Interesting attempts to contact the aliens

Interesting attempts to contact the aliens

Humans tried to contact extraterrestrial intelligence thousands of years ago. And so far, all our messages have gone unanswered. But some were so confusing that we were lucky they weren't delivered.

Triangles and flame channels

Nowadays the favorite samples in the field are perceived as departures from aliens. And after all, the earliest examples covered the human hand. In 1820s. Karl Friedrich said that for interplanetary contact, it is necessary to create a huge drawing that can be seen from a height. To do this, he went to the forest of Siberia and cut down a branch of trees, and the triangle was populated with wheat. After 20 years, Joseph von Littrow decided to talk to the lunatics, so he started digging trenches in the Sahara desert and planned to pour hot water over them to set them on fire.

10 interesting attempts to contact the aliens

Directional glow

Having considered the bright spots on Mars and Venus, Charles Cross took them for alien city lights. In 1869, he wanted to use parabolic mirrors to purposefully send out a holy ray. It was secular Morse code. But many tortures did not bring the desired answer. Cross did not give up and repeatedly begged the board for a giant mirror. But he was refused.

10 interesting attempts to contact the aliens


Pioneers 10 and 11 launched from the planet in the 1970s. They had to study the large gas planets, asteroids in the belt and get to the outer edges of our system. But the scientists decided to put a small message inside just in case. It was a sticker with a diagram of space, a plague of hydrogen, and also a picture of our species. In 2003 we lost contact with the Pioneer-10, and with the second in 2005. Some are even happy about this, as the drawings were too abstract and we could simply be misunderstood.


Arecibo message

While the Pioneer was running, the icy hotels used radio waves to send a message to the aliens. They understood that the dust is less poured on the radio waves than the world, and learned to do it purposefully. Frank Drake and Carl Sagan decided to break it into 7 parts, where they placed the human image, the structure of DNA, numbers from 1-10, and the atomic numbers of common elements. They transported them in double numbers at two different frequencies. It's funny that the pictures marked the cheeks of the game on the console. In 1974, they used the Arecibo radio telescope to deliver a message to the M1Z star cluster. That's just 21,000 light-years away, so the answer can be reaped in .

Arecibo message

Voyager's Golden Record

In the 1970s, everyone just dreamed of talking to aliens. Therefore, the third message stopped two 12-inch gold-plated gramophone records. They were divided between the Voyager 1 and 2 ships. The recordings included sounds of nature, different languages, pictures, and everything that could explain Earth's culture in detail. Ha coating placed the same symbols as on the tablet pioneers. Now the devices are higher for the landscapes of our system and will last to maintain communication. Let's hope the aliens have a gramophone.

Teen messages

Alexander Zaitsev managed to send 5 radio messages to space, one of which concerned the teenage team. The first was a call in 1999, which became part of the Rosetta Stone program. They were symbols that explained everything from basic mechanics to chemical and physical processes. To the uninitiated, they show everything only with random wheels and lines, so we should hope that the aliens understand the puzzles. The second message was sent in 2003. The message from teenagers was sent in 2001. Zaitsev believed that it was important to show the earth's culture, as well as modernity. There were snatches of music and movies. The receiving point should be the Big Dipper. If all goes well, then in 2047 they will be able to admire the melodies of Vivaldi and Beethoven.

interesting attempts to contact the aliens

Advertisement in space

In 2008, approximately 6 hours of space could receive a broadcast of Doritos ads. It was a coded message, and it was being sent to a system in Ursa Major that could control life. In the mood for 42 secular years. From where this signal will be chased in the space forest.

aliens transmitted

Recent images

In 2012, the world was gripped by Mayan predictions, and everyone was preparing for a possible disappearance. This is where the project "Last Pictures" appeared, where the capsule was sent, which is now moving across the expanses. For example, 100 images were prepared by Trevor Paglen, some images show caves and nuclear explosions.

interesting attempts to contact the aliens


The scientific world is getting old to reach out to the aliens with the help of in-depth scientific methods. But some people think that a simple brain is enough. Steven Greer has made the most progress on this issue. Every year, he gathers a certain group of people and performs meditation procedures together with them at a distance. He says that all sessions are successful, and his participants act as real earthly messengers. While there is no proof, no let's hope that they are connected with peaceful aliens.

Steven Greer

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