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The alien highway in Nevada is a favorite spot for UFO hunters

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The alien highway in Nevada is a favorite spot for UFO hunters

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Interest in UFOs began to gain momentum in the United States in the 60s of the last century, but by the end of that decade, there were so many associations of ufologists, so many books about extraterrestrials were published, and the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations was so often written in newspapers that this topic was firmly entrenched in the local culture.

favorite spot for UFO hunters

One of the places where, according to UFO observers, more often than usual you can see these flying objects is the highway SR 375, in Nevada. The fact is that not far from it is a well-known but at the same time top-secret government base Area 51.

It is believed that it was used for experimental tests in the field of aeronautics and weapons systems. Only a small number of people knew about this place for many years, and even the US government denied its existence. Because of this secrecy, stories about extraterrestrials sighted in the area and conspiracy theories related to Area 51 have appeared in society.

Area 51

To this day, many travelers traveling on SR 375 report seeing UFOs there. Due to the fact that such stories surfaced with enviable regularity, the state authorities in 1996 gave this road a new official name-the Alien Highway.

This area is not densely populated, but many who have settled here are not indifferent to the topic of aliens. On the highway, there are quite interesting exhibits. Here, for example, is a gift shop, with a giant metal alien at the entrance.

 a giant metal alien

Hotels and grocery stores are also made in the style of UFOs.

Hotels and grocery stores are also made in the style of UFOs.

the style of UFOs.

Well, the highway itself offers beautiful views that are very characteristic of Nevada.

Nevada highway

Another interesting object for travelers in the topic will be the "Black" mailbox. It really was black before. It was installed by a man named Steve Madlin in the hope of contacting representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. A few years after installation, the box was damaged by vandals, shooting several holes in it, so Steve had to replace it with a new, bulletproof one. The box kept its original name, despite the fact that it was different in color.

the Black mailbox

Well, in addition to serious ufologists, enthusiasts with a sense of humor also gather in this area. Every year for the past 13 years, they have been running the "Extraterrestrial Full Moon Midnight Marathon" - a night cross along the highway. Here you can meet both experienced runners and those who just came to have fun.

Extraterrestrial Full Moon Midnight Marathon

The alien highway is one of the atypical American attractions because for some people it is just a road that can not be counted here, but for others, it is a place where you can witness something unusual or even extraterrestrial :)

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