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An X-ray image of a strange creature with wings has been published

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An X-ray image of a strange creature with wings has been published

Numerous legends and legends tell about the amazing creatures that inhabited our planet long before the appearance of man, and could even share the Earth with our species. Dragons, elves, dwarves, fairies, aliens. Could these creatures really exist, or are these legends just a fantasy?

Various news and revelations about the amazing findings of researchers regularly appear in the media. There are people who make it their life's goal to find answers to the question about the possibility of monsters from fairy tales existing in the real world.

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Hunters of the Loch Ness monster publish photos of dubious quality, and the situation with the Bigfoot is no better. whose existence they have been trying to prove for a hundred years. Thanks to modern technologies, you can edit videos with mythical creatures, and make photos quite realistic.

Recently, the results of a study of an unusual creature with wings, presumably found in Mexico, were published. It is impossible to say with certainty about the reality of this mummy with wings, but if it was actually found, then this is another proof of the presence of other races on Earth.

alien xray

The creature in the photos resembles the legendary fairies. In the legends, it is mentioned that a meeting with a fairy can be a sign of impending danger. Fairies have a magical gift, can change perception, some of them prefer the dark, so people were afraid of meeting with them.

The author of the images of the found creature is Brian Forester. In his publication, he claims that this find is stored in one of the laboratories in Mexico City.

I saw this strange creature with wings in Mexico City in January 2016. As an expert biologist, I don't think this is a fake. This fairy has a human appearance and is real. I would like to get a DNA analysis of this creature.

Brian Forester

Forester also noted that the find was studied by a number of experts, including Lynn Marzulli and Jamie Maussan. Sometime after studying the mummy, he wrote the following: It's an alien hybrid, and that's very important. I think that it is the result of some experiments. We have a physical body. We can analyze it and show that there is something behind these experiments, some kind of intelligence.


The authors of the work on the study of the unknown creature assured that they were able to take X-rays of the mummy, which were made publicly available, but the authenticity of the photos raises doubts among a number of skeptics.

"It has wings. And we have an X-ray of this creature, and we can see the structure of the bones."

x-ray aliens

The whole story looks rather dubious, if not for one "BUT". Mummies of unusual creatures are found in different places around the globe, but after a while, the finds either mysteriously disappear or are recognized as hoaxes.

Maybe the history of the development of life on Earth is not at all what most people believe? Or could such beings be messengers from other planets, parallel worlds, or universes? It is not possible to answer this question, but every year there are more and more hunters of supernatural creatures.

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