Is Roswell's alien a fake? Is the gentleman from Tennessee fake too?

The Anatomy of the Gray Alien Roswell Hoax. Is the gentleman from Tennessee fake too?

Until 1980, when the acclaimed book by Charles Berlitz and William Moore "The Roswell Incident" was published, only two eyewitnesses to the UFO crash "dared to put their signature on the affidavit. One of them was "Fritz Werner", that is, Arthur Stancil, and the second was Colonel Robert Willingham, who wrote about what happened in December 1950:

During our stay at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas, we tested what is now known as the F-94 fighter. We were informed that a UFO flying across our course was spotted on radar screens. When we saw him, we wanted to open fire, but we didn't get permission from the command, so he continued his flight for a while. Before our eyes, the object made turns at right angles at high speed and other maneuvers. We knew that it was not some kind of missile, and later it was confirmed by the radar control station of the DEW line (air defense of the North American continent).

They followed the UFO and reported that it had fallen somewhere on the other side of the Texas-Mexico border. The co-pilot and I took a light plane and flew there. We landed in a pasture near the crash site and went to it, but we were ordered to leave this place and much more. Armed military appeared there, they began to cordon off the area. But, coming back, I noticed a small piece of metal and grabbed it.

There were two sand hills, they collapsed, as if this object collapsed right between them. Judging by the way the people who were there worked, he buried himself in the ground. We didn't manage to get there and see what exactly fell, but we saw, so to speak, a trail 300-500 meters long, where the object had broken through the sand.

Judging by the piece of metal found, there was a small explosion at the object or it began to fall apart before falling. Something ripped that metal out of him

Randle K. History of UFO Crashes. NY, 1995.

According to the colonel, he gave the fragment to the Navy laboratory in Hagerstown, Maryland. A few days later, Robert tried to find out the results of the tests. He was told that the expert he was asking about had never worked here and that no one knew what kind of wreckage he was talking about. Subsequently, Robert was ordered not to say anything about it and was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

A ridiculous hoax, which for some reason was needed by a retired colonel, prompted another "eyewitness" to act In January 1979, a certain "gentleman from Tennessee" told ufologist Willard McIntyre that on July 7, 1948, he visited the UFO crash site.

An anonymous "eyewitness said that in 1948 he worked as a photographer for the US Navy and was called to the crash site of a flying saucer with a diameter of 90 feet. That day. On July 7, the DEW Line detected a UFO flying at 2,000 miles per hour over Washington State. After learning about the trajectory of the target, two F-94 pilots took off from Dyess Air Force Base to identify or intercept it. When the fighters approached the UFO, he turned at an angle of 90 ° in the direction of Texas. At 14.29, the UFO disappeared from the screens, but with the help of triangulation it was possible to calculate that it fell on the territory of Mexico, somewhere 30 miles south of Laredo, Texas. After notifying the Mexican authorities, the military immediately went to the UFO crash site.
The photographer and five of his colleagues arrived on the L-19 "Bird Dog" plane at 2.15 am. Despite the heat from the smoking wreckage, he took a series of pictures of the ship and its sole pilot. The burned creature, he said, was 4 feet 6 inches (137 cm) tall, with a large head and long four-fingered hands.

This story is nothing more than a reworking of Willingham's story, so that the "gentleman from Tennessee" stepped on the same rake with the DEW line and the inactive Dyess Air Force Base. Moreover, the F-94 in 1948 could not rise from nowhere at all — the first prototype of this fighter was created only in 1949 and entered service with the US Air Force in 1950. The same thing came out with the L-19 "Bird Dog" aircraft — a contract for its production was concluded only in 1950. In addition, the L-19 was a two-seat vehicle, in which six people could not be placed in any way!

The "Gentleman from Tennessee" went much further than the usual hoaxers and gave McIntyre photos of the "UFO pilot". The body with the big head looked so impressive that ufologists could not contain their glee. A whirlwind of sensational publications swept through the pages of newspapers and magazines.

 The burnt corpse was passed off as the remains of an alien

The burnt corpse was passed off as the remains of an alien

A number of ufologists have come to the conclusion that the pictures show a burnt rhesus macaque that died during the testing of a captured V-2 rocket. Their hypothesis was widely advertised in the Soviet Union, although the situation was much simpler: one of the pictures shows that a metal frame of quite earthly glasses is lying next to the corpse, firefighters and doctors from the Burn Institute in Cincinnati confirmed that the pictures show a man burned beyond recognition, and not an alien.

One photo shows the legs of a man in a military uniform standing next to the wreckage: experts have determined that such trousers have been introduced in the US Army since 1957 and are included in a set of winter uniforms, although the "gentleman from Tennessee" claimed to have filmed a crashed UFO in July. Apparently, he once photographed the aftermath of a plane crash and passed these photos off as an image of an "alien and the wreckage of his ship".

quite earthly glasses lying next to the corpse

quite earthly glasses lying next to the corpse

Pictures of the "gentleman from Tennessee" by Berlioz and Moore. But there is a fuzzy photo of a humanoid in a gas mask or oxygen mask, who is being led by two American soldiers. The caption stated that the picture was taken by the FBI on May 22, 1950. The informant, whose last name was crossed out, told FBI agent John Quinn that he bought the photo from someone for one dollar and "hands it over to the government" because it depicts "a man from Mars in the United States. According to him, the picture first surfaced in the West German city of Wiesbaden "in the late 40s".

A little retouching — and the boy turned into an alien

A little retouching — and the boy turned into an alien

When Berlitz Moore's book got to Germany, the skeptical ufologist Klaus Webner immediately realized that he had already seen this picture. It turned out to be a bad copy from an article in the newspaper "Viesbadener Tageblatt" for April 1, 1950. It said about the UFO crash. It said that a UFO had crashed near the city the day before. The alien captured by the Americans has one leg with a disk at the end and moves in short jumps, and on his hands there are four fingers with peculiar claws.

Although the publication date spoke for itself, Webner was not too lazy to find the then editor of the newspaper Wilhelm Sprunkel and asked him to remember where the sensational photo came from. Sprunkel confirmed that this was an April Fool's prank, started by him and newspaper photographer Hans Schefler. The five-year-old son of Schefler, who took part in the joke, gave a lot of pleasure, and then the picture was properly retouched by him. The American officers had to get permission from their superiors to participate in the drawing. Webner also found a photo taken before the whole company went to capture.

These are not all the pictures that we can expose. But that's enough for today. Be vigilant.

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