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Battle with UFOs in the sky over Los Angeles in 1942

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Battle with UFOs in the sky over Los Angeles in 1942

On the night of February 25, 1942, dozens of UFOs appeared in the sky over Los Angeles. The American air defenses opened a frenzied fire on them. How did the battle end?

Battle with UFOs in the sky over Los Angeles

Air attack on Los Angeles

February 1942. Los Angeles is now in its third month of military life. On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked an American squadron at Pearl Harbor. On December 11, Germany declared war on the United States. On February 23, a Japanese submarine was discovered off the coast of California. Residents learn the science of blackout and live in anticipation of an attack. And it was not long in coming.

On the night of February 25, at 2:15, the military spotted unknown objects in the sky approaching the city. The residents were roused to their feet by the wail of air defense sirens. The city was plunged into darkness as employees of the central substation, following instructions, turned off the power to Los Angeles. Only the beams of numerous searchlights crossed the sky. Old people, women, and children went down to the bomb shelters, while men stayed on top to put out possible fires. Everyone froze in anticipation of the bombardment. Less than an hour later, the air defense guns roared.

Anti-aircraft guns fired for almost an hour. More than 1,400 rounds were fired. At 4:10, the shelling stopped, and at 7:20, the air raid alarm was called off. The military began to sum up the results of the night battle.

To whom did they fight?

Not a single plane was shot down, not a single piece of aircraft was found on the ground. During the bombing, not a single bomb fell on the city. Several destroyed houses were damaged by the fire of their air defense systems. 6 people were killed - from falling shrapnel, from accidents, from heart attacks caused by an air attack.  A few hours later, the representative of the US Navy, General Frank Knox, officially stated that there was no attack, there was a false alarm caused by nervous overstrain.

A few days passed and the War Department said that the attack was, the city was attacked by 15 Japanese aircraft, who had the task to test the effectiveness of the city's air defense and at the same time undermine the morale of the Americans. But the valiant defenders of Los Angeles, the soldiers of the 37th air Defense Battery, fired 1,400 shells, drove the enemy away, causing him significant damage.

UFO sightings. Los Angeles

Journalists began to ask sarcastically, what does the military mean by the word damage? And can't they show you anything that the Japs dropped? A new explanation soon followed: the objects were weather balloons. Then, one more thing: it was balls, launched by the military in order to test new radars. In the end, they returned to the original version of military hysteria and false alarm.

Documents and witnesses

And now a small detail: in the 80s, a document appeared in the press, dated 03.05.1942, addressed to President Roosevelt and having a very direct relationship to the incident described. Here are some excerpts from it.

In relation to the air raid on Los Angeles on 24.02.1942. It is not possible to establish the nationality of the objects that attacked the city. Experts believe that the objects were of extraterrestrial origin. An order was issued to create a special unit in the intelligence structure to study this incident. The document has all the required attributes and a registration number. Fake? Possible.

But there are still witness statements.

Ralph Blum: I was 9 years old at the time. I saw a cigar-shaped object. He was hit several times. But they did not cause any harm to the UFO. Peter Jenkins: I counted 25 silver objects. They are lined up with the letter V and flew over my head in the direction of long beach. 

Karl Seis, Navy officer: Searchlights caught a group of 9 planes. They were silver in color. The guns were firing at them, and they didn't care!

And here is what the air defense fighters remembered: It was as if they were mocking us! They flew right over our guns. We fired without stopping for a second. I got hit a few times, that's for sure, but it didn't do them any harm. And I'm sure they weren't weather probes, I couldn't be mistaken. And what kind of probes are these, invulnerable to projectiles?!

This is the end of it. There is no doubt that the event that went down in the history of the city as the Battle of Los Angeles will never be revealed.

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