Secret Alien Bases on Earth

Secret Alien Bases on Earth

All over the world, researchers of the UFO phenomenon are particularly attracted to the facts of the basing of flying saucers and other unearthly apparatuses on our planet. Dozens of zones have already been identified where frequent UFO sightings are noted as if the aliens have their own secret bases there.

More than 2000 cases of UFO sightings in the world's oceans have been recorded.

The fact:

Russian UFO researchers Captain 1st rank retired E. P. Litvinov and Doctor of Philosophy, Academician V. G. Azhazha, along with other Russian ufologists, note the increased activity of UFOs and aliens in many regions of our planet, including in Russia.

Azhazha, V. G., doctor of philosophical Sciences, a veteran submariner

Azhazha, V. G., doctor of philosophical Sciences, a veteran submariner

For example, the eyewitness N. Skosyrskaya from the village of Maksimikha, located near Lake Baikal, repeatedly reported on the UFO activity there and even sent the corresponding images taken by a mobile phone. This indirectly confirms the probable location of the alien underwater base at the bottom of Lake Baikal, which ufologists have long suspected. And they guessed rightly.

Underwater UFOs and underwater bases, according to Yevgeny Litvinov, have become one of the most important UFO factors in the world more than 2000 cases of UFO sightings in the world's oceans have been recorded, which is 15% of the entire bank of ufos data. And in most cases, the observations are made by military specialists, that is, people who are not prone to fantasies.

Russian UFO researchers Captain 1st rank retired E. P. Litvinov

Russian UFO researchers Captain 1st rank retired E. P. Litvinov 

All of this can be interpreted as the aliens ' preference for an aquatic environment in which they probably feel safer and more secretive. The largest number of such bases is recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, but this is probably because there has always been heavy shipping and it is easier to conduct observations.

According to the results of the reports of military sailors and their own investigations, Academician V. G. Azhazha published in 2008 a monograph "Underwater UFOs", which was received with great interest by the public. Today, according to V. G. Azhazha, at least 120 places of possible alien bases on Earth have been identified, including at least 49 underwater bases. The largest number of bases in Europe is about 35. Russia has 30 bases, while the United States has 13. The vast majority of bases are located in hard-to-reach places: deep under water, in swamps, high in the mountains, in the strongest anomalous zones. Many bases have tunnels, some of which go under the bed of the oceans, which indicates possible underground communications between the alien bases.

And you can get acquainted with the information about UFOs under water and study this issue in this big article

Alien technical superiority

UFOs have repeatedly demonstrated their superiority over the technology of earthlings. For example, they managed to stop the engines of the aircraft carrier "Novorossiysk" in 1988 near the Kuril Islands, in 30 cases they disabled navigation systems, the destructive effect of UFO rays was noted in a number of other episodes.

UFO sightings. Novorossiysk

A unique case occurred in 1975 during the torpedo firing in Crimea. The UFO was the first to appear at the surfaced torpedo. All the sailors of the torpedo catcher, representatives of the base, and the Special Department watched as a platform descended from a bell-shaped object with a diameter of 20 m, to which the torpedo was attracted. And from heaven in Russian, it sounded: "Everyone stay put. We won't do anything to hurt you."

This phrase was repeated after the acoustician tried to photograph the UFO, but a thin beam of red light rested on the head of the foreman, and he fell unconscious. Surprisingly, the torpedo was soon recovered. Of course, all the witnesses at that time were signed not to disclose this episode.

UFO sightings

An even more striking case occurred in 2003 near Indonesia. After the collision of an American submarine with a comparable UFO, both objects sank to the ground. And after a while, 15 UFOs appeared, used the method of teleportation, as a result of which the American submarine and the UFO disappeared without a trace.

15 UFOs appeared

Witness Nina Grigoryevna M., who worked as a dentist for more than thirty years as part of the medical staff of the Black Sea Navy of the USSR in the submarine brigade near Sevastopol, believes that there is one UFO base near Balaklava, inside the mountain near the coast. She reported it to a TV reporter, but there was no investigation into the report.

