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Pentagon ufo video - is it a big fake or not? UFO leaked

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Pentagon ufo video - is it a big fake or not? UFO leaked

Published by the Pentagon videos with UFOs are not of interest to ufologists because they do not give any information about an unidentified object, besides the object could have been added to the video deliberately for the sake of additional funding for the US military.

In our opinion, these surveys, like many others, are practical of no interest: they actually do not contain information about the objects themselves.

Probably, the same opinion was reached in the Pentagon. These videos were leaked a long time ago, and it is evident that no one could extract anything from these recordings.

Since no critical information has leaked, from the point of view of the military, it is possible to remind yourself of yourself with an official statement on a hyped topic, including justifying this, by demonstrating factual material, your previous budget expenditures, and justifying the request for new funding


We want to draw your attention to the fact that the readings of the service systems, including the air horizon, indicate a constant left roll of the car, that is, a military aircraft flies in a circle.

Accordingly, the object that is fixed in the frame should also describe circles in front of the military vehicle. therefore, the authenticity of the video itself is questionable.

Circular flight, in principle, nothing prohibits-perhaps when training a pilot or when observing ground objects, and the " UFO" could get on the frames later - with conscious editing or accidentally glare when reshooting.

According to the agency, one of the three unclassified videos of the US Navy was filmed in November 2004, the other two - in January 2015. All of them in 2007 and 2017 got on the Internet without the Pentagon's authorization, their authenticity was recognized in the Navy.

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