Stan Romanek - abducted by aliens, dad of hybrid children

Stan Romanek - abducted by aliens, father of hybrid children

Stan Romanek grew up in a military family. My father worked with secret files. One day my father and his team blew up a UFO, it was in the 60s. Stan remembers that when he was very young and riding a children's car, a woman with huge almond-shaped blue eyes came up to him and said that he was a very special boy and that he would need to complete an important mission. Opening her palm, she showed him a blue marble. That's when Stan's mom called him and came out of the house to meet him. By that time, the woman with the marble hurried away. This woman continued to appear in Stan's life, she followed him.

Stan Romanek - abducted by aliens, father of hybrid children

Once, when he was still a boy, Stan was present with his parents at some boring event, and he was so bored that he began to be very naughty. Already about to leave, the same woman in sunglasses approached their car.

What a good boy you have

She said:

Stan's mom was very surprised, because the child was just in hysterics, and said: "I don't know. We are thinking of giving him away," hinting to his son to calm down, otherwise he will be "given to his aunt." Stan Romanek was really scared, thinking that his parents were really going to give him away. Then the woman with glasses said in all seriousness: "I'd take him in." Taking off his glasses and showing his huge almond-shaped eyes, the son and mother froze in amazement. Stan recognized the same woman.

Another time, Stan was playing on the playground and this woman came up to him again and started asking him about how he was doing and whether his parents were feeding him well.

I know you have problems at school, but don't worry, that's going to change soon. You're one of us

Then she said:

Another time, Stan Romanek was playing on the playground and this woman came up to him again and started asking him about how he was doing and whether his parents were feeding him well. She uttered these words without moving her lips. This scared the boy so much that she rushed home and told her parents about everything, who did not believe him and caught him in deception.

In 2000, Stan saw a UFO for the first time. He met his future wife online and decided to bring her to the mountains for a honeymoon. On the way to the mountains, Stan found 30 cars parked by the road, and people got out of cars looking up. Everyone watched a flickering atypical UFO, silver in color, changing colors.

In 2001, on the way to Pennsylvania, Stan and his wife were chased by a UFO - a large metal flying saucer - during a drive through two states.

Stan Romanek experienced his first abduction in a completely sober conscious state in 2001 in Colorado. He worked as a store manager and had just let the last customer go. Someone knocked on his door and said that something was hanging over his building. Going outside, Stan found a huge UFO disk, with flickering lights, hanging directly over the building of his store. Other people also looked at UFOs. Then the object disappeared. On the way home, a UFO accompanied Stan's car.

Later, he saw this UFO hovering over the apartment complex where he lived with his sister at that time. Someone knocked on the door very early in the morning. The nurse opened the door but stood as if rooted to the spot, motionless. Three aliens, very thin, were standing at the threshold of the apartment. At first, Stan Romanek thought they were children wearing masks, but looking closer, he saw that they were not wearing masks. One of them was a woman and two men. Their necks were so thin that he did not understand how their heads were supported on such thin necks. The heads were large, and the huge almond-shaped eyes were blue, or even the color of a sea wave. They had three fingers on each hand, and the thumb was very long, almost reaching the index finger. The palms themselves were very long. The alien woman grabbed his arm. Telepathically, he received a message: "Don't worry, everything will be fine." Stan wanted to scream, but the words wouldn't come out of his mouth. After entering the apartment, the whole team moved towards the balcony. Romanek wanted to throw one of the alien men off the balcony, but got a little push on the head and passed out. When he came to himself, he was already in another place.

aliens of Romanek

Stan's sister also remembers this event, but what remains in her memory is that three people in striped suits were standing at the door (approx. author: aliens can change the perception of reality in people's minds). Stan Romanek remembered everything. When he woke up, he went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, hearing his sister's voice behind him: "God, Stan, what happened to your back?" It turned out that the entire back was dotted with holes, though not painful. Looking at his hands, Stan saw that the hair on his hands had been shaved off and scars were visible. He took all this evidence on camera and the reports are freely available on the Internet.

For the next couple of days, Stan tried to lead a normal life, although he began to notice paranormal phenomena behind him. For example, all electrical appliances in his presence began to play pranks. As he walked down the street, the lights went out one by one.

A short time later, after work, Stan was driving to fill up the car during rush hour. In the middle of a noisy highway, suddenly a UFO stopped over Stan's car. Many people have seen him.

Many high-ranking scientists and researchers became interested and started working on Stan's case. Romanek contacted a local hypnotherapist; during the session, Stan, within 15 seconds, wrote very complex mathematical equations on a piece of paper. The hypnotherapist sent these equations to a professor at the University of Nebraska, and the professor confirmed that these were really very complex equations and that one of them was for an element that scientists had not even discovered by that time (element 115 associated with Bob Lazar). Two years later, scientists discovered this element.


Stan and Lisa Romanek's hybrid daughter, Suri

Stan says that people experiencing the phenomenon of alien abduction experience an incredible shock. They not only have to deal with "what is happening up there onboard a UFO," but also return to Earth, they hear humiliation and mockery of distrust from earthlings.

There are different types of aliens. There are gray ones, there are reptilian ones, there are mantis-like ones. All of them are conducting crossbreeding experiments with humans. Now the phenomenon of children born with black almond-shaped eyes is not noticed on Earth — these are hybrid children.

Stan Romanek has written several books about his experiences. Stan has 9 hybrid children living on board UFOs, periodically visiting Earth. Stan saw them three times. The eldest is called Kioma (triad).


The hybrid daughter of Stan and Lisa Romanek, Suri. The girl has three fingers on her hands, like aliens. The photo was taken during a UFO conference in 2010, at which a hybrid girl appeared. She doesn't live on Earth, but she came during the conference.

The photo was taken by Stan in his yard. After that, he found flowers on the doorstep of his house.

The photo was taken by Stan in his yard. After that, he found flowers on the doorstep of his house.

Alien in the window

Video where Stan Romanek meets a real alien


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are many white spots in relation to this story. Especially in the last video. Well, imagine, a highly developed civilization arrives to you, possessing technologies beyond humanity. And to see if someone is at home or not, he looks furtively out of the window. It's at least funny, and this is just one of the elements that immediately catches the eye. Well, to believe the story of a Romantic or not, everyone will decide for himself.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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