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The Alabama Tinfoil alien

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Aliens in Alabama, USA

Aliens have different shapes and sizes. They can be drawn as small green men and 10-meter giants. For a long time, humanity has been debating what aliens look like, whether they actually exist, and how to establish contact with them. Appearance is the most discussed issue.

Judging by the stories, some aliens seem to be living intelligent beings, and some of their characteristics resemble robots. The only theory that is unanimously accepted by all experts is that UFOs are reconnaissance ships that explore the Earth while the "main headquarters" hovers somewhere in space.

Many suggest that these flying objects contain robots, creatures with amazing abilities. They conduct various experiments on humans, as well as on representatives of the animal and plant kingdom.

Many stories of eyewitnesses, to put it mildly, are comparable to fiction. But one of them still looks like the truth. This incident occurred in Falkville, Alabama, on October 17, 1973. It is in some ways unique because it partially corresponds to the above description of the alien: a robot that runs faster than the most talented athletes on Earth.

Aliens in Alabama, USA

These strange events began when Falkville Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw received a call from an agitated lady who reported seeing a "spaceship" land in a field near downtown. Greenhaw was a professional photographer, so he took a Polaroid with him. It was dark early, but he didn't take his weapon. At approximately 10:00, the sheriff arrived at the scene. Looking around, Greenhow found no sign of the ship and continued his search. Suddenly, he noticed the silhouette of a creature standing by the road. It was dressed in a suit that was the color of the foil. Suddenly the stranger began to approach the sheriff.

The Alabama Tinfoil alien

It felt like he didn't have a neck. The suit glowed like carefully rubbed nickel, but the light seemed particularly soft. I don't believe these clothes were made of aluminum foil

Greenhow recalled

The stranger's movements were mechanical. An antenna was attached to his head. Greenhaw was in shock but still managed to take four photos. The sheriff was in the car and turned on the headlights. The stranger alien was clearly afraid of this and began to run away. Greenhaw immediately gave chase, but because the terrain was bumpy, he was unable to reach a speed of more than 35 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the alien was racing across the field. Before Greenhaw could get out, the alien had already disappeared into the darkness.

He ran faster than the fastest man I've ever seen

The sheriff said

Although Greenhow was delighted to have captured the alien visitor, he soon wished he hadn't been there at all. The sheriff was ridiculed by all the citizens of Falkville, and his phone received threatening calls. Greenhow learned what a bad streak was, and it affected his life. First, under strange circumstances, the sheriff's house burned down. Then his wife left him. A month after his encounter with the alien, Greenhaw was removed from his position by the city council.

Aliens in Alabama, USA

There is an opinion that those who are hungry for fame or financial gain tell about meetings with aliens. The sheriff didn't want either, and that's probably why this story ended so sadly. Greenhaw has managed to restore a semblance of normalcy, but he will always regret ever meeting an alien.

Only later, the story of Greenhaw and his pictures began to be carefully studied by ufologists. Some of them believe that the "man in foil" was a robotic scout of extraterrestrial landing ships...

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