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Leaked UFO photo

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Leaked UFO photo - famous ufos photos

Of course, among the photographs of unidentified flying objects, there are many fakes obtained using photomontage. We present 10 images that have been repeatedly checked by experts and have not received a satisfactory explanation.

Hessdalen lights

In 1907, a group of teachers, students, and scientists set up a scientific camp in Norway to study a mysterious phenomenon called the "Lights of Hessdalen".

On a clear night, Björn Hauge took this picture using a shutter speed of 30 seconds. Spectral analysis showed that the object should be composed of silicon, iron, and scandium. This is the most informative, but far from the only photo of Hessdalen's Lights. Scientists are still puzzling over what it could be.

Hessdalen lights

Apollo 16, 1972

During the fifth American landing on the moon, astronaut Charles Duke was collecting samples from the surface of the Earth's satellite when this famous photo was taken. Just to the right of the center, you can see an unidentified flying object. The appearance of a UFO in the picture representatives of NASA could not explain.
Possible explanation: glare in the camera.

Apollo 16

Puebla, Mexico, 1994

On December 21, 1994, Carlos Diaz filmed a volcanic eruption in the Mexican state of Puebla. Among his pictures was this one, where you can see a mysterious glowing object.
The photo has passed a meticulous examination and has been published in many print publications. The disc-shaped UFO, captured in the image, emits bright red-yellow light rays. On its sides, you can see some kind of portholes.
Possible explanation: a cloud highlighted by a volcanic eruption.

Puebla, Mexico

South Africa, 1956

This picture was taken by a woman who enjoyed universal respect and trust in society. Her husband was a major in the South African Air Force, and Elizabeth herself worked in Air Force intelligence. A total of 7 photographs were taken in the presence of two witnesses at the foot of the Drakensberg Mountains. 

Possible explanation: optical atmospheric phenomenon.

South Africa, 1956

Waterbury, Connecticut, 1987

Pilot Randy Etting, with 30 years of experience, was walking near his home in the evening when he suddenly noticed orange and red lights in the sky approaching from the west.
Randy immediately called the neighbors and got out binoculars and a camera. By this time, the lights had come closer and were flying over Interstate 84.

The engines of the cars that were on I-84 at the time stalled. This UFO encounter was confirmed by many witnesses, including Etting's neighbors and motorists.

Possible explanation: a classified NASA or Pentagon experiment.

Waterbury, Connecticut, 1987

Costa Rica, 1971

On September 4, 1971, a mapping plane commissioned by the Costa Rican government, flying at an altitude of 4,500 meters above a lake, took a picture of a mysterious object. During the official investigation, the UFO was not identified as any of the objects known to science.
Possible explanation: original air probe or cloud formation.

Costa Rica, 1971

Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 1967

Harold Strudel managed to take some pictures in the East Woonsocket area of the United States. In the photos, you can see the dome on a disc-shaped object with a slightly asymmetrical shape. Strudel claimed that the UFO moved very quickly. The witness watched the "plate" for five minutes until it rushed to the north.

Possible explanation: it is possible that the witness himself designed a "UFO" and somehow launched it into the sky.

Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 1967

Capitol Building, Washington, 1952

This is probably the most famous UFO image taken at the dawn of ufology in the capital of the United States. According to a number of eyewitnesses, on July 19, 1952, mysterious UFOs circled over the White House, the Capitol Building and the Pentagon. The objects also appeared on the radar of the national Airport and Andrews Air Force Base and then disappeared without a trace.

Capitol Building, Washington, 1952

The Great Los Angeles Air Raid

This picture was published in the Los Angeles Times on February 26, 1942. To this day, conspiracy theorists and ufologists refer to it as evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth. They claim that the photo clearly shows that the beams of searchlights fall on an alien flying ship. However, as it turned out, the photo for publication was pretty retouched – this is a standard procedure, which almost all published black-and-white photos were subjected to for greater effect.

The incident itself, captured in the photo, was called a "misunderstanding" by the authorities. The Americans had just survived the Japanese attack, and the tension was incredible. Therefore, the military got excited and opened fire on the object, which, most likely, was a harmless weather balloon.

 The Great Los Angeles Air Raid

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