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Mini UFO from Kera, Japan

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Mini UFO from Kera

Did Steven Spielberg know about this case when he was shooting the movie "Batteries are not included"? A group of Japanese schoolchildren from the town of Kera in 1972 managed not only to repeatedly meet with a miniature UFO and photograph it, but also to capture it for a while "captive".

It all started on August 25, 1972, when a 13-year-old student Michio Seo was walking from school. On the way home, he noticed a small metal object flying over a rice field. Michio watched as a mini-UFO in the shape of a silver hat with a flat bottom moves like a bat hunting insects. The boy began to get closer, but the object sent a bright beam in his direction. The Seo realized that it was not worth coming any closer, and ran away.

Mini UFO from Kera

In Kera, Michio told his friends about the incident: Hiroshi Mori, Yasuo Fujimoto, Katsuoka Kojima and a guy who is known only as Yuji (either ufologists could not find him, or his parents insisted on anonymity). They decided to go to the rice field and see if the object was still there.

At about 7.00 P.M., five guys came to the field. There was no UFO, but less than an hour later, the object returned. Now all five of them watched him fly 20 meters away from them. The sun was setting, dusk was beginning. The object began to emit a pulsating multicolored glow. One of the guys chased after the "saucer", but when he approached the UFO, there was a very loud bang, and the object began to flicker with a bluish light. Frightened, the guys ran home.

The students returned to the field several times. On September 4, their expectation was rewarded: around 21.30 they again saw a UFO flying a meter above the ground. This time he rushed towards the guys, forcing them to retreat. The guys realized that they needed a camera, otherwise no one would believe it.

On the evening of September 6, the guys were ready to shoot. Approaching the field, they saw a mini-UFO lying on the ground. As soon as the flash flashed, the object began to rotate and quickly flew into the air. The second picture taken by Hiroshi captured him already during the flight. The UFO lit up brighter than the camera flash and fell to the ground again. It spun as if it was going to burrow into the ground, and finally stopped. Hiroshi ventured closer, and when nothing happened, he took the object with his bare hands. The boy felt that "something was moving" inside the case. This moment was also photographed.

The object is in the hands of Hiroshi Mori.

Finally emboldened, Hiroshi Mori wrapped the "saucer" in a plastic bag and put it in his backpack. At his house, the guys properly examined the captured UFO - its diameter was about 20 cm, height - 10 cm. He weighed about 1.5 kilograms. 31 holes and three symbols or drawings were visible on the UFO body from below.

Then the UFO was dragged to Yasuo Fujimoto's house, because his father Mitsuo worked as the director of the Center for Scientific Education in the city of Kechi. Fujimoto Sr. twirled the "saucer" in his hands, but did not take the guys' story seriously. The UFO returned back to Maury's backpack, but the next day it was no longer there.

UFO, laid on its side.

Over the next two weeks, the guys saw this or the same object six times and managed to capture it again! They noticed that the mini-UFO never appears in the rain, which means it is "afraid" of water. On September 19, the guys came to the field with a bucket of sewage and rags. Finding a mini-UFO on the ground, they threw rags on it and poured most of the contents of the bucket into it. Then they turned the UFO over and began pouring water into the holes on the bottom of the hull. As soon as the liquid penetrated it, the object began to buzz loudly, like a cicada, and its inner part lit up. To consolidate the success, the guys threw stones at the device. When the sounds and glow stopped, the UFO was dragged into Kotsuoki's house.

UFO, upside down upside down.

The guys tried to crack the case by thrusting the wire into the holes and wielding it inside. Eventually, a gap appeared between the bottom and the dome. Looking into it, the students saw "complex electronics" and "some kind of sticky substance." Maybe it was the remains of a UFO pilot?! Attempts to finally break the case with a hammer, however, were unsuccessful - the metal did not succumb to rough efforts. Then they decided to put the UFO in the oven and turn it on, but Kotsuoka's mother strongly resisted. She also did not allow her to use the refrigerator for storing mini-UFOs - the guys believed that its metal walls would not allow UFOs to disappear or signal their location.

The object had to be stored in the Seo's room, wrapped in rags. When the guys decided to get it again, they found that there was nothing under the rags! The UFO disappeared without untying the knots, as if it had evaporated.

A few hours later, Kojima and Mori were playing ball outside Hiroshi's house. Running after the ball to the fence, Kojima saw a UFO lying motionless on the ground. He was brought back into the house. The guys decided to put the UFO in a plastic bag with water and solder the edges so that it no longer disappears.

On September 22, the guys decided to take the find to Kechi. Since they were riding there on bicycles, the students wrapped a rope around the bag, and wound the free end on the hand of the one who was carrying it, so that the find would not go anywhere. On the way, the one who was traveling with the object felt a jerk by the hand. The bag was still on the trunk, but when the guys unpacked it, there was nothing inside. The water didn't help. They did not meet with the mysterious device again.

In 2007, Japanese ufologists Shinichiro Namiki and Katsuo Hayashi again interviewed all participants in the events, making sure that their testimony had not changed during this time.

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