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Mexican Air Force UFO sightings, 2004 UFO incident

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Mexican Air Force UFO sightings, 2004. Mexico UFO incident

And again, the satellites of Elon Musk before their appearance on the international stage;) But no, this is an official UFO confirmed by the Mexican military.

Pilots of the Mexican Air Force managed to fix with the help of infra-red equipment 11 UFOs. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the statement of journalist Jaime Maussan, which he released at a press conference in Mexico City.

According to him, " the captured objects were controlled, as they surrounded the plane that was chasing them. They were invisible, but they had mass and energy, and they moved." As a confirmation of his words, Maussana showed a 15-minute video recording of a UFO flight, which was provided to him by special permission of the Ministry of Defense of the country.

The Ministry of Defense of Mexico confirmed to the correspondent of Reuters the authenticity of this shooting. According to the military, the footage was taken while the plane was patrolling the Gulf of Mexico as part of an operation to search for drug ships.

The footage, which was shown on a late-night news program on a Mexican TV program, shows 11 beams of light moving in the night sky. In addition, the screams of the pilots can be heard: "We are not alone! This is amazing!" Earlier in Mexico, several similar cases of UFO sightings have already been recorded, but most of them were rockets or their fragments, or balloons, as well as natural phenomena.

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