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Flying humanoids. What is known about them?

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Flying humanoids. What is known about them?

Ancient images give food for thought about people who soared like birds. Could people fly? The question that official science answers unequivocally is no! And why, in fact, not? It can't be, because it can't be. Yes, indeed, archaeologists have not found human skeletons with wings. But there is a lot of evidence in rock paintings, bas-reliefs, sculptures, and other objects of ancient art about flying people. I will not bring up the topic of Indian vimanas today.

Let's talk about the facts. For example, cryptozoologists collect data from around the world on observations of previously unknown creatures. As a rule, academic scientists attribute such meetings with the unexplored to visual deception, hallucinations, falsifications, and tales of folklorists. But, in my opinion, the layer of accumulated knowledge is already so grandiose that it cannot be fiction.


In addition, often those who talk about these encounters with creatures do not get any benefit from it. So, according to the reports of the world cryptozoological conference in 2020, about 560 meetings with so-called flying humanoids were recorded on our planet. These are the famous man-moth, and popobawa, and tengu, various gargoyles, devils, and monsters, as a rule, identified by the meeting place. That is, every year on different continents people meet with strange creatures. Often, they are described in the same way. This suggests that we may not be talking about single creatures, but about entire populations.

Now let's talk about ancient artifacts. It is believed that in ancient times the masters of culture could not dream up anything and created their creations from the originals. In my opinion, this approach is not quite correct, since the same images of UFOs and aliens dated 8-12 millennia BC do not fit into this concept in any way. Just like flying humanoids.

In Brazil, a cave was discovered in which researchers saw a strange scene on the walls – people with spears lifted their heads, and winged people flew over them with some objects in their hands. Perhaps with stones. According to Professor Simons' report, we may be talking about the 7-8 millennium BC, and nothing else is depicted as a battle of flying humanoids and native Americans.

Similar images have been found in Venezuela, Ecuador, and Mexico. What kind of mysterious creatures were depicted by ancient artists? Maybe before the flood, there were not only dwarfs and giants, but also flying humanoids? I understand that images and sculptures alone are not enough to rewrite the history of the emergence of people. But maybe our distant ancestors really soared like birds?

An interesting view on this issue is offered by the Russian cryptozoologist, paleobiologist, and anthropologist Alexander Belov. In his opinion, man could not have evolved from a single species of living beings. After years of research on various mutations, communication with colleagues, numerous expeditions to the sites of ancient people, he came to two conclusions. The first is that evolution may not have existed. And there was an involution. There was a super-being - an ideal organism. He was brought to our exoplanet for some reason and he slowly degraded, creating different types of hominids.

Due to his skepticism, he also notes that there is another option – evolution exists. But, people of different races are so different that it is quite natural to assume that some of them descended from monkeys, others from bears, others are descendants of dolphins, and the fourth could once have been birds. Then, the transitional forms from birds to humans could be those cryptids that were depicted in antediluvian times in cave drawings. As for modern encounters with these creatures, it is likely that after a serious cataclysm, some populations managed to survive.

Aliens in caves

Another opinion regarding the appearance of flying humanoids in our world is guests from parallel worlds. The line between our reality and alternative reality is thinning at a certain time and subject to certain parameters, and mysterious entities – snowmen, cryptids, aliens – creatures from another reality penetrate into our world. This version is beautiful, but the evidence base, alas, is extremely scarce. But it's also worth keeping in mind.

Or maybe our planet is a genetic laboratory of great geneticists? An experiment to create an ideal biological being? Why not? The crossing of people and animals in ancient times is vividly represented in myths and legends. Centaurs, cinephiles, bird-women, mermaids, satyrs, people in turtle shells, snail people - you can list endlessly. And the most important thing is that myths and legends in those distant times, according to one of the hypotheses, could not be created from scratch. So, there were prototypes after all.

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