Astronaut Musgrave's Mysterious observation in space

Astronaut Musgrave's Mysterious observation in space

Experienced astronaut Franklin Story Musgrave saw something mysterious and unusual several times during his space missions, which he called a "snake".

The 85-year-old Musgrave is now long retired, but during his career as an astronaut, he took part in six space missions and is the only person who has ever flown on all five space shuttles. Many of his colleagues over the years have reported seeing unusual and unexplained things in space. Musgrave was no exception: he officially reported that he had observed the same strange phenomenon several times.

Franklin Story Musgrave. © NASA

Franklin Story Musgrave. © NASA

In 1995, he spoke about his mysterious encounters during a television interview for the documentary series Sightings.

In two of my missions, and I still don't have an answer to that, I'm em ... I saw a snake there, six, seven, eight feet long (1.80-2.50 meters). It must have been elastic, because it seemed to have internal waves in it, and it followed us for quite a long time.

The more time you spend in space, the more you see an incredible amount of things there, and this leads you, so to speak, to the realization that there are other living beings. Including some incredibly primitive, very primitive organisms that consist only of proteins or amino acids, some single-celled organisms, as well as other civilizations that have existed for millions of years and are certainly capable of unimaginable things.

In it, he stated:

But could this "snake" be something extraterrestrial, or is there a more traditional explanation for it? In an earlier interview with Omni Magazine, Musgrave acknowledged that the mysterious object could also be a rubber seal on the shuttle's main engines. But the question arises: could he actually have observed the same rubber seal, more than once and on several missions?

Thus, there is a legitimate question, what could have prompted the astronaut to change his mind and talk about the extraterrestrial origin of this mystery.

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