Aerial Reconnaissance Information Report

Disclosing the aerial reconnaissance report on colliding with UFOs

Unidentified dot on the radar. The guy on the ground sees a silhouette and goes to investigate. He sees a flash and burns his finger. He shoots him. The investigator says it might be related to the radar and the shooting. It's like a skinwalker ranch.


Intelligence Department, headquarters. Andrews Air Force Base, Washington 25, DC,
Director of Intelligence, Newfoundland
A. G. Love, Captain of the US Air Force
Base Command, KATS, Pepperrell Air Force Base,
St. John's, Newfoundland
IR- 244-50 , USA-MATS

The next priority message received from the source on September 7, 1950. The Intelligence Department, MATS headquarters, is listed for your information:
"EN 1567. DTG 0315152. The following is forwarded for your information. At 05:45, on the basis of autofocus, I detected a flash on the GCA sight. The movement of the flash on August 30, 1950, was estimated to be 40 to 60 mph at a speed of approximately 4-6 thousand feet on a course of 1206 before reaching the 5-mile ring, where it stopped for 30 seconds. The flash recorded on the second sight changed course by about 210°, then by 140° and disappeared at a distance of about 9 miles.

The flash faded until it reached a 5-mile range, when it became brighter and more distinct, comparable to a small plane. Possible atmospheric phenomena. There were no aircraft in the GCA area at that time. During this period, not a single meteorological or radiosonde balloon was re-launched. The two pilots reporting the sightings are well qualified and very reliable.

"At approximately 00:24, September 2, 1955, the Base detected a flash on the sight 4-5 miles from the coast. At 05.30 on the same day, GCA reported the observation of an aircraft near
the coast, speed 60 miles per hour, runs in the area. The investigation of both incidents was conducted
with negative results.

"At approximately 01:30 GMT on September 2, 1950, at Ernest Harmon AF 15299584, 43rd Bomb Wing, AP, 17 years old, was wounded in the ring finger of his left hand.

At the eastern end of the runway, a silhouette of a man is visible between the beach and himself. When I saw the flash and felt the burn of my hand. Then Naison fired 4 shots from a .45-caliber pistol and 3 shots from a carbine with unknown results.

Presumably, the wound was inflicted by a 22 or 25 caliber bullet in the casing. No powder burns. The search for the area was made with negative results. Although information about the aforementioned sketchy possibility exists between the shooting at the pilot and the GCA observations.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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