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The alien abduction of Charles Hickson

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Pascagoula Abduction - the alien abduction of Charles Hickson

The foreman of the shipyard late in the evening of October 11, 1973, went fishing with a workmate, 19-year-old Calvin Parker. Hickson himself was 42 years old at the time. The men were fishing from an abandoned pier on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. And suddenly they heard a whistle, turning into a hiss, which came from above and behind. They turned around. A meter from the ground and about 15 meters away from them hung either a disk or a cylinder with two flashing lights or windows.

I don't know if it was round or oblong. I could see the little dome from above, but I couldn't see the whole thing. I didn't even know what size it was.

Charles said later:

The thing opened the hatch. Three figures emerged from it. And they went to the fishermen. And why didn't I jump into the river to get away from them?

Parker had wondered for years:

The creatures looked terrible: gray, wrinkled skin, very long arms that ended in what looked like claws, legs that looked like an elephant's. The heads grew straight out of the shoulders. That is, the necks of the creatures were missing. There were protrusions where people should have had noses, like the carrots of snowmen. Similar formations stuck out on the sides in place of the ears. They were drawn in and out.

Right under the front "carrots" were narrow slits, vaguely resembling mouths. The aliens either had no eyes at all, or they were lost in the folds of their skin.

The creatures swam up to Hickson without moving their legs. Two men grabbed him from both sides. Something pricked my arm and made it impossible to move. Charles could only watch as the creatures dragged him into their machine. The third elephant was carrying Parker's limp body.

There were no seats or equipment visible inside the ship, just a very bright light. Hickson hung in the air like an astronaut in zero gravity. Something that looked like an eye popped out of the wall, moving back and forth as if examining Hickson carefully. Then the creatures turned the captive over, and the " eye " continued its examination.

Pascagoula Abduction - the alien abduction of Charles Hickson

Finally, the "elephants" pulled their prey back onto the pier. And released. Hickson immediately fell backward - his legs would not obey. Parker stood motionless beside him, his arms outstretched as if in a deep trance. The brigadier crawled to his comrade but soon realized that he could get up. At that moment, the machine took off and disappeared flashing blue lights. The whole incident lasted about 20 minutes.

For a long time, Parker refused to tell what happened to him in the UFO, saying that he lost consciousness, I don't remember anything. But after 20 years, he started talking: they brought him to another room and put him on an inclined table. There was a "small" creature, in Parker's mind, female. It examined him. And then it stuck a needle in the "manhood", telepathically informing that there would be no harm from it.

Four hours later, the fishermen, having recovered a little, hurried to the police. Sheriff Fred Diamond and Captain Glen Rader saw that they were clearly shaken to the core, but did not believe the story about the UFO.

To catch the narrators, the police took them to a separate room, turning on a hidden recording. But even in private, the fishermen were shaking with fear, exchanging fragmentary phrases. And Calvin just got down on his knees and started praying.

After listening to the tape, Raider realized that the men were not joking, and contacted the Kiesler Air Force Base. There, the "contactees" were examined by army doctors. After making sure that Hickson and Parker were physically healthy, the military cross-examined them. At the same time, police officer Tom Huntley was present, who drew attention to the fact that the military behaved as if they heard about the abductions on board the UFO every day. When Hickson mentioned that the creatures ' hands were like claws, the two colonels looked at each other, apparently familiar with the detail.

alien abduction of Charles Hickson


it was definitely something extraterrestrial... One can only guess where they came from and why, but the fact that they were here is a truth that cannot be doubted

Ufologist James Harder, who took over the baton from the military, came to the conclusion:

I have no doubt that these two people have experienced something terrible.

Allen Hynek-Confirmed:

Charles Hickson passed a lie detector test. When the test was over, the operator exclaimed, "It looks like that son of a bitch is telling the truth!"

The official conclusion of the test was not so emotional: "The subject sincerely believes that he saw an extraterrestrial ship and was taken on board by some creatures."

It soon became clear that the UFO over Pascagoula was seen by three other people-police officer Raymond Broadus, city councilman Eugene Sagalas and a woman who did not want to identify herself. The ship was exactly the same shape as the one described during the interrogations of the abductees. In 2001, retired Navy officer Mike Cataldo said that that evening he and two of his companions also saw an object over the docks. In the morning, he called Kiesler Air Force Base and left a phone number, but no one contacted him to clarify the details.

the alien abduction of Charles Hickson

When the grueling tests and interrogations were over, Parker was admitted to the hospital with a nervous breakdown and was treated for a long time. Even a few months later, his hands were shaking so much that he couldn't work. Hickson proved to be more resilient - the brigadier's nerves were hardened in Korea, where he fought and was awarded five medals. However, his adventures are by no means over…

In January 1974, Charles was hunting and finally sat down for a snack, resting his rifle on his lap. Suddenly he felt that everything around him seemed to freeze, the sounds disappeared and there was complete silence. The same ship that had appeared in the clearing three months ago-not landed but appeared out of nowhere. The words rang out in his head: "We don't want to hurt you or anyone else.

You will be able to communicate with us in the future. You passed the test. You are the chosen one. Don't be afraid. We'll get back to you.

Then the aliens found Hixon right in the courtyard of the house. He didn't see the UFO, but the words came back to him: "You must tell the people that we will do no harm. Your world needs help. We will help in the future before it's too late. You're not ready to understand it yet. We'll be back soon."

Hickson, of course, was in no hurry to make a fool of himself, but on May 12, they actually returned, and in front of other eyewitnesses. As Charles was driving in the car with his wife, sister, and friends, a ship appeared, as if about to land right in front of the hood. Hickson realized that they had come for him, and asked the driver to stop, but the passengers fell into hysterics, demanding to leave as soon as possible.

Pascagoula Abduction


At that moment, Hickson "heard" a voice: "Go ahead. There will be another time and place to meet." The ship was no longer moving and disappeared from sight around another bend. Hickson met the anniversary of the kidnapping on the same pier with William Mendez of Michigan College. The night passed without incident, and they decided to go to the ufo center "Starlight "( where experts tried to contact the UFO with lasers, searchlights, and other equipment).

On October 12, a UFO the size of a full moon appeared in the sky, from which two vibrating lines in the form of the letter V radiated downwards. The scientists focused their lenses, but before they could take pictures, the ship took off and disappeared. Hickson had no doubt that the aliens were watching him, but there were no telepathic messages this time. Until his death, Charles waited for the aliens to return, deliberately went to remote places. But they never fulfilled their promise…

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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