American Testimonies

By the way, the first alien bases were reported more than 35 years ago by the famous clairvoyant, psychic Pat Price, a former police officer. According to Price, the underground shelter under the Pyrenees is the main base of the "UFO forces". According to him, the huge underground structures in Nevada stretch for miles and are connected by underground tunnels, through which high-speed shuttle cars move.

Remote Viewer Pat Price and Hal Puthoff 1974

Pat Price and Hal Puthoff

In 1979, an attempt was made by the US military to capture the underground base of Dulce, but the raid was unsuccessful, and 66 "blue Berets" were killed by aliens. There are at least seven different levels in this base, including the sixth, which is used by the aliens to experiment on humans. The tier below is occupied by people who were abducted from the surface of the Earth. They are kept in a state of suspended animation in cold warehouses.

There are hundreds of thousands of missing people a year." It is also known that another psychic was expelled from the project when he openly stated that an entire colony of aliens had settled under the desert in New Mexico. Later, some details about the underground bases were reported by a former officer of the US army intelligence unit, Frederick Atwater, who from 1977 to 1987 participated in a secret project to discover the locations of aliens. By the way, ufologists know many cases when UFOs easily went into the ground in front of witnesses.

Flying Cities

Another recent feature is the evidence of flying "cities" in the western hemisphere. The first such city was discovered in Chile in 1988 by the pilots of a reconnaissance aircraft. They saw the lights below them and assumed that they were flying over the city. Suddenly, the "city" began to rise up and ... flew! The pilots immediately turned to the base airfield. In April 1996, a flying" city " of kilometer-long dimensions was observed in southern Chile.

Objective confirmation of the fact that the flying "cities" are alien spaceships was the information received in December 1994 from the Hubble space telescope. When the giant telescope lenses were focused on a star cluster, a mysterious cosmic object was spotted at the edge of the universe. Representatives of the US space agency NASA said that the telescope has transferred hundreds of photographs of the object to the Godzard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. They show a large white "city" floating in interstellar space. By the way, this photo turned out to be a fake. In the future, we will write an article about this

city of universe

In 1995, the American GOES-8 and GOEC satellites took several photos of giant UFOs in the infrared range. One of them had a diameter of 360 km. The other — 450 km. Naturally, such "cities" need energy and other resources, and it becomes clear for whom UFOs are stealing our "terrestrial" hydrogen. apparently, there is much more that is different.

UFO sightings

It becomes clear that the force behind UFOs can easily conquer the Earth. However, there has been no clear aggression so far. In relation to us, as it were, the superiority of technical and mental technologies is demonstrated — and that's all. But what happens if we suddenly master the technologies that use UFOs?

I think that in this case, our civilization will not live long. Therefore, they seek to slow down our scientific and technological development somewhat and deliberately do not allow us to detect the phenomena on which their technology is based. At the same time, it is impossible, for example, to exclude distortions of the results of some of our physical experiments.

That is, we live in the same world as them, but our picture of the world is "edited" for a certain period of time and will remain so until we grow up. Such actions may be dictated not only by the desire to protect us from self-destruction, but also by considerations of their own safety. The underground shelter under the Pyrenees is the main base of the "UFO forces"

Speaking at a scientific ufo conference in 2009, Academician V. G. Azhazha noted:

Therefore, only a stupid and short-sighted civilization can refuse to collect and analyze materials about shocking facts of encounters with anomalous phenomena. What we know today about the essence of UFOs is the tip of the iceberg. We only know what they have allowed us to know or have implanted in our conceptual-memory apparatus. Without full publicity about the constant presence of aliens on Earth, it is impossible to solve many problems of our security, " the speaker concluded.

In short, the topic of the possible basing of aliens on Earth becomes promising for ufologists. Research in this area will allow us to get useful information about the activities of aliens on Earth, to understand their true goals, and, perhaps, to establish mutually beneficial contacts, if, of course, we are allowed to do so…

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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