Orfeo Angelucci and his close encounter with the aliens

Orfeo Angelucci and his close encounter with the aliens

Orfeo Angelucci

Born in 1912, Orfeo Matthew Angelucci was a keen amateur scientist who claimed to be in contact with extraterrestrials. In 1946, he launched several balloons into the air as part of a scientific experiment and saw a curious round flying object that hovered and maneuvered gracefully around his balloons. When the flying saucer craze began the following year, Angelucci was intrigued by the events. In the summer of 1952, according to Angelucci in his book "The Secret of the Saucers: How UFOs Work" (1955), he began encountering flying saucers and their friendly human-like pilots on his trips home from the aircraft factory.

close encounter

In his 1946 experiment, Angelucci tried to launch samples of the fungus Aspergillus clavatus into the upper atmosphere on a homemade weather balloon. He had hoped to study how mushrooms change under the influence of atmospheric conditions, but the balloon broke away from the probe and disappeared along with the samples of mushrooms.

As he would later describe, Angelucci and family members gathered to watch the balloon launch saw what appeared to be a flying saucer hovering overhead. As the ball rose, the plate apparently followed it until both were out of sight. No traces of balloons or mushroom samples were ever found.

Contact history of the scientist

With the advent of the flying saucer mania in 1948, Angelucci got carried away with reports of various sightings. His own flying saucer event occurred on May 23, 1952, after he left the Lockheed plant early in the morning (he was working the night shift.)

In a statement he later wrote about his experience, he began experiencing “tingling sensations " on the way home. Angelucci then saw a "glowing red oval object" in the sky, which he decided to follow.

On a deserted stretch of highway, he saw two small objects separate and approach his car. A clear voice said to him:” don't worry, Orfeo, we're friends," and told him to get out of the car. Two small objects, apparently, were intended for communication.

A person considers himself civilized, but his thoughts are often barbaric, and his emotions are deadly. We say this not to criticize, but only to state this fact. Because it is best to approach all interplanetary visitors with friendly and welcoming thoughts.

Angelucci said:

After assuring him of his friendly intentions, he learned that aliens had been watching him since his balloon experiment in 1946. Then the voice said to him, " Drink from the crystal goblet you will find on the fender of your car, Orfeo!

And, of course, there was a cup filled with some liquid on the fender of his car.

It was the most delicious drink I've ever tasted. I drained my cup. Even when I was drinking, I was overcome with a sense of strength and well-being, and all my unpleasant symptoms disappeared.

A deep male voice said:

The goblet disappeared after he put it on the grate.

The two disks then formed a glowing screen that depicted two "strangely familiar" creatures, a man and a woman. ” There was an impressive nobility about them“ " he wrote. "Their eyes were bigger and much more expressive, and they radiated an apparent radiance that filled me with wonder."Then the screen disappeared.

Alien encounter

He was then told that ” the road would open“ and that they had been observing the Earth for centuries. They also told him that he had been chosen for the first contact and that the " flying saucers" were their own ships that were powered and controlled by "universal magnetic forces".

Although "the cosmic law did not allow one planet to interfere with the evolution of any other planet and that the Earth should decide its own fate," they tried to help the human race move forward. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they also informed him that his many unconventional theories about nuclear causality and biology were absolutely correct. After promising to contact them again, they left.

UFO sightings

Two months later, he had another contact.

It was the night of July 23, 1952, and Angelucci felt ill, so he did not go to work, but went for a walk to the area of the very bridge where the first contact was made. This time he was met not by glowing balls, but by a strange cone-shaped object, similar to "an Eskimo igloo", hovering low in the sky.

Then this object went down and turned into something like a huge soap bubble, and then this "bubble" suddenly took the form of a solid metal "spaceship" that landed on the ground. 

Angelucci slowly and carefully approached the ship and entered through the opening inside. There he found himself in a darkened room with only one chair. Before he could sit down on the chair, Angelucci suddenly felt his whole body become weak and heavy, he was forcefully pressed against the chair and he realized that the object flew up and was flying somewhere.

Somehow, Angelucci was able to turn his head to the side of a small window and see the lights of Los Angeles quickly disappearing below, and that the ship was flying higher and higher.

I trembled with fear when I realized that I was looking at the planet from above from space

Angelucci later described:

Suddenly, the room was filled with a loud male voice that he had heard before:

Orfeo, you are looking at the Earth - your home! From here, more than a thousand miles away in outer space, it looks like the most beautiful planet and a haven of calm and peace. But you and your earthly brothers know the true conditions there

This voice began to tell:

Then there was the announcement that the "hour of Crisis" was coming to Earth and that the human race would face a major uncertainty that could lead to a catastrophic nuclear war between the West and the East. Also, the aliens talked a lot about how cruel, selfish people are and that they are only trying to help them.

UFO sightings. Aliens book

Then Angelucci was told that he should spread this message to friendly aliens, and a few minutes later the ship landed on the ground in the same place near the bridge. Soon, a shaken Angelucci was driving his car back along this road home.

Soon Angelucci began to follow the advice of extraterrestrials and in 1955 began to publish books and pamphlets about what happened to him and what he was told by friendly extraterrestrial creatures. He also gave public lectures and they attracted a lot of people.

Orfeo Angelucci

Later, he wrote a series of books, including about "aliens from Paradise", and also claimed several more encounters with aliens and the experience of physical death and resurrection. 

By the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962, when the world was indeed briefly on the verge of an atomic war between the United States and the Soviet UnionAngelucci's messages had become more relevant than ever and he was more famous.

In his later books, Angelucci said that the aliens who came to him looked like very beautiful and spiritual beings and that one of them was called Lyra. They once took Angelucci to a certain settlement on the "largest asteroid" for a week. This asteroid circled in orbit over the remains of an unknown destroyed planet.

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