Hell's skinwalker ranch

Hell's Skinwalker Ranch

The history of the anomalous zone, located in the vicinity Of the skinwalker ranch, became known largely thanks to the hotel and aerospace entrepreneur Robert T. Bigelow, who owns the Budget Suites of America hotel chain and the founder of Bigelow Aerospace, a space tourism company.

Bigelow Aerospace has launched 2 experimental space modules-Genesis I and Genesis II and has plans to launch full-fledged modules that will be used as orbital hotels, research laboratories, and factories. In April 2016, an experimental inflatable module "Bigelow Expandable Activity Module" was delivered to the International space station, which will be tested in orbit for two years.

Everyone recognizes that the grandiose ideas of a millionaire, quite feasible and capable of making a profit. However, few people know about another of his ideas, when Bigelow wanted to contact... with the other world. He purchased a piece of land known as" Hell's ranch "or"the strangest place on Earth" for this purpose.

Meeting with the direwolf

In 1994, farmer Terry Sherman purchased an abandoned ranch in Utah (USA). The oddities began on the same day that the Shermans were moving furniture to their new home. A huge wolf approached them. He behaved like a pet, and was so close that the farmers could smell the "wet dog". Terry shot the beast with his rifle. The wolf stayed where it was. Two more shots... The animal backed away a little, but there was no sign of wounds or blood... Only after the sixth shot did the wolf run away.

A couple of weeks later, Gwen, Sherman's wife, met the wolf again — so huge that its back reached to the top of the car window. He was accompanied by a dog-like animal that Gwen couldn't identify.

Cryptozoologists have nicknamed the mysterious beast "bulletproof wolf". It is noted that its features in many ways resemble the direwolf, or terrible wolf (canis dirus), which ran across North America in the Pleistocene period.

Skinwalker Ranch utah wolf

Photo By Ryan Burns. Perhaps this is the legendary bulletproof wolf of the skinwalker ranch?

The Shermans began to notice mysterious objects. Mrs. Sherman watched a huge triangle surrounded by flashing lights like a disco. It hovered soundlessly over the car before speeding off at lightning speed. One day, Terry saw a silver disk that disappeared inside a mountain range!

All the members of the family saw dozens of orange circles that appeared on the Western part of the sky at about the same place. One evening, Terry spotted inside a strange circle of what seemed to him like "another sky". Through the telescope, he could clearly see the blue sky: the orange circle looked like a window to somewhere else where it was still day.

Meanwhile, the mysterious animals continued to appear. Driving through the ranch in broad daylight, Terry and Gwen saw a short, very muscular animal with curly red hair and a bushy tail attack a horse. Sherman rode closer and saw the predator disappear before his eyes. Once-and no! They examined the horse and found numerous claw marks on its legs.

Photo By Ryan Burns. A red wolf with a long shaggy tail. A direwolf?

Photo By Ryan Burns. A red wolf with a long shaggy tail. A direwolf?

Exotic, multicolored birds were often seen on the ranch, clearly not native, which they could not identify. There were also encounters with dark creatures over two meters tall, resembling a snowman.

The farm dogs seemed to have developed paranoia. They sat in their booths all day, too scared to go out to eat. One night, six cats disappeared at once. Soon, Scott also began to disappear. One cow disappeared from a snow-covered field. Terry could see the hoofprints leading into the field, which ended abruptly as if a cow had ascended into the sky.

Only 14 of Sherman's record-breaking animals were slaughtered or disappeared by someone. On one occasion, a cow was found dead just five minutes after Sherman's son saw it alive. "Something" cut a hole 15 cm wide and 60 cm deep on the back of the croup. There was no blood on the cow or on the snow-covered ground.

Trail of skinwalker

Terry was silent for a long time, knowing that it would be impossible to sell the ranch to anyone if the truth about these outrages became known. But eventually, the Deseret news got wind of the ranch, and the Shermans ' life became even more difficult: they were haunted by anomalous phenomena at night, and by crowds of curious people during the day.

