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Igigi - ancient alien astronauts who rebelled against the Anunnaki

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Igigi - ancient alien astronauts who rebelled against the Anunnaki

The ancient Anunnaki are said to have created the human race by genetically modifying primitive humans to use them as labor. But before humans were created, the Anunnaki used the ancient Igigs as the main labor force.

It is said that the Igigi — those who turn and see - were the ancient astronaut gods of the younger generation, servants of the mighty Anunnaki who came to Earth to mine gold.

The terminology used to describe the gods is extremely complex and still needs a lot of research. Scientists believe that the term "Igigi" has a Semitic origin and indicates a group of gods in the Mesopotamian pantheon. It is still unclear which ancient gods belonged to the Igigi, but many scholars suggest that Marduk, the patron God of the city of Babylon, was one of the Igigi.

Scientists use the term "Igigi" to refer to the mythological Sumerian deities. According to them, the Igigi were the junior servants of the Anunnaki, who initiated a rebellion against their masters and the dictatorship of Enlil. Therefore, in the future, the Anunnaki replaced the Igigi with people.

Igigi ancient aliens

In the myth of Atrahas — the Babylonian story of the flood and the harbinger of the story of the flood in Gilgameshthe Sumerian paradise is described as a garden where the lower gods (Igigi) were forced to dig a watercourse by their masters, Anunnaki:

When the gods, as men, bore labor and suffered from labor, the work of the gods was great, the work was hard; there were many disasters.


The seven great Anunnaki made Igigi suffer from work.


When the gods, humanoid, carried labor, carried a load, the load of the gods was great, the trouble was excessive. The great Anunnaku, seven, forced Igigi to take on the work.



Many believe that the Igigi were constantly in orbit around our planet on giant platforms that processed ore delivered from Earth. After processing the minerals, the material was transferred to other ships and, eventually, delivered to the Anunnaki home planet - Nibiru.

The Igigi, apparently, have never encountered humanity. It is said that several texts refer to them, suggesting that the Igigi were “too high for humanity”, and therefore “were not related to humans.”

After many years of hard work, the Igigi rebelled against their masters. It is said that they "set fire to their tools and surrounded the Great House of Enlil at night," forcing the ancient Anunnaki to find another source of labor. Finally, the Igigi were defeated and replaced by a more docile race — humans.

Igigi aliens austronauts

Some ancient texts support the existence of Igigi, describing them as superior cosmic beings, so evolved in all respects that any living being, at least one step behind its level of superiority, did not matter much, if at all.

Despite their almost heavenly features, the Igigi were, after all, only slaves who were given enough power to effectively serve their purpose, and mistakenly believed that they could rebel against their totalitarian masters and break free from their chains. Like most other revolutions on Earth, it ended with the defeat of the freedom-hungry.

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