An alien civilization's base is located in India

On the territory of India is the base of an alien civilization.

While it is true that news about UFOs and alien civilizations often originates from the United States, it is important to also consider reports from other countries, such as India. These reports should be approached with a diplomatic and open-minded perspective, acknowledging the potential for multiple perspectives and the need for further investigation. However, it is important to maintain a confident and professional tone when discussing such sensitive topics.There have been rumors circulating globally that India may possess more knowledge about extraterrestrial civilizations than other nations and may even collaborate with them. Additionally, there are claims that a UFO base may be located within India.

In 2004, the aliens settled in the Himalayan mountains, forming a base there

In 2004, or rather in the last months of this year, residents of the settlement of Himachal Pradesh, which is located in close proximity to the Himalayas, were very concerned about the mass manifestations of UFOs. Unidentified vehicles were observed mainly over inaccessible snow-covered hills of the mountains. News about UFOs was so widespread and plausible that even government officials and the military were interested in them. The eyewitness accounts were confirmed by plausible photographs, in which it was possible to observe huge glowing cylindrical objects that gave the glaciers that served as a background an ominous appearance.

During the day, the above-described cylindrical UFOs hovered motionless over the tops of the glaciers in a vertical or horizontal position. At night, they moved, disappeared, and reappeared.

Thus, the inaccessible and previously unpopular region of the Himalayas has gained worldwide fame. In addition to photos and stories about extraterrestrial civilizations, local residents also talked about aliens, whom they periodically observed near settlements. According to them, the aliens allegedly explored new territories, trying to find the most favorable position for the construction of the base. The photo below shows an alien who, according to eyewitnesses, moved for forty minutes, and then flew into the air and disappeared.

In 2004, the aliens settled in the Himalayan mountains, forming a base there

The equipment failed in the foothills of the Himalayas

Indian helicopter pilots who were patrolling the Himachal Pradesh region began to fear an abnormal area located in the foothills. They said that when they approached there, their control systems failed, and communication with the base was lost. Some even made an invisible border on the map, after which the above-described phenomena began to occur. The main sign of approaching the paranormal zone was radio interference, so during the flight, the pilots listened carefully to the air.

A representative of the military department reported the following:

There are many signs that a huge underground base is being built in the mountains. We are trying to control the objects that periodically appear there. We believe that this is really an extraterrestrial civilization. In the interests of security, we cannot declassify more information.

The Chinese side was also concerned about what was happening

The Chinese authorities, observing the increased activity of the Indian Air Force and strange objects unknown to science, decided to protect their side from a possible conflict. On their orders, a brigade of tanks consisting of "TYPE 80" vehicles was driven to the border with India.

The military was very surprised when they could not continue moving according to the order, because a huge lake appeared on their way, which was not on the maps of the area. The reservoir did not appear suddenly. It seems that it has always been located there, but this could not be, since the area near the border with India was well studied by the Chinese military.

An interesting fact was that both the Indian and Chinese sides refused to explore the mysterious lake. Perhaps they did this for a reason. Soon the lake disappeared, and it happened as suddenly as its appearance.

A real scandal broke out in the press about this cart. Some believed that the aliens had specially melted some of the glaciers to create a lake. Thus, they tried to protect themselves and their base from intrusive attention. Others were more skeptical — they claimed that the incident with the lake was invented by the authorities of both countries.

Recently, images of mysterious creatures were found on the walls of one of the Indian caves:

Recently, images of mysterious creatures were found on the walls of one of the Indian caves:

What really happened?

Analysts close to the Indian military circles claim that the bulk of the events related to UFOs took place in the Ladakh valley — which is located at an altitude of more than 3 thousand meters. It is surrounded by the highest possible ranges of the Himalayas. Perhaps the base of an extraterrestrial civilization really existed in that area. It is almost impossible to answer this question exactly since it was not possible to explore the area.

It is known that UFOs have appeared in India before. Old-timers continue to tell stories about how at the end of the Second World War, a disc-shaped UFO landed near the Lamayuru Temple, from which small humanoid creatures came out. They did not allow curious locals to approach them, driving them away with unknown weapons that they held in their hands.

Frequent UFO flights continue to be observed over the Ladakh Valley to this day. Perhaps that is why the government of India has temporarily blocked all areas of the foothills located in the immediate vicinity of this valley.

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