Some visitors had a chance to see more than they really wanted to. In June 1996, a tall man came to Terry and did a kind of meditation in the middle of the field, closing his eyes and holding his hands up. Suddenly, in the nearby forest, something began to move quickly. Terry, who was nearby, couldn't make out the shape of the object, but he could see that it was big. Then something blurry came out of the woods and quickly headed for the meditator. Standing in front of it, it let out a "guttural animal roar" that sounded like a mix of bear and lion growls. According to Terry, it was almost transparent, resembling a masked creature from the movie "Predator". The terrified "meditator" fled. Screaming hysterically, he left the ranch and never came back.

A surveillance camera on a deer trail near the Skinwalker ranch captured a humanoid entity.

A surveillance camera on a deer trail near the Skinwalker ranch captured a humanoid entity.

At the same time, it turned out that the place where the ranch is located has long been notorious among the Utah Indians living in the valley. They said that this land was on the path of the "skinwalker" - a sorcerer who can transform into various animals.

Start of research

Robert Bigelow purchased the Sherman ranch for $ 200,000-less than Terry paid for it. The Shermans moved to a smaller ranch about 20 miles from the damned. They could have sold the land at a higher price, but they wanted to get to a safe place as soon as possible.

Bigelow had set up a permanent watch on the ranch for scientists and former police officers who knew how to collect evidence. Responsible for the study of the ranch was the national Institute of advanced Sciences, established in 1995 by Robert Bigelow to study UFOs and anomalous phenomena. The group that settled on the ranch was led by biologist Colm Kelleher.

The billionaire has done everything to avoid the influx of curious people. A warning was published in one of the local Newspapers: "Visitors are not needed at the Sherman ranch. The ranch is patrolled 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we declare that violators will be arrested and punished to the fullest extent of the law. All you'll see if you cross its border is a prison."

One of the terms of the deal was that Sherman and his wife should come to the ranch during the day and help scientists: Colm Kelleher suspected that Terry and Gwen could "attract" anomalies to themselves.

From late 1996 until the summer of 2006, a group led by Kelleher worked on the ranch. They set up a command post, installed video cameras and other devices throughout the territory, erected a new fence, built observation posts on all pastures. This was the most intensive and thorough observation ever undertaken in the anomalous zones.

And contrary to skeptical predictions, the anomalous phenomena did not evaporate under scientific supervision.

"I have encountered several phenomena that are difficult for me to explain," Kelleher said. - I personally saw several strange flying luminous balls and was a few meters away from the scientist when he described an object visible through night vision binoculars, which I could not see... Once I noticed a silent, fast-flying object coming from the North, describing a correct loop over the command post at high speed, and returning to the North."

However, all attempts to photograph or videotape them were mostly futile. After a couple of months of round-the-clock surveillance, a frightening course of action began to emerge: the phenomenon seems to be able to anticipate the actions of scientists. If they placed cameras and observers in the South field, activity occurred in the North pasture. If they were watching the Central area, the activity could have moved to the ridge overlooking the ranch.

Events were becoming more and more like a game of cat and mouse. According to Kelleher, it looked as if the phenomenon "was always a couple of steps ahead of us, now and then leaving us business cards in the form of brutally slashed cow carcasses, unusual footprints in the snow, tantalizing infrared images."


The vanished dinosaur

One evening, the barking of dogs alerted the group that someone was hiding in a tree near the house. Sherman, who was staying in his old home with Bigelow at the time, grabbed a hunting rifle, got into a truck, and drove there. The two scientists followed him. Among the branches of the trees, they saw the huge yellowish eyes of a reptile. The animal's head was about a meter wide. At the foot of the tree was something else: something huge, hairy, with massive, muscular forelegs and a head like a dog's.

Photo Alien Date, 2003.


