The ability of UFOs to become invisible

The ability of UFOs to become invisible

One of the unusual properties of UFOs is their ability to disappear, becoming invisible to the human eye, and also suddenly appear. There are a number of cases when clearly visible objects in the eyes of eyewitnesses suddenly disappeared or faded in one place and suddenly appeared in another.

In June 1966, near a farm in Aveyron (France), three fireballs appeared, flying across the field to the farm. One of these balls hovered 15 meters from the house and hung motionless for 3 minutes, then suddenly disappeared, and after a couple of seconds reappeared a few hundred meters from the house. Such instantaneous movements continued for some time.

UFO, France 1966

The press cites a case that occurred near the city of Mulhouse (France), where three young men saw an orange-red ball with a diameter of 50 m, descending to the ground on a zigzag trajectory and landing in a clearing 300 m from the witnesses. But when they went to the ball, it immediately disappeared. Also in the press noted a cigar-shaped UFO and in general a whole wave of UFOs that covered France in 1954.

cigar-shaped UFO, France

In the USSR, in July 1979, on the road from Zlatoust to Beloretsk, three eyewitnesses traveling in a car saw a fireball the size of a two-story house approaching from behind. They looked at it for 2 minutes, after which the ball suddenly disappeared, and after 2-3 minutes it reappeared, but in front of the car, and hung motionless for a while, after which it also suddenly disappeared. Along with this, there have been numerous cases when UFOs in the eyes of eyewitnesses quite unexpectedly appeared as if out of nothing.

Beloretsk UFO USSR

In April 1954, near Dartmouth in South Devon (England), a large oval object suddenly appeared in front of reserve officer Brighton, as if out of thin air, hovering at a height of 1 m above the ground.

In another case, on the Dimen Canal (USA), a round glowing object with a diameter of 4.5 m suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of two firefighters who were fishing. Hovering at an altitude of 20-25 m, it than accompanied their boat for 3 km.

At first, attempts were made to explain these properties of UFOs by the features of their kinematics. It was assumed that these objects suddenly disappear from the field of view due to the fact that they break away from the place with great speed. And their sudden appearance was explained by the arrival with the same lightning speed and instantaneous stop. The following example confirms to some extent the possibility of such an assumption.

In June 1968, in Dax (France), the couple J., driving a car at a speed of 110 km/h, suddenly saw in front of them in the middle of the road a dark hemispherical object with a red flashing light. They braked abruptly — a collision seemed inevitable-and seemed to pass through the object without feeling anything. Apparently, at the very last moment, he really took off with lightning speed and disappeared. Traces of it, discovered later at the landing site, confirmed that it was not a mirage.

In June 1968, in Dax (France) UFO

The fact that the couple J. continued to see the object until the very last moment and did not notice its take-off can be explained by two circumstances:

  • first, the fact that the human eye does not have time to register objects moving too fast. (It is known, for example, that an object flying near the earth at a speed of 10 km / s or moving with an acceleration of more than 20 g is practically invisible);
  • secondly, the fact that the image of the instantly disappeared object still continues to remain on the retina of the human eye for some insignificant time. However, over time, data began to accumulate on the ability of UFOs to gradually "melt" or as it were "dissolve" in the air before the eyes of eyewitnesses.
In the summer of 1960, in the village of Kadamjoy (near Ferghana), the head of the laboratory of the Gipronikel Institute, Sheinin, saw a glowing object in the shape of a disk with two rods like antennas approaching from the direction of the Ferghana Valley. The object had a typical metallic sheen. It hovered motionlessly and was clearly visible. Suddenly, its outline lost sharpness, and within 1-2 seconds was replaced by a foggy spot, which immediately disappeared.

In March 1978, an oval object of blue color with a diameter of 150 m with clear edges was observed in Tolyatti (USSR). This object flew at an altitude of 300 m and as it approached the observers gradually became transparent, so that through it you could see the stars. At the same time, its outer edges remained clear. Then the object hovered motionless at a height of 100 m above the neighboring house 100 m from the witnesses and melted. The entire observation lasted 7 minutes.

These examples of the gradual "melting " of UFOs show that their disappearance can be associated not only with their instant departure but also with some of their ability to become invisible to the human eye, although this contradicts our usual materialistic ideas about the world around us.

Confirmation of the ability of UFOs to become invisible to the human eye is also the following cases when after the development of photos of the "clear" sky or "clean" terrain, UFOs were detected on them. Perhaps the most famous photo of a UFO in Ukraine during the USSR-a UFO over the mountain Ai-Petri, Crimea, 22.09.1983 (from the book by A. Kuzovkin and N. Nepomnyashchy "UFO asks landing" (Moscow, "Profizdat", 1991).


Crimea, 22.09.1983 

Similar cases occurred in 1959 at the Tiksi polar station, in 1960 in the village of Zelenchukskaya, in 1967 near the city of Climax (Colorado), in 1971 in Regensburg (Austria), in 1976 near the city of La Spezia (Italy), and in 1990-in the city of Gorky.

But it happens, it turns out, and vice versa, when clearly observed objects are not obtained in the photos. In September 1977, engineer Novozhilov near the village of Kurkijoki, north of Priozersk, three times photographed a UFO, similar to an airship, which flew directly over him at an altitude of 300-500 m, but there were no images of UFOs in the pictures.

