The 2005 case of the yellow flying alien from Thailand

The 2005 case of the yellow flying alien from Thailand

One of the subspecies of humanoid creatures is those that float in the air or hover, defying the laws of gravity and even physics. One such case came to us from Thailand, where in 2005 the villagers came across a floating mysterious creature.

In the early morning of August 31, 2005, the tiny village of Huai Nam Rak in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand, located about 488 miles north of Bangkok, apparently became the destination of a visitor from the other world.

This morning, more than a dozen villagers were working in rice fields and saw a small humanoid about 30 inches tall (76 cm) levitating low above the ground, with yellowish skin, huge red eyes, a large head and ears, a tiny mouth, no arms and with small skinny legs.

The entity was first noticed by a man named Swing Bunratchasak, who was riding a bicycle past a rice field and accidentally noticed something hovering low over the field. Initially, the man thought it was just a scarecrow on a long stick, but then he saw that this creature was clearly moving and the stick was nowhere to be seen.


The creature wasn't just there, it had noticed the cyclist and was now looking directly at him with its red eyes, while making a nodding motion with its large head.

Then this creature was seen by people working in neighboring fields and came to look at it closer. No one dared to come very close.

According to the villagers, the creature hovered over the field for an hour. Someone described him as a "heavenly child", others believed that he was some kind of cleverly made robot doll, because his movements were in many ways abrupt and unnatural. Still others believed that it was not a living being at all, but a ghost. The fourth were sure that it was an alien who wanted to make contact with them.

It was unclear why this creature was moving over the field and hanging in the air, there were no noticeable mechanisms or noise from the screws. From time to time, it tried to approach people and looked at them "as if asking for help," but then suddenly flew away, rose high in the sky and disappeared forever.

According to some eyewitnesses, before disappearing into the sky forever, this creature abruptly stretched out in height and turned black. And when it was at a very high altitude, it turned into a bright shining ball.

The alien is about 70 cm tall, has yellow skin and a flat chest. His mouth is very tiny. He has a big bald head with big eyes and big ears. Suddenly, the alien flew up to the top of the tree, and after the other villagers came to look at him, he soared into the sky in a bright light.

this is how one of the eyewitnesses described it:

When journalists became aware of this strange observation, hundreds of curious people began to come to these rice fields, accompanied by teams of reporters from news sites.

Alien abduction

Meanwhile, the local authorities were also puzzled by this incident and even launched an official investigation, which immediately ran into an obstacle in the form of the complete absence of any material evidence of what happened.

Unfortunately, the poor rural farmers who saw it did not have cameras with them, but they tried to make sketches of what they saw. The police were very skeptical about all this, accusing the witnesses of drunkenness, but they all insisted that they were completely sober. In this sleepy village, where nothing much was happening, at that time it caused a lot of excitement.

alien encounter

A little later, a man was found who claimed that he knew what really happened here. It was a resident of a nearby village named Tongmuan Pochailoet, who claimed that in the same month he found an old and helium-filled balloon doll stuck in a tree and refilled it with gas to hang outside his house as a stuffed animal. But then this doll was blown away somewhere and probably it was she who was seen in the rice fields, mistaking for an alien.

He said that this doll was three feet tall, had a huge head and small limbs. According to him, the doll was blown away from his field just two days before the observations of the "alien". However, most of the witnesses denied that what they saw was just a child's balloon. According to them, the creature was too realistic and really moved its legs and head, and also looked at them with very real eyes.

In particular, they assured that the creature could move against the wind and when it flew up, it was definitely not by the will of the wind, but independently. And the bright ball that everyone saw above in the sky after that was a UFO in which this creature disappeared.

Also, when Pochailoet showed them a photo of his doll, all the witnesses said that it did not look at all like what they had seen. What kind of strange creature was seen in Thailand? Is this really nothing but an inflatable helium doll? If it really was just a ball toy, how could so many people see it and misidentify it? Maybe it was just the crazy fantasies of ordinary uneducated villagers?

Anyway, we can only guess now what these people really saw.

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