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The story of Zanfretta or kidnapped by reptiloids in Italy. Zanfretta Alien Abduction

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The story of Zanfretta or kidnapped by reptilians in Italy. Zanfretta Alien Abduction

Over the course of four years, scaly three-meter reptilians kidnapped an Italian named Pierre Zanfretta at least 6 times, conducting incomprehensible conversations with him and showing strange creatures from other galaxies. Of the few reported cases of extraterrestrials, perhaps this one, originating in Italy, is one of the most phenomenal. The witness was a trustworthy security officer, and there are various pieces of evidence to support his testimony.

Zanfretta abduction

First encounter with an alien

In 1978, the Italian public was shocked by the case of the abduction of a man by aliens named Zanfretta. At first, many were skeptical about the man's confession and thought it was just a joke. Until there is much evidence to support the explanation, including the hypnotic process. He even claimed to have been abducted by aliens up to 6 times.

Up to a certain point, Pierre Zanfretta was an ordinary and unremarkable person living in the Italian village of Torriglia. He worked as a caretaker in a rural community and nothing mysterious happened to him.

On the night of December 6, 1978, Zanfretta was driving around the protected area in his car as usual, when he suddenly saw four strange lights in the night darkness. He started to slow down to get a better look at them, but then his car stalled and came to a complete stop.

Zanfretta abduction incident

Zanfretta got out of the car and started looking for the strange lights again. Since they were glowing near the settlement, Zanfretta decided that they were a group of robbers who wanted to break into the rich house of the local doctor Ettore Rigi.

Riggi residence

Zanfretta approached cautiously and found himself in the back yard of the house, where the glow was coming from. He saw that a large red oval object about 10 meters long was standing on the grass. It was from him that the intense glow came. Zanfretta began to realize that he was not facing robbers at all, but something incomprehensible, and began to retreat back in fear. But when he turned around, he almost collided with a huge humanoid creature that was standing very close to him and was so tall that it literally loomed over him.

Its height was more than 3 meters and it was a huge, green, ugly, and terrible creature with lumpy uneven skin. It was in these words that Zanfretta later described him. In the area of the creature's mouth was a strange object, something like a filter for breathing.

Zanfretta alien

Its skin was mottled and covered with scales, large claws were visible on its arms and legs, and spikes protruded from its head. The eyes were triangular and shone with a yellow light. The scaly skin was wrinkled and worn as if the creature was very old. 

Zanfretta, who rushed to his car. Still shocked, he immediately contacted the other patrol named Carlo Tokalina. It was 23:30. Tocalino, who was called by Zanfretta, immediately realized that something was wrong when he heard the very frightened voice of his colleague.

He has no time to explain in more details what happened to him, the telephone connection was lost. Tocalino immediately contacted his superior, namely Lieutenant Giovanni Cassiba, who immediately dispatched two officers to the scene.

Zanfretta abduction

Zanfretta did not have time to run far, because the reptilian released a "heat ray" at him and the man fell unconscious. When he woke up, he saw people around him. It turned out that the other guards heard his panicked screams and calls for help on the radio. When they found him, there was no one else around. Zanfretta was in a state of shock, for a while he wasn't even sure where he was or who the people around him were. He even tried to draw his gun.

His body was very warm, even though he had been lying on the cold ground for a while. And that was just the first strange detail. Gradually, Zanfretta calmed down and told the police what he had seen. When the police arrived at the scene, they found confirmation of the words of the guard.

Zanfretta abduction


On the ground there were very large footprints, the trees around were with traces of burns on the bark, in the ground were visible strange depressions, similar in shape to a horseshoe and others.

A survey of local residents showed that on that night, some people saw UFOs or unusual celestial phenomena. I

Shortly after he actually regained consciousness, he also told me about the strange events that had happened to him, and he also told me that before he lost consciousness, he saw a UFO with a light pointed at him and the heat he felt a moment earlier.

In an interview, Zanfretta described the figure of the creature in more detail. Zanfretta mentioned a more specific description, among other things, the creature had a hairy greenish body, rounded fingertips, triangular yellow eyes, and a red vein on its forehead. From Zanfretta's description of the aliens he met, many experts claim that the aliens he met were reptoid aliens.

Zanfretta abduction

This quickly spread and became big news in Italy. Uniquely, 52 residents of Torriglia, who live near where Zanfretta met the alien, admitted to seeing a strange light flying over the doctor Rigi house, how it happened.

This news attracted the attention of the general public. Even the Carabinieri military police were openly interested in this incident. He even conducted a thorough examination of the scene. During the investigation, a 9-foot-diameter horseshoe track was discovered, which was believed to be a UFO landing track.

horseshoe Italy

Skeptical opinions.

Like most incidents or incidents that are beyond human comprehension, the alien abduction story experienced by Zanfretta can be perceived as a lie. It is believed that Zanfretta invents stories only to attract public attention and sensation.

However, Torrilla station commander Antonio Nucci, who has known Zanfretta for a long time, said that Zanfretta is not someone who likes to look for sensations. He's an ordinary security guard who earns a living for his wife and two children. He also explained that Zanfretta was an honest man and never behaved strangely.

The same is said Gianfranco tutti, the Director of the Institute Vigilans where Zanfretta, who, according to him, what happened to Zanfretta could spoil the reputation of the company and Zanfretta. But he assured the public that Zanfretta was an honest man who could not make statements and witness statements that would only put his career and family at stake.

Hypnosis and the testimony of Zanfretta

On December 23, 1978, Zanfretta underwent a process of hypnosis to confirm his testimony. This hypnosis was conducted in Genoa under the direction of Dr. F. Mauro Moretti, a psychotherapist, and member of the Italian Association of Medical Hypnosis.

Under the influence of hypnosis, Zanfretta also said that the aliens he met claimed to be from the planet "Tithonia", which is located in the third galaxy. These aliens also said that one day they will return again in greater numbers.


Zanfretta is kidnapped by aliens again

Three days after the hypnosis, a strange thing happened to Zanfretta again. On a foggy night on December 26, 1978, at 11.45 midnight. While he was on patrol and was passing through the tunnel Bargagli. Suddenly, something strange happened: he lost control of his car, and the car drove by itself for almost a mile.

In the midst of panic and fear, all Zanfretta could do was try to contact the base and do his best to apply the handbrake. But what he did was in vain. The car continued to drive and suddenly stopped. Unfortunately, Zanfretta hit the steering wheel of the car and lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he saw that his car was shining with a bright light. As in the previous abduction, Zanfretta was found lying in the snow, but his clothes were dry and even warm. Even this time, Zanfretta raved that he wanted to go with the aliens.

During the investigation, interesting things were discovered. In addition to the warm roof, tracks measuring approximately 20x8 inches were found around the car. In addition, Zanfretta's pistol was found, 5 rounds of which he used. But when asked about it, Zanfretta didn't even remember using the gun.

gun zanfretta

This time, he was taken on a spaceship to deep space and there was shown a frog-like creature that lay in a suspended animation capsule. He was told that the creature was an " enemy species." In the same room, Zanfretta saw a bird-like creature and a creature that looked like a primitive ancient man in similarly suspended animation capsules.

When Zanfretta was returned to Earth, he was presented with an unusual artifact - a golden tetrahedron that rotated, performing an obscure function. Zanfretta said that he hid it in a special place and refuses to show this artifact to other people.

The third abduction occurred again on July 30, 1979. At this time, Zanfretta was patrolling on a motorcycle. As he passed Torrilla Hill, Zanfretta disappeared again. He disappeared for 2 hours until finally he was found in a supercooled state.

He was then immediately examined at the International Center for Medical and Psychological Hypnosis. Under the guidance of Prof. Marco Marchesan, Zanfretta test was conducted to lie with the use of penacola sodium. Zanfretta says that under the influence of the serum, he was lifted from the ground by an alien spaceship that has a green glow.

Professor Marco Marchesan, who led the case, vowed that no one would be able to pass the test using sodium penatol. So the chances of Zanfretta making up a story are almost impossible.

hypnosis zanfretta alien abduction

The next incident occurred on December 2, 1979. This time, 4 officers saw a UFO in the air. It was 10:30 PM. Zanfretta is reported to have disappeared again. A patrol car with 4 officers searched Zanfretta, found her car, and followed her from behind.

As a result of observation, they saw an object that flew directly over their car. Suddenly, the object lit up the roof of the car. The car's engine and devices inside suddenly shut down completely. The four officers inside immediately got out of the car. That's when they saw a flying UFO. Lieutenant Kassiba immediately fired at the object before the UFO disappeared.

Shortly after the incident, the four officers suffered from a long period of mental illness. Even a few months later, the officer who witnessed the UFO sighting, Germano Zanardi, was found dead, having shot himself in the head. Another abduction incident occurred on February 14, 1980, and the last time was on August 13, 1980. However, in the latest incident, Zanfretta was found conscious. Since then, there has been no news of the alien abduction.

Some of these contacts were so strange that Zanfretta could not understand what they wanted from him. He was often shown various unusual creatures, but for what purpose, he never found out.

aliens abduction

Zanfretta appeared in many Italian TV shows and programs, talking about his encounters with reptilians and this case became the most famous ufo incident in Italy. Whether he was a man with a very developed imagination, who wanted to get a lot of fame, or whether all this really happened to him, remains unknown.

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