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The last alien base. How aliens were hidden all over the world

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The last alien base. How aliens were hidden all over the world

Who lies in African mass graves, in Tibet and Egypt, and why the Swedish expedition is still silent about the results of the genetic examination of the dead bodies of aliens found in Rwanda. This sensation began with the American portal Weekly World News but turned out to be much more than an ordinary journalistic duck because scientists from all over the world responded to it. Yes, archaeologists on Earth from time to time find burials of creatures that are definitely not human.

The cemetery of "aliens" in Rwanda

According to information from the portal, a Swedish anthropologist Hugo Childs (Dr. Hugo Childs) in 2008 conducted excavations on the territory of Rwanda — a small country located almost in the center of the African continent and famous for the massacre that the Hutu people staged against the Tutsi people in 1994. In general, the country's reputation is such that for the sake of simple pleasure, few people will want to go there. Nevertheless, the Swedish archaeologists went. There was nothing unusual in this: the prehistoric period of the country is really rich in finds, the first people settled there more than 6000 years ago, and the country's politicians were eager to find evidence that Tutsis and Hutus are completely different peoples. Allegedly, Hutu farmers are aborigines of the local land, and Tutsi herders came to it from afar.


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During excavations in the jungle near the capital of Rwanda - Kigali - where the legendary Nile originates, the members of the Hugo Childs expedition discovered a previously unknown burial, the age of which, according to preliminary estimates, did not exceed 600 years. In several mass graves, there were 50 bodies of well-preserved humanoids. One look at these bodies proved the impossible: these creatures were not human. As the archaeologist told reporters in Kigali, the height of unknown humanoids was about 213 cm. They were much thinner than humans, but they had three times the size of human heads. At the same time, the aliens completely lacked a mouth, nostrils, and eyes. The archaeologist suggested that the creatures could navigate in space, like bats, with the help of internal radar. How they communicated with each other remains a mystery.

Scientists from the Childs group almost immediately rejected the idea that it could be mutants. They decided that the bodies found to indicate that around 1400 Africa was visited by visitors from outer space. And judging by the number of bodies, it wasn't just scouts, it was a landing party. Most likely, the aliens who landed on Earth encountered some kind of terrestrial virus, and it did not necessarily have to be yellow fever or Ebola. It is quite possible that the usual flu brought the star guests to the grave.

The remaining group buried the dead and retreated from the inhospitable planet. Childs clarified that the search for traces of the landing of the ship did not yield anything, because many years have passed, and artifacts were found to be offensively few. The archaeologist hoped that "this find would change the world," but the world chose to dismiss it and declare that this does not happen. They say that in 600 years in a tropical climate, the bodies had to decompose. No one, apparently, came up with the idea that the bodies of extraterrestrials, existing, perhaps, on a completely different chemical basis than the bodies of humans, could really be preserved in the tropical climate of Rwanda for quite a long time. On Earth, the bodies of the dead are destroyed by bacteria. But if bacteria cannot exist in the bodies of aliens, then the bodies cannot decompose and persist for hundreds of years.

At first, the scientist told reporters that a genetic analysis of the aliens' bodies would be performed in the near future, but soon he fell silent and disappeared from sight, which allowed the press to build various conspiracy theories. The main ones were two: either Childs was removed by the special services, or those whom he was going to investigate were taken away.

Tibetan aliens from Sirius

However, keeping secrets never work out, because this is not the only strange find of archaeologists. Before the outbreak of World War II, an expedition from Peking University led by scientist Chi Pu Tei found 716 graves of creatures that were very different from humans in the mountainous Bayan-Hara-Ula region, which is located on the border of China and Tibet. The burials were located in tiny caves carved into the sheer rock like honeycombs.

aliens from sirius

Of course, for the sake of science, it was announced that these were degenerate mutants. The creatures really didn't look much like humans: their height was less than 120 cm, and they had six fingers on their hands. The bones of the limbs were very thin, and the heads were disproportionately large.

Chi Pu Tei would have accepted this explanation if it weren't for the drawings on the walls of the caves and the strange artifacts found in the graves. The Sun, the planet Earth and the Moon were stamped on the walls of the burial grounds, and the dotted line went from the Earth to an unknown distant planet located far from the Sun. What was that? The final destination of the journey of the soul of the deceased? Or is there evidence of the extraterrestrial origin of Tibetan dwarfs?

Chinese scientists were even more baffled by artifacts - thin ceramic disks with a hole in the center and spiral patterns on the surface.

Dropa disks

They began to study them only after the end of the war, during a time of relative calm in China.

Professor Tsum Um Nui came to the conclusion that the pictograms on the disks tell the story of a people called dropa, who arrived on Earth 12 thousand years ago from a planet orbiting Sirius. The dropa ship was wrecked, they could not restore it. The dropa tribes lived in the mountains, away from people, and gradually died out one by one, unable to adapt to the earth's gravity and earthly diseases. The professor conducted various experiments with disks and discovered strange things: firstly, ceramic disks somehow retained strong magnetization, and secondly, their weight was constantly changing, becoming bigger and smaller.

The professor could not find out what was the matter here. The Great Cultural Revolution began in the country, the scientist fled to Japan, and the artifacts disappeared, possibly destroyed by the Red Guards, or were scattered throughout the country's museum vaults.

There are testimonies of some tourists, the Wegerer couple, who visited the Xi'an Museum in China in 1974, saw discs there, and even photographed them. Journalist Peter Krass, who was interested in their story, tried to see the discs in 1994 but found nothing. The director of the museum did not comment on the photos presented and simply walked away from the conversation with the Australian.

An Egyptian alien in the Valley of the Kings

At the end of the XX century in Egypt in the Valley of the Kings, archaeologist Gaston de Villars found a tomb that supposedly belonged to the nobles of the Ancient kingdom that existed at least 4 thousand years ago.

Among several ordinary mummies of people of that time, he found a mummy of a creature, although similar to a man, but still different from him. The creature had a bifurcated skull; huge eye sockets in half of the face; a wide lipless mouth; ears and nose were missing; the height of the creature was 2.5 meters - compared to people of that time, he was a giant.

not an alien

His burial was accompanied by no less strange artifacts: disks made of polished metal, a metal suit with remnants of plastic, and clay tablets depicting star maps and unknown mechanisms. De Villars came to the conclusion that he was looking at the remains of an alien. The scientist was surprised that the humanoid was buried with all the honors due to a noble of a noble family. His sarcophagus was richly decorated and surrounded by vessels with grain and other products, as well as furnished with luxury items.

But as soon as he mentioned his discovery to the Egyptian authorities, the military came to the excavations. The alien's body was seized and taken away to an unknown destination. The military also took away all the suspicious artifacts, leaving the scientist with literally nothing. De Villars claimed that the Americans commanded the Egyptians.


All these cases indicate one thing: either the authorities and official science do not want to hear about aliens due to their own inertia, or they know quite a lot and therefore prevent the dissemination of information. Perhaps this behavior is related to the danger that aliens pose to humans. Otherwise, the conspiracy of silence cannot be explained.

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