An Englishwoman from the age of 5 was repeatedly abducted by aliens

An Englishwoman from the age of 5 was repeatedly abducted by aliens, leaving a lot of bruises, scars and abrasions on her body

Hilary Porter was only 5 years old when the aliens abducted her for the first time. It happened when she was playing in a field near her home in Wales. There was tall grass in the field and when the girl was running through this grass, she suddenly came across a terrible monster with scaly skin, black holes instead of a nose and a tiny mouth. This creature grabbed the girl by the arms and dragged her to a steel disk standing nearby.

There was a hole in the disk and when the creature dragged the child inside, there was something like an elevator with closing doors. The next thing Hilary remembered was a room with lots of panels that had flashing buttons. Small humanoid figures were walking around the room.

They stripped me and threw me on some kind of bed. They took a really terrible sharp instrument and pressed it right against my body while I was screaming. I can't remember anything after that

Hilary said:

It happened in the late 1950s and was only the first abduction of the many that Hilary had experienced and which she remembered. However, she suspected that she had actually been abducted even earlier. The fact is that in the following years Hilary learned from her mother that when she was 2-4 years old, she regularly mysteriously disappeared somewhere from the yard.

The child was searched for and each time soon found a few miles from her home, and the girl was in an unusual stupor and could not answer questions about where she was and what happened to her.

Alien abduction

Similarly, as an adult, Hilary repeatedly experienced a strange experience, but could not remember anything about what happened to her. From the evidence that all this was real, she had only lost time and incomprehensible marks on her body.

Alien abduction

It was fucking scary. We just lost consciousness and had no idea how we got there. And I didn't feel good at all. My husband thought we must have fallen asleep, but that didn't explain how we got there. When we got home, I changed my clothes and found triangular marks on my stomach, as if from a severe bruise or a large suction. I thought, damn it, look what it is

Porter claims that in 1974 she was working in a Defense Department laboratory at a local Marconi factory when a UFO hovered over their building. Another time she saw two mysterious glowing balls pass by a building along the M3 highway in Farnborough, Hants, and the next day the military cordoned off the building.

Alien abduction

She had so many kidnappings that she lost count of them, and after them, physical evidence was very often left on her body, such as scars, bruises, scratches or blood stains on her clothes or sheets. Also, after each such case, Hilary began to have headaches, nausea and nosebleeds.

I have a metal implant in my ear. The doctor said it was something like a piece of wax, but I feel it very well. My partner Ken has a monitor that detects listening devices. And when he brings it to my ear, the device rings

Hilary said:

The abductions continued throughout her life, and she recalled many of them in her dreams. She explained that the aliens communicate telepathically and can kidnap people through walls and sturdy structures by simply reaching out to pick them up. She said she was abducted from her own home right through the ceiling:

They transport you at the molecular level and can create portals in a wall or a closed door. In my memories, I was on the beach and saw this alien creature about six feet tall in a green jumpsuit. I couldn't see his face, but he could communicate with his thoughts and had a seismic test box around his neck. He warned me that he was going to cause an earthquake

One day I put my daughter Sally to bed and went downstairs. Then I noticed a huge figure at the window. I froze in place with fear. After a few seconds, the figure raised its hand, and I did the same. I wasn't so scared after that. I decided he wouldn't hurt me. Then he slid to the end of the garden. He was moving so fast. Then he jerked to the side, stopped for a few seconds and left

Hilary said:

At one point, she was so upset by the alien activity that she moved from Wales and survived several years without kidnappings. However, as soon as she returned, the abductions started again, leading her to believe that they were attracted to Wales for some unknown reason.

According to Hilary, among the aliens, the Greys are actually only servants, and the reptilians are more superior beings. There is also another type of humanoid, but above all of them there is another race, some hooded figures.

You can't look at them. Their eyes shine, and when they look at you, they penetrate your mind. They tend to kidnap women to obtain eggs and genetic material for breeding purposes. We believe that they are the ones who create a cross between aliens and humans

Hilary Porter is currently working with groups of other abductees who have also experienced frightening experiences, and is also an active member of the British Society of Terrestrial and Aerial Mysteries (BEAMS).

She continues to insist that her story is true and to defend others in the UFO contactee community who have been ostracized and ridiculed for their claims.

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