The abductee stated that he had seen a pandemic and the Third World War

The abductee stated that he had seen a pandemic and the Third World War

An American claims he was shown terrifying visions of the COVID-19 pandemic and World War III when he was allegedly abducted by aliens in one of the most infamous close encounters with UFOs of all time. Yes, yes, this is the same guy from the incident in Pascagoula. The man stated that he had seen images of people with melting skin when nations were fighting each other. According to him, he kept his visions a secret for decades but decided to make them public anyway, because he was afraid that they might come true.

calvin Parker

Past experience

Describing these visions as a "curse", the man claims that he was shown terrible events from the past, present, and future of mankind after he was "taken" aboard a UFO in 1973. The hero of the story in the distant 70s was 19 years old. They were fishing with a friend when aliens of a very strange kind carried out the abduction. Both friends were allegedly grabbed by strange creatures "with lobster-like claws and carrot noses and ears."

I had a near-death experience aboard this alien ship. It was when my blood was sucked out of me and then replaced with something I still don't know. Then I was shown things from the past, present, and future. I think you could call it a curse. Since then I have had serious health problems, but slowly I overcame most of them. I wouldn't be talking about it now if I hadn't seen some of them come true. I'm sure I don't want people to think I'm psychic because I'm not. Maybe I was handed a curse, or it could be a way to help save our planet or humanity. But it scares me very much, not for me, but for the future of all of us.

He said:

The disease will kill millions

The American saw how an unknown disease can destroy millions of people all over the planet, and as a result - the appearance of a shortage of food supplies.

So, I will tell you what I was shown that day onboard a UFO, and I will try to go into details as far as I remember. There is a plague going on now, of course, there has always been some kind of plague since the beginning of time, but from what I've seen, it gets even worse. It was caused by humanity, which is very bad because God is going to teach us a lesson and stay away from him before he comes back. Humanity has lost faith, and people don't want to help others

the man added:


The US resident added that negative events are already happening, but it will be even worse, family against family, against each other. There will come a time when no one can be trusted.

Then there will be a great war, in which one side accuses the other. In my vision, I saw people's skin melting from their bodies. I do not know if this is a nuclear war or not, but it puts a nation against a nation. There will be no nation on Earth that will not be touched by this war

the man added:

The second participant of those events of the past died in 2011 at the age of 80, but also did not retreat from his story, despite the ridicule. Notably, British UFO researcher Philip Mantle, who published the book Pascagoula — the Closest Encounter, said: "It is very difficult for Calvin to discuss this aspect of his encounter, calling it a curse."

A curse just in case it's true, and that he's seen the future of humanity, and it's not a very pleasant sight. We probably could have ignored these "visions" if not for the fact that other witnesses of a close encounter told similar stories

He said:


Let's start with that. that the first case of abduction raises many questions. Contactors met with creatures essentially dressed in wetsuits. People lived in the era of the absence of the Internet, we do not know if their level of erudition was sufficient to understand what exactly they saw. The media of that time noted that after the incident they drank Whiskey, so there is a high probability that they drank before the incident. As for the prediction of a pandemic, it is a convenient position to declare after it is already under the guise of that. that he didn't want to disturb people. Each of us can be such a predictor:) Why is it all manifested right now? And what does he have to lose, the name is directly related to the incident in Pascagoula, you can't spoil his reputation, but flashing in the media space often brings not only moral satisfaction.

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