In February 1979, a UFO hovered over the Polish resort of Zakopane for a whole week. It was perfectly visible, but it was not possible to capture it on film with film cameras or cameras, because only blurry light spots were obtained on the film.

In March 1990, in Belgium, four images of a UFO were taken, flying at an altitude of 300-400 m and perfectly observed by the naked eye, but when the film was developed, the image of the object was not on it.

In an effort to explain this strange ability of UFOs, Professor Messen made experiments that proved that when a negative film is irradiated with infrared rays, the image on it disappears. The disappearance of UFO images on film, according to Messen, also occurs under the influence of powerful infrared radiation, which sometimes emit objects and which illuminates the film.

It is even more surprising when the objects in the photos do not look as they were seen by the photographers. In March 1966 in Conisborough (England) Stephen Pratt photographed a single orange light source moving slowly across the sky. And after the development of the film, it turned out to be filmed as many as three objects that had the shape of saucers and flew one after another in a single line. Moreover, the second object was smaller than the first, and the third was smaller than the second.

March 1966 in Conisborough (England) UFO

March 1966 in Conisborough (England)

Something similar happened in January 1979 when the Australian television in New Zealand was shooting a 30-minute movie, which recorded the flights of several oval UFOs of golden color, which had the likeness of superstructures. After watching the film, the crew members said that the images of UFOs obtained on the film, in shape and color, are very different from what they observed visually. All these facts show that the human eye can sometimes see objects differently from the way the photo lens perceives them.

Quite often, visually observed UFOs are not recorded on radar screens.

In the summer of 1976, in the Chita region near the border with China, the personnel of the radar post of the air defense forces, border guards, and residents of the district center observed an unusual object of an oblong shape with portholes and three beams directed vertically at the ground. This object for 3 hours slowly moved horizontally in one direction, then in the other, turning on and off its "searchlights", and then suddenly disappeared. At the same time, three types of radars of two radar posts did not record it.

Chita UFO 1976

In 1979, the crew members of two planes flying in the Barnaul area observed a glowing object for 6 minutes, which approached at high speed, stopped, rose to a considerable height, and hovered, then descended again and began to move away. The screens of the onboard radars did not record it.

In February 1989, over the city of Progresso (Guatemala) hovered a large UFO in the shape of a plate with red flashing lights on the edges, around which were located three objects of the same shape, but smaller. All four objects were visually observed by most residents of Progress, but for some reason were not recorded by radars.

Guatemala UFO 1989

El Progresso, Guatemala, 1989

According to the aerospace phenomena research group at the French Space Center in Toulouse, radars capture only 5% of the observed objects, although this figure is most likely an underestimate. On the other hand, there are a number of cases where objects detected by radars, for some reason, were not observed visually, although they were within sight.

In early 1945, the radars of a group of American ships preparing for the invasion of Okinawa and advancing along the Nansei-Shoto archipelago detected 200-300 unknown objects approaching the ships at a speed of 1600 km/h.

The fighters raised from the aircraft carriers were immediately sent to meet them. But the planes passed through this flying armada unhindered, without noticing a single object. And the operators of the ship's radars recorded that a group of ghostly objects flew over the American ships with impunity at an altitude of 600 m, although they were not visually observed.


In December 1986, an unknown oval object with a length of several hundred meters approached the Japanese research vessel "Kaie-Maru", located in the central Pacific Ocean, for 2.5 km, which twice circled around the ship and disappeared, and a few seconds later appeared again and rumbled over the ship at low altitude. The object was clearly fixed on the radar screen but was not visually observed. Its flight speed was about 5000 km / h (Izvestia, 1988. September 18). According to the NICAP, in the period 1948-1967, over the 81 cases of UFO detection by radar, they were only visually observed in 60 cases.

In the USSR, from 1980 to 1984, unknown objects were recorded on the radar screens of the Kharkiv airport 12 times, moving at very high speeds, hovering, or making sharp vertical maneuvers, and only in four cases, they were observed visually. There are cases when the mark from a UFO was observed on the screen of only one of the two radars located next to each other, operating at different frequencies. According to the pilot of the first class V. Kolupanov, in July 1982 the mark from the UFO flying over the airfield of the city of Roslavl was visible only on the radar screens of the decimeter range, while the radar of the centimeter range did not record this object.

UFO sightings

There are also cases when the marks from UFOs on the radar screens are not kept constantly, and then appear, then disappear. During the UFO sightings over Washington in July 1952, the marks from these objects on the radar screens disappeared with the appearance of fighters and reappeared when the planes flew away.

UFO sightings

One of the most reliable cases of long-term UFO detection by aircraft and ground radars took place in September 1957, when an American reconnaissance aircraft RB-47, flying over the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma, was in contact with a UFO for an hour and a half. The unknown object was detected by radars in separate positions-to the right, left, back, and front of the aircraft, although its trajectory between these positions for some reason was not traced.

At times, the object was observed visually by the crew of the plane, which, trying to pursue the object, made a circle in the Dallas area. The ELINT electronic intelligence equipment installed on the aircraft recorded the radiation frequency of this object, equal to 3000 MHz with a repetition of 600 pulses/s.

For our part, we want to note. that being in the last 2020 in the zone of increased UFO activity, we also found out more than once that UFOs are often in invisible mode, but it is possible to get them out of it. Watch the video.


It is also not yet possible to find any satisfactory explanation for the anomalies that appear when photographing and fixing UFOs with radars.

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