The Eltanin antenna. The unsolved mystery of Antarctica.

The Eltanin antenna. The unsolved mystery of Antarctica.

Throughout the history of mankind, various strange objects and artifacts are discovered from time to time. And some of them do not fit into our established knowledge about this world. These anomalous objects tend to literally confuse scientists. Who rarely find any definitive answers to the mysterious questions that arise. And the answers to these questions often remain in the realm of assumptions and guesses. One of these mysteries, of course, is a strange object found at the bottom of the sea in the vicinity of Antarctica. This object was discovered absolutely by accident. And got the name Eltanin Antenna

In the 1960s, Antarctica seemed like a completely alien world to people. It was a distant, isolated cold land from the rest of the world. We still know little about this continent today. And in those days it was strongly associated with some very distant planet. But people would cease to be people if they left Antarctica alone and did not begin to study it. It was for these purposes that the US National Science Foundation created a sophisticated, technologically advanced floating laboratory in 1962. The ship was named "Eltanin". It was the world's first specialized research vessel to operate in extremely harsh conditions.


His tasks included the study of Antarctica and its surrounding waters over a four-year period. At that time, these waters were explored no more than the most remote corners of the Solar System. The work that was carried out with the help of the ship "Eltanin" allowed us to make many discoveries. And one of these discoveries has become the great secret of modernity.

Eltanin Antenna. Where is it located?

On August 29, 1964, researchers working on the Eltanin photographed the ocean floor. It happened 1,600 kilometers west of Cape Horn. The work was carried out using a camera attached to the end of a long cable, lowered to a depth of approximately 3904 meters. The procedure was quite standard. And suddenly scientists noticed something strange at the bottom. Down there, they usually saw mostly a dull and lifeless bottom. But suddenly they managed to photograph a very strange structure that stood vertically relative to the bottom. It had a height of about 70 centimeters. The researchers clearly saw symmetrical knots, spokes, and protrusions ending in a spherical top. And it was very similar to a complex antenna array!

It was, of course, very unexpected! And the photos published by the New Zealand Herald newspaper on December 5, 1964, immediately attracted the attention of ufologists and other enthusiasts of all stripes. Who dubbed the find "Eltanin's Antenna". These people stated that it was, in fact, an alien artifact. Which is placed on the bottom of the sea by aliens to solve incomprehensible tasks for us.

Eltanin Antenna. Where is it located?

The riddle posed to science by the Eltanin Antenna has been stirring the brains of lovers of all sorts of secrets for decades. And the famous mystic writer Brad Steiger in 1968 even called the artifact "an amazing mechanism... very similar to a cross between a television and a telemetry antenna."


At that time, several theories about the nature of the strange find were popular. Some people said that it was really a part of the antenna that just fell off the ship into the water. Someone argued with foam at the mouth that we were dealing with some secret Soviet technologies. Still, others shrugged their shoulders and sadly stated - the matter is clear. It's obvious that aliens are involved here. But there was another group of people. They claimed that there was nothing strange and mysterious here. It's just that it's probably some kind of animal or plant unknown to science. However, marine biologists were skeptical about this assumption. Because at such a depth there is practically no sunlight to support life.

In the end, no consensus was reached. And, since the Eltanin Antenna is very deep underwater, in one of the most hostile and inaccessible places on Earth, no effort has been made to try to find the artifact again. However, no one has forgotten about the bizarre object. This story quite often surfaced in all kinds of publications about UFOs and paranormal phenomena. And gradually acquired additional details and versions. As a result, everyone was completely confused, trying to figure out what really happened in reality. Many authors, in particular the aforementioned Steiger, persistently promoted their version of the alien nature of the find. However, in recent years, the whole story has taken on a more mundane look. Modern science suggests that in strange images we actually see a representative of a deep-sea carnivorous sponge. It is called Cladorhiza concrescens.

Cladorhiza concrescens

This explanation seems to be a very rational approach to the mystery. However, there were arguments against this idea as well. One of them is this - was there no competent marine biologist in the research team? Who would immediately identify what kind of animal it is? The second point. It is known that this type of sponge lives in large colonies. And this object was alone in the middle of the desert. And enthusiasts are also confused by the fact that the photo showing The Eltanin antenna and the images of the sponge Cladorhiza concrescens are not completely identical. The sponge looks somewhat different. The antenna of the Eltanin is clearly more symmetrical and consistent in shape than one would expect from a sponge.

antenna or not?

Such inconsistencies make an artifact called the Eltanin Antenna a highly debated topic to this day. And it has many supporters of the idea that in fact, it is an anomalous artifact placed on the bottom of the sea either by some secret organizations or by aliens. For what purpose? Of course, to control the minds of individuals. And humanity as a whole????

Of course, there is no way to understand what kind of strange artifact it is if you study it from a few muddy photos. It really could be anything. And no explanation has yet been able to satisfy everyone at the moment. Was it some kind of abnormal sea sponge that took offense at its flock and swam in proud solitude, or was it something completely different? Be that as it may, no one has seen the Eltanin Antenna since. And we'll probably never know the right answer.

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