The researchers gave this creature the code name T. O. B. Y. Similar to a Fox, but much larger, the creature with a strange long neck suddenly appeared and disappeared again near the ditch.

Sherman, an excellent marksman, opened fire on both creatures from a distance of 35 meters. The creature on the ground seemed to have disappeared, and the one sitting in the tree fell to the ground: Terry heard it fall heavily. The three of them rushed through the brush, thinking they would see the wounded animal, but found no "reptile" or traces of blood. The next day, a professional tracker came to the ranch, but he also examined the site and found nothing.

But one track is still there. The print that remained in the snow was quite large, three-fingered, with sharp claws at the ends of the fingers. It looked very much like the trail of a VelociRaptor-a dinosaur made famous by the movie "Jurassic Park".

Two days earlier, another animal was found slaughtered. Sherman and his wife spent the day attaching tags to the ears of newborn calves. After attaching the tag to the calf's ear near the house, they went to pasture for about 45 minutes. While the Shermans were only 200 meters away, the calf was dismembered. Its entrails had been laid out on the ground, and the meat had been cut away, leaving only the bones and skin. There was no blood anywhere.

Scientists at the ranch quickly examined the scene and sent the remains to two pathology labs. Both pathologists said the calf was dismembered with two different tools: one looks like a heavy machete, and the other looks like sharp scissors. How it was done in broad daylight on an open pasture, in full view of the farmers, remains a mystery.

The second calf disappeared the same morning after the branding: it was never found. Only 12 animals have met a similar end since Bigelow purchased the ranch with the herd.

Guests from another world

Sometimes the "gate" to another world was opened. Two members of the group, Jim and Mike, were on night watch at the edge of the cliff above the pasture. Around 2: 30 a.m., they noticed a dim light above the ground. With powerful night-vision binoculars, we managed to see something like a "tunnel" with a diameter of 1.2 meters. And in it — a black humanoid creature. As the humanoid crawled out of the glowing tunnel, the passage to the other world narrowed and disappeared.

Although the researchers had the equipment to measure radiation levels and magnetic fields, it did not show anything unusual. They photographed the incident, but the pictures were disappointing: only one of the frames captured a very dim, blurry light, and the rest of the film was absolutely nothing.

Then the scientists installed three poles with video cameras in the pasture. At exactly 8: 30, the three cameras on the westernmost pillar stopped working. When the observers approached, they saw that the wires had been torn out of the cameras, and a piece of cable 30 cm long had disappeared. Scientists returned to the command post, hoping that it would be possible to see the attacker on the recording of cameras located on the second pillar. But nothing was recorded on the film!

UFO sightings

On March 1, 2013, an eyewitness in the vicinity of the Skinwalker ranch managed to photograph what he described as a "portal" and two flying saucers. The witness used a Sony HD camera in night mode, shooting in the direction of the North, focusing on the power lines along the ridge of the mountain.

On several occasions, some invisible force moved around the ranch and among the animals. One scientist reported a path of churned water in the canal as if a large invisible animal had quickly run through the water. There were distinct splashes and a pungent stench, but nothing was visible. A nearby farmer reported the same phenomenon two months later.

Since 2008, the research has been discontinued. One of the scientists said: "We can't just say that aliens or extraterrestrial civilizations are doing all this. It is a kind of mind, constantly new, which is in some way different from its former self, something that does not repeat itself. It responds to people and equipment. We thought the ranch would be a testing ground for the scientific method, but science doesn't seem to be able to solve this kind of problem."

Skinwalker Ranch Utah

Pictured above: the front gate of the Skinwalker Ranch, 2013. The property remains under the care of ex-servicemen hired by Bigelow and security cameras. There are many forbidding signs everywhere. Does this mean that the phenomenon is still active and dangerous for people? The orange light that keeps rising over the hills shows that Yes, and the gates to other worlds continue to open, releasing unknown creatures into our world...

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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