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Mass UFO sighting in Farmington

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Mass UFO sighting in Farmington

More than seven decades ago, in Farmington, an American town located in the state of New Mexico, there was an incident that made a lot of noise and hit the front pages of many newspapers in the United States. And this event was the mass observation of UFOs for three days.

It all began on a March day in 1950 (16.03.1950) when in broad daylight hundreds of Farmingtonians and residents of nearby villages watched a whole squadron of flying saucers in the sky. And it was not a fleeting event: UFOs for three days appeared over the city, in the interval between eleven and twelve o'clock in the afternoon, while they flew with incredible speed across the sky, as if playing some kind of catch-up.

Mass UFO sighting in Farmington

a newspaper page with a report about a UFO sighting in 1950. Photo: Farmington Daily Times

Among the witnesses to this extraordinary event was a retired US army officer, Clayton Boddy, whose story about what he saw was recorded by a reporter for the city's Farmington Daily Times. Boddy estimated that the strange objects "played" at an altitude of about 15,000 feet (about 5 kilometers).

At some point, I saw a couple of moving objects high in the sky. But in just a few seconds, there were hundreds of them in the sky.

the newspaper quoted him as saying.

For three days, while UFOs plowed the sky over the city, the newspaper received a real flurry of calls from readers. And many, without getting through, came to the editorial office in person. Completely unfamiliar with each other, eyewitnesses said that among all the UFOs, one stood out, which glowed red. And he seemed to be directing everyone else's flight.

The newspaper also quoted Marlo Webb, an employee of the local transport company, who said that the UFOs "made movements to the sides, vertically, horizontally, in short, at any possible angles. But they were all shaped like classic flying saucers."

The authorities were forced to conduct an official government investigation, which did not satisfy the curiosity of eyewitnesses. The Commission said that the witnesses saw only fragments of the destroyed US Navy Skyhook air probe, used to study the atmosphere. Of course, no one believed it. And indeed, how could such a balloon be able to perform such maneuvers that hundreds of eyewitnesses saw with their own eyes.

In addition, if you believe the official version, it should not be a single ball, but a whole armada of them. After all, who can see the fragments of a collapsed scientific probe at an altitude of five kilometers? And how could these remnants of the ball appear in the same place at the same time for three days?

So, whatever the government reports of the time may say, today it is safe to say that even after seven decades, the strange UFO sightings in the Farmington sky have not become more understandable.

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