality will be caused by the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope:

We already find examples of other planets orbiting other suns. When we launch the James Webb Telescope in November, it will allow us to find additional information and discover new planets on which there may be intelligent life

Here's what he said:

Consequently, Nelson does not refer to irrefutable evidence, because in the end, the Pentagon report showed not them, but mathematics, physics, and probability.

Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson

Many people probably don't fully realize that the presence and absence of other aliens are equivalent on a fundamental ontological level. On the one hand, the possibility of the existence of hundreds of millions of developed civilizations, on the other - the fact that only one of these hundreds of millions exists.

If the cosmos has been "alive" for more than 13.5 billion years, and some stars have planets in their systems several billion years older than Earth, it is really difficult to conclude that other intelligent beings have not developed in such a long time, except for us.

It seems that the main step that society should take is just to realize that billions of years are really a hard-to-imagine scale in which many things can happen.

If we understand that at a certain level of technological development, progress is accelerating and more and more radical changes are taking place in innovations, it will be easier to understand that the life span and size of the Universe are factors sufficient to undoubtedly take into account the consequences of potential contact of Earthlings with other, perhaps even more advanced races inhabiting the Universe.

In this regard, the statement of the head of NASA is very valuable, and it is good that it appeared simultaneously with the report of the US Department of Defense.

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