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Maybe even extraterrestrial civilizations

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"Maybe even extraterrestrial civilizations": the cosmonaut told about the "most incredible" case

The Hero of Russia told us about the most incredible things during the trip. Despite the rapid development of space technologies, only a few inhabitants of the planet were able to visit space. The pilot-cosmonaut and Hero of Russia Andrey Borisenko shared his interesting story on the Radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Maybe even extraterrestrial civilizations

The space flight itself can be attributed to the category of "the most incredible". Because of the feelings that a person experiences on board, they are incredible. This is pure weightlessness, real weightlessness, which is impossible to get on Earth. This is also a fantastic view of the Earth from space. And the outer space itself, its view from the observation dome of our American colleagues. Every cosmonaut has faced some unusual, at first glance, events for him

the cosmonaut shared his feelings.:

Borisenko noted that many things in space, when viewed more closely, begin to seem ordinary and fit into the world's well-known picture for people. It's just that the physical laws in outer space manifest themselves a little differently.

On a moonlit night, we flew over the dark side of the Earth, I saw a fairly large spot on the surface of the Earth below, visible to the eye. When I estimated the size of this spot, I realized that its diameter is about 500 kilometers. Either it seems to me, or it's my fantasy played out, or it's something interesting, unusual. Maybe even a manifestation of extraterrestrial civilizations

Borisenko said.

As it turned out later, the pilot took a well-lit moon, or rather the sunlight that it reflected, for possible traces of alien civilizations. The reason for this was the full moon and the clean atmosphere.

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