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Paranormal phenomena of cosmonaut Aksenov

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Paranormal phenomena of cosmonaut Aksenov

Paranormal phenomena are sometimes called miracles because they don't have a rigorous scientific explanation. In the course of a lifetime, only a few out of hundreds of thousands of people face them. However, the pilot-cosmonaut twice Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Viktorovich Aksenov three times had to deal with different paranormal phenomena.

cosmonaut Aksenov


It is believed that time always flows at the same speed, which neither nature nor man can change. However, there are many cases when it seems to stop. At least, it seems so to a person in such situations. As an example, we can cite the stories of front-line soldiers about how they remained alive only because they saw bullets and shells flying at them and managed to take cover.

At first glance, this is impossible, since the human eye is not able to perceive objects moving at such a speed. But you can't disbelieve the storytellers either. After all, there were often witnesses of a soldier suddenly diving to the bottom of a trench, and the next second a bullet or shrapnel plowed through the parapet just in the place where his head had just been.

Stopped time

However, there are time stops in peacetime, but, as a rule, also in moments of mortal danger. For example, in cities, passers-by often have time to notice falling icicles and bounce to the side. The same thing happens on construction sites when a brick falls from above.
And all those who almost became a victim, then say that the object did not fly at them, but slowly descended, so that they calmly stepped aside, without feeling fear.

freezed time

Vladimir Aksenov also encountered this mysterious phenomenon, which is difficult to find an explanation for. And not in space, but on Earth even before he became an astronaut.

One day he was driving to his dacha. At the crossing of the railway, his engine suddenly stopped. At this moment, a speeding train appeared around a bend about 50 meters away. In a second or two, it was going to crash into the car. Even if the driver tried to open the door and get out of the car, he would still not have time.

But Aksenov didn't even try. Instead, he yanked the ignition key out of its socket, then put it back in and gently pressed the starter. The engine immediately started, and the car slid off the rails when the speeding electric train was already a few meters away.
And, as it seemed to Aksenov, the cars floated in front of him, as in a slow-motion movie. Moreover, he was able to see the chalk-white face of the driver, who did not even have time to start braking, because the car at the crossing was too close.

Stopped time


Vladimir Viktorovich encountered the second paranormal "miracle" in space in June 1980. Before that, he had already been there as a flight engineer on the Soyuz-22 spacecraft, when in September 1976, during an eight-day flight, together with the pilot-cosmonaut Colonel V. F. Bykovsky, he conducted tests of new equipment for Earth exploration.

Bykovsky and Aksenov

And still, as cosmonauts say, every flight into space is a step into the unknown. Moreover, this time Commander Yuri Malyshev and flight engineer Vladimir Aksenov had to test the new Soyuz T-2 spacecraft for the first time. The peculiarity of this ship was that all its main systems were controlled through the onboard computer, and the control panel was displayed to the crew.

In order to form the necessary orbit for docking with the Salyut-6 orbital complex, the crew had to perform a complex maneuver. First, conduct a rendezvous of the spacecraft with the orbital complex in automatic control mode. And then make a direct approach to the station and berthing, while controlling the Soyuz T-2 manually.

When our ship went into orbit, the Earth appeared in its fantastically beautiful form. Yura saw all this divine beauty for the first time and did not hide his delight.

Later, Vladimir Viktorovich recalled:

Neither Malyshev nor Aksenov could have guessed what difficulties they would have to face before they docked with the Salyut-6 station, where cosmonauts Leonid Popov and Valery Ryumin were at that time.


When approaching the orbital station, the commander of the ship, Yuri Malyshev, could not get to the calculated trajectory in order to make a docking. The ship's energy supply for maneuvers is limited.

There was, as they say, only nothing left. If another correction failed, we would have flown past the station and returned to Earth without completing the task. There was nothing I could do to help, since the management of the ship is the exclusive prerogative of the commander. As a flight engineer, I could only silently worry, sitting next to him in the chair.

Suddenly, at some point, a command rang out in my head: "Take control!" Later, analyzing what happened, I was never able to determine exactly whether it was someone's voice or not. It's just that I took someone else's mental order, which for some reason I couldn't ignore. And surprisingly, the commander didn't mind, but handed over the ship's controls to me. Then he said that he did not hear any commands, but only suddenly realized that he had to behave in this way, even though it went against all the "explicit" instructions. I didn't lose consciousness any further, but I was in a kind of trance and obediently obeyed the commands that appeared in my mind.

Only thanks to them, the docking was successfully made. We did not say anything about what happened to cosmonauts Leonid Popov and Valery Ryumin, who were on Salyut-6, so as not to worry them. But when we returned to Earth, the commander was "sanded" during the analysis of the flight, and I also got hurt, although not to the same extent. But neither of us said anything about the "otherworldly " teams. Otherwise, everything that happened could have turned out even worse for us.

The fact is that when landing at the surface of the Earth, the soft landing engines are triggered. But everything went wrong for us. The lander "jumped" across the steppe five times. Such a "soft" landing for all the previous, and then it turned out that for all the subsequent flights there was not yet

later Aksenov told:

The "miracle" that happened to them in space, Vladimir Viktorovich considers a case of mental zombification: the astronauts were influenced by a reasonable subject, or an inducer, as parapsychologists say. And he clearly favored them, because it was someone else's "voice" that helped to successfully conduct the docking.

During the flight of another crew, the same "voice" in advance described in detail the deadly danger that awaited when going into outer space. Later, when working outside the station, this was confirmed: the cosmonaut was prepared and saved his life, otherwise, he would have flown away from the station.

So, the information came directly into the minds of the astronauts. The physical basis of all thought processes in our brain is the bio-currents. This means that the flow of information from the outside in the form of mental orders was also electromagnetic in nature. It follows that an alien mind manifesting itself in space is similar to a human one, and its messages can in principle be received using technical means.

There is no point in guessing who is the intelligent subject who came into contact with the astronauts. We don't have the necessary data for this yet. We can only quote the words of one of the cosmonauts, who also heard someone else's "voice": "Space has proved to us that it is certainly intelligent and much more complex than our ideas about it. And the fact that our knowledge today does not allow us to understand the essence of most of the processes occurring in the Universe".


In the early 1990s, the pilot-cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Viktorovich Aksenov, left with his wife for the dacha to celebrate the past New Year. And in his Moscow apartment, his son Sergei remained with his friend. After midnight, they went out for a short walk, and when they returned, they could not believe their eyes. In the moonlight that flooded the bedroom, a huge furry creature was clearly visible on the floor. It didn't move, and it seemed to be asleep. But the boys did not dare to go up and touch it.


They decided to turn on the lights and see who had come to them. But the light switch in the bedroom was torn off. Then the young people went out into the hallway, took a flashlight and armed themselves with ski poles, just in case, and then returned to the room. There was a complete rout. A large wardrobe had been overturned, and various items were scattered all over the bedroom. And the strange creature turned out to be a huge pile of clothes lying on the floor.

The first thought, according to Sergey, was: "Who did this? There was no need to try to restore order in the terrible chaos. And suddenly an irresistible dream came upon us. We barely made it to the couch and passed out."

About his reaction when Vladimir Viktorovich returned home the next morning, he says this:
— I never believed in bogeyman, but I could not believe my son. First, he never cheats. And secondly, the very nature of the debacle speaks of its unusual origin: a thief who got into the apartment could not have done anything like this. However, judge for yourself.

Aksenov leads to the scene of events. Shows how the bedroom is located, where there is a wardrobe and a closet, the son's room, and the bathroom, where the bogeyman also left traces.

Aksenov cosmonaut

"So," Aksenov continues. — If you look closely at the destruction, you find a certain pattern: they are all in the same plane. In the bedroom, it crosses both closets. In the bathroom — a shelf, bottles of which were on the floor, and for some reason in an upright position. And none of them crashed! In his son's room, the books that were in the closet on the same line moved in a neat pile to the floor. But the tape recorder and the small TV, which were outside this plane, remained in place and were not injured.

In general, many details of the incident seem striking. For example, the Sony TV fell from the closet in the bedroom and hit the headboard. But for some reason, the tube did not break, although the boards are pretty dented. Further. The bulky wardrobe lay with the doors facing down, and the keys were stuck in the locks.

They would definitely bend if he just collapsed. And the parquet would have been dented by the impact. By the way, the mirror on the inside of the door was not damaged.
The most incredible thing is that half of one of the hinges that secure the doors were torn like a piece of paper. To do this takes tens of tons of effort. But all the screws were still in place.

There was an alarm clock on the nightstand. Outwardly, it looked completely intact, except that the needle stopped at half-past five. When the son took the watch to repair, the master was amazed: "Who worked so hard on them? All the gears inside are crumpled." And most of all went to the closet. However, even here the destruction was strange. Although the doors and the sidewall were thrown away, and one end of the shelf was crushed, not a single fragile object was broken. Moreover, it was under the bent shelf that the wine bottles were placed. So, they were neatly pushed into the opposite corner.

I think it was an instantaneous, measured in fractions of a second, incredibly strong output of some kind of energy. Perhaps there was a point of transition from one world to another, which was accompanied by energy waves. But they did not destroy purposefully, but simply passed in this place. I have no doubt that these pulses are not included in the usual energy spectrum of the Earth. By the way, when I invited the cosmonauts to my place, they agreed that it was clearly not a human being who was acting here.

Aksenov sums it up:

However, what happened in Aksenov's apartment in many ways resembled a typical poltergeist. First, heavy objects tipped over without being damaged. For example, an unknown force seemed to carefully put a cabinet on the floor.

Secondly, it was not without teleportation of objects — bottles, books, clothes from the closet. Finally, the force effects were discrete in time and place. For example, despite the enormous power of the energy release, the glass and clothing remained intact. And the bottles in the cabinet had to be moved before the shelf above them was pushed through. In short, there was some mysterious entity at work here, demonstrating its capabilities.

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