The Black Knight satellite the untold story. Myth or truth?

The Black Knight satellite the untold story. Myth or truth?

Some enthusiasts claim that the Earth has been receiving signals from an "alien" satellite orbiting our planet for more than a century. And in 1998, the crew of the shuttle "Endeavour", while in orbit, even for the first time in history took high-resolution images of this "unearthly" satellite. This unexplained object is known to us as the "Black Knight".

Black knight satellite

Weird signals

The whole story began with the fact that Nikola Tesla allegedly received strange signals coming from space. However, this information has never been confirmed by anyone. The next statement, which also cannot be confirmed — is that in the 50s and 60s of the last century, there was simply an incalculable number of observations of a mysterious and obviously artificial object in low-Earth orbit. And very strange, too. Which did not fly either the earth's satellite. This object was called "Black Knight".

Black knight satellite

The Pentagon and every other NASA are skeptical about the existence of such an object. And they stubbornly deny the possibility of the existence of a body in near-Earth orbit, about which nothing is known. However, some people did not believe the official statements. And in the end, they were rewarded! Because the "Black Knight" was filmed on camera in the late 90s of the last century!

Where are you "Black Knight"! Wait!

When the crew of the space shuttle "Endeavour" in 1998 took a photo of the object, which was considered the "Black Knight", public interest in this topic was revived. Interest also returned to the stories of past decades about Tesla's discovery, strange signals from space, countless observations, and decoded messages that made the object a fascinating mystery throughout the 20th century. What is this mysterious black satellite? And what is he doing here and where did he come from? To this day, there are no definitive answers to these questions. Some say Nikola Tesla discovered it when he began receiving strange "synchronized" signals while testing a high-voltage transmitter in 1899.

The scientist was shocked by this discovery. I came to the conclusion that the signals came from aliens who live on Mars. Or in other places in outer space. Some enthusiasts even speculate that Tesla was in contact with extraterrestrials. It was they who helped him in creating all sorts of electrical inventions. So that he received ideas through a telepathic connection established between him and the aliens.

World of echo

Other inventors, such as Guglielmo Marconi, have also reported similar strange phenomena. It was found that Morse code signals sent into space are returned after a few seconds. The returned signals were called "long-delayed echo" (LDE). This echo, according to some researchers, is clearly of extraterrestrial origin. The discovery of these unexplained signals caused quite a stir in the press.

From 1928 to the 1930s, numerous experiments were conducted that confirmed the existence of LDE. But their occurrence could not be explained in any way. To this day, scientists do not have a convincing explanation for their nature. The whole thing went quiet for several decades.

It was continued again in 1954 when the St. Louis Dispatch and the San Francisco Examiner reported that strange artificial satellites had been discovered in near-Earth orbit. After the third article on this topic, published in Aviation Week and Space Technology, the Pentagon woke up. And he said that all these objects were just asteroids. And this explanation was later confirmed.

However, many were not satisfied with this version. These people continued to believe that all this was the machinations of the USSR or aliens.

In a strange orbit

Another observation of a strange object occurred in March 1960. And it was not like the previous ones. This time, a huge black object was detected in a "polar orbit" around the Earth. And it was moving at twice the speed of normal satellites. However, neither the United States nor the USSR at that time had the technology to put a satellite into a polar orbit. It couldn't launch a satellite as big as this one.

After this observation, the object was named "Black Knight". This story made the front pages of many newspapers.

Black knight satellite

Many astronomers and Observatory began tracking these satellites (the report mentioned that there were a few). They were reported to appear and disappear. Sometimes for several years before reappearing.

It was also reported that the objects even changed the direction of movement, making turns of 90 or 180 degrees during the flight.

Alien message

In 1972, Duncan Lunan, a science writer, and astronomer, allegedly deciphered the code contained in two He took documented decades-old studies of the phenomenon, and based on the duration of the delayed echoes, deciphered a startling message. Coming, obviously, from aliens.

Start here. Our home is Epsilon Volopas. It's a double star. We live on the 6th planet out of 7 counting outward from the star, which is the larger of the two.

Our planet has one moon, the 4th planet has three, and the 1st and 3rd planets have one each. Our probe is orbiting your moon.

The "alien" message said:

Perhaps this message wasn't shocking enough and the Moon went on. He plotted the signals on the map. And I found that they form a figure that corresponds to the constellation Epsilon Volopas, as it looked in our sky 13,000 years ago! Based on this discovery, he suggested that the Black Knight probe was sent to Earth in prehistoric times. And that it is at least 13,000 years old!

Boring NASA claims that the images that you can see in this article simply capture the heat jacket lost during work on the International Space Station (ISS).

Do you believe that the Black Knight is an alien satellite sent to Earth 13,000 years ago? Or is it just an asteroid, as the Pentagon claims